While Brian Goudie – the subject of the previous story has the temporary option to up and leave Thailand I can report that this option has now been removed from his co-conspirator Drew Walter Noyes here playing a less than cheerful Santa’s little helper.

Thai Immigration Police officials have been in touch to confirm that Mr. Noyes, who also claimed he was a lawyer, will not be allowed to pass any border passport controls until his current cases are cleared.

Beware. Drew Noyes ad
on ThaiVisa

Currently the former publisher of the Pattaya Times Mr. Noyes is charged with his common-law, but not live-in, wife Wanrapa Boonsu with the attempted extortion of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien.

Noyes, who now runs One Stop Legal Services is also accused of  misappropriating 2.5 million baht from Dutchman Theo van der Schaaf  – a cash settlement van der Schaff had asked Noyes and his Pappa Co Ltd to give as part of a settlement with a former girlfriend.

But can the Thai judicial system actually put this man in jail? That is the question for 2014. One piece of good news however is that the Appeals system is working faster, something I’ll be looking at soon.

Regretfully the ‘Flying Sporran Awards’ have been shelved temporarily this year as the usual suspects Drew Noyes, Brian Goudie and David Hanks, are still placed first, second and third.

And just like having too much turkey I am mindful of readers having a surfeit of these colourful characters.


  1. Given all the publicity concerning Drew Noyes and One Stop Legal Services in Pattaya and those associated with this Company and given the British Embassy recently removed One Stop Legal Services from its Legal List and was very embarrassed as to how One Stop had got onto it in the first instance and given Thaivisa is an important site particularly for newcomers to Thailand seeking and looking for advice etc it seems to me “ very poor judgement” that Thaivisa is carrying a One Stop Legal Services Advert on its front web page. Does Thaivisa not have any criteria for the adverts it accepts and does Thaivisa not do any checks at all on the advertiser??

    1. Im sure thaivisa will allow a robust discussion once they're readers start being scammed….lol

      Andrew Marshall said recently he was looking into doing a big story on the guys behind thaivisa… plenty of material it seems

    2. The one thing I can't stand is the excessive Thai bashing you see on Thai visa. We all know how corrupt the system is but the biggest victims of it are the Thais themselves. People choose to live in places like Pattaya and Phuket where it is full of transient 'fortune seekers' then whinge and whine about the quality of people they see and meet. What do they expect?

      I live in a place where there are no tourists except a few passing back packers who stop overnight on a train trip. The Thai people here are simply wonderful, I can't ever remember being over-charged anywhere. Thai visa seems to be infested with malcontent's who take every opportunity to bash Thais. All they reveal is their own inability to deal with the locals.

      I see Thai Visa as nothing more than a commercial advertising website masquerading as a public forum. They don't even allow discussion about their draconian moderation policy. Another thing they do is not allow you to unsubscribe from their site. This I suggest is so they can pad their figures to attract advertising revenue.

      I have not posted there for years and asked to be taken off as a member. They said they didn't allow that. Most forums seem to have the same group of bellyachers wearing out their spleens with their daily rant against the locals.

      It was only a few decades ago our societies in the west were at war and Europe was in ruins. There was fascism before WW2, war, then communism, Vietnam and Bush and Blairs "war of terror." Thais have lived peacefully and happily compared to Western societies.

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