Phony barrister Brian Goudie, aka Goldie is now officially on the run in Thailand with no permit to work, no immigration visa and warrant out for his arrest.

Although he recently surrendered to an arrest warrant in Koh Samui on a second charge of posing as a barrister and Royal Marine officer to cheat a 76-year-old woman from Madison, Wisconsin, he has failed to surrender to an warrant issued by a Bangkok court – and failed to renew his visa, granted to him to attend court.

Today at Pattaya Court David Hanks, his colleague, and former pimp at Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough Victoria, also never made an appearance.

He has been charged in connection with a racket to lend money to Russians in Pattaya at 60 per cent per month.

Goudie, Hanks, and Drew Noyes have been working as a ‘tag team’ to try and stop this site revealing allegations against them.

It appears they may be responsible for the blocking of this site by the Thai military government.

Noyes produced an army major in Bangkok to testify that Noyes would be holding a seminar in Pattaya to help people understand Thailand’s military government.

Meanwhile in a computer crime act case brought by Drew Noyes against Andrew Drummond (of this site) and Alastair Cooper in relation to a photo-shopped picture of them taking part in a gay-parade, an arrest warrant was issued for Andrew Drummond, who did not appear, and is not likely to in the near future.

David Hanks left and Brian Goudie with their ‘former lawyer’

Neither Drummond or Alastair Cooper, who does not live or work in Thailand, were sent any writs to attend court. Andrew Drummond’s address in Thailand is registered with the Thai authorities and on the internet but no attempt was even made to send a writ there.

In the case of Cooper a writ was sent to an obscure hotel in north east Thailand that he has never stayed in.  Cooper is expected to fly in to Thailand in July to ask the court how they can issue such a document.

The offensive picture – all mouth and no trousers

Meanwhile Goudie has asked Drew Noyes’ One Stop Service if they can do his visa for him with their ‘ connections’. This may no longer be possible. Legally the applicant must turn up in person at the Immigration Office, in this case Pattaya.  But of course, as this is Thailand, anything can happen.

Overheard in court from a member of One Stop Service ‘We must make sure we get the money off Goudie first.”

Brian is used to being on the run. He went on the run from Scotland before an arrest warrant was issued for him for a fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland, and he ran from Australia rather than face a hearing which would have had him thrown out.  He was jailed in Australia for six years for stealing from his employers, a West Australia mining company.

Noyes’s power has waned a little in Pattaya since he and his wife Wanrapa Boonsu were convicted and jailed for two years for extortion.


  1. Birds of a feather….. I see Goldie has recently been posting stories on his casewatch site that read like Noyes demented ramblings. He must be desperate to ask a convicted extortionist to 'fix' his visa…

  2. We're all so happy that Brian is the new Running Man.

    Run Brian run. See Brian run. See Brian run with Dick, but not with Jane

    See Brian grovel with his sycophants.

    Hey, where'd they all go?

    They done a runner on Brian.

    Oh, those "faithful" sycophants. They pick their spots. See Spot run. Watch Brian bark.

    Bark Brian, bark. Heel Brian, heel. That's a good wee doggy.

    You can run Brian -, but you can't hide..

    See Karma in action. Fun fun fun.

    See Brian the dog run for his useless life.

  3. Karma is not mysterious, all it means is 'action'. Every action must have and equal and opposite re-action, even science is congruent about this. Our problem is we see things from a very limited reference point when karma is working for the totality. I think that is what the Biblical saying 'an eye for and eye a tooth for a tooth' really means. Karma is absolute.

    The Buddha said not do anything to evil doers as they will ultimately be undone by their own nature and there is a tremendous wisdom in that statement. I usually tell people the only person you can really hurt is yourself. You can't get away with anything in the long run and if you seemingly do that is karma as well. Brian has sown a life of fraud, lies and treachery, so whatever he gets he has bought it on himself.

  4. Bam on the run, bam on the run
    And the jailer man,
    And sailor Sam
    Were searching everyone
    For the bam on the run, bam on the run.
    For the bam on the run, bam on the run.

    Well, the undertaker drew a heavy sigh
    Seeing no one else had come
    And a bell was ringing in the village square
    For the rabbits on the run.

    Good luck Bampot . . . not really. Remember cash up front if you want my help out of this jam.

  5. 50,000 Baht (50,000 reasons) for the arrest and imprisonment of Goldie/ Goudie/ Baru………an evader of justice in Thailand and flight risk.
    This money will be paid by my self to who ever gets this cock roach, scum, career criminal.

  6. "This money will be paid by my self to who ever gets this cock roach, scum, career criminal."

    The wheels of justice spin extremely slowly, but they do move, as evidenced by this statement..

    These D—-e bags ( that's waaaaaaay too high of praise,but how low can you go? Ask Drew or Brian, they'll tell Ya) may be realizing they have many sworn enemies, and more new ones are joining each day on the side of the Light.

    Finally the good-guy pack mentality is working for the good, for a bloody change..

    It sure works the other way too, as we all know only too well.

  7. With his bung ticker a slow trot might be more appropriate for our Brian. I wonder what old custard arms was told by the Doctor? Brian, don't buy any new clothes or Brian, don't buy any green bananas. Given Brian's past antics all we can really believe is his name is Brian Goldie. He even seems to forget this and morphs into Brian Boru as well as Brian Goudie barrister and former commando. He is indeed very ill.

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