Goudie – Getting ready for Halloween?

A fake Scottish lawyer, who created an internet website to discredit a British journalist who exposed his fraudulent activities has been refused bail for the second time to appeal a 3 year jail sentence for defrauding a 78-year-old an American woman.

Brian Goudie, born Brian Gerard James Goldie, in Falkirk, Scotland, was led back in chains to Nong Plalai jail on Thailand, yesterday (Monday) but not before, another man also featured on his site and accused of being a paedophile, announced that he would be suing Goudie  over his CasewatchAsia Google site.

The confrontation took place in Pattaya Court.

Both Goudie and American Drew Walter Noyes,  60, had used the site to discredit Andrew Drummond, author of this website,  accusing Drummond being a fraud, cheat,  blackmailing ‘respectable businessmen’ and even of being a Nazi, after Drummond exposed many of their fraud scams in Thailand.

#DrewNoyes (right) former publisher of the  Pattaya Times has already been sentenced to two years jail for extortion along with his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu and is currently appealing.

His appeal will be heard on October 22nd – if he returns from the United States.

In order to give his Casewatch site some credibility #BrianGoudie also copied and re-wrote several high profile criminal cases currently in the news in Thailand. One was a report copied from another internet source of the arrest of the man in question for child sexual abuse.

In fact the man had been falsely arrested and is takin legal action both in Thailand and the United States for the tremendous damage to his name and employment prospects – and most newspapers if not all have now removed the story.

But at Pattaya Court when Goudie was asked by the vindicated man to take down his story, Goudie refused,” the falsely accused man reported.

“He said they were Andrew Drummond’s and not his and he had nothing to do with it.  He then said he would keep them up and I would have to sue him to take them down so that is exactly what I will do. 

“Funny how he could say that if they were not his blogs!  Drew Noyes also said in a reply email he had nothing to do with these blogs!”

Although Goudie’s current sentence of three years seems small for the offence he committed of stealing an old woman’s life savings of nearly US$300,000, it seems Goudie may be in for the long term. He also faces revenge porn charges, bankruptcy.

He had previously been jailed for six years in Australia for theft and after leaving Scotland in the 90s a warrant (since expired) was issued for his arrest in connection with a fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland).

Meanwhile callers to the Key Bar in Pattaya are told by his girlfriend Oui Jirapun: ‘Brian not here. He is Koh Samui.’

Its not that she does not know. She was with him in the cells below court on Monday.


    1. You too noticed that the bottom-dwelling, dregs of western male society wash up on Thai shores too Sir Charles?

      Bald, tattooed, Beer Bellied Bovines with unresolved alcohol and emotional issues in the LOS are a dime a dozen, as common as bloody grass.

      Good to the last drop indeed.

    2. When I make this very same claim, I'm accused of being a " feminazi man hater." The scummiest males are in Thailand for the women, and they are among the most pathologically disturbed, sexist creatures to have ever walked the planet.

  1. Drummond old fellow I'm rather disappointed that the photo above shows Gouldie without the prison crew cut i was so looking forward to that but at least he does look somewhat distressed and angry.

    1. So it's a selfie? I guess prisoners are allowed access to phones. Also, he looks shirtless this is obviously not a court appearance.

  2. Andrew,

    I understand that in Thailand posting pornographic images on the internet comes under the computer crimes act.
    Do you have any idea what penalty Goudie is facing for the revenge porn crimes he has committed?

    Also, revenge porn is a crime in the UK and US, is there any chance of filing charges against Goudie in the UK for his alleged revenge porn crimes?

    1. Whilst the Internet is a worldwide phenomenon the CPS would not bother a court in England and Wales with this. The CPS are bound to ask two questions:

      1. Is there sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction? and, if so
      2. Is a prosecution required in the public interest?

      In 'revenge porn' the issue is whether the message or communication is grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or false, not whether the image itself is indecent or obscene. If it was just the pictures on line, unlikely.

      Of course there are other laws around communications and obscenity and existing legislation has for many years allowed criminal prosecution for this type of behaviour, it having been consolidated now into the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill.

      The CPS would not touch it, the offences not having occurred in UK and the court finding they have jurisdiction being unlikely but also the chances of extraditing the perp from Thailand being rather slim and time consuming for a crime with a low maximum sentence of imprisonment, which I think is 2 years.Not in the public interest to proceed.

    2. I think you are wrong on one point and possibly wrong on another.

      The definition of what constitutes revenge porn is not that which defines porn.

      The jursdiction of a UK court includes internet sites hosted in the UK and/or registered to people at a UK address.

      Plenty of public interest to be foun by the CPS in revenge porn cases.

    3. The definition is pretty much as I listed. It is not porn itself but I never said it was.

      Whether technically there is jurisdiction is often quite distinct from whether the court will accept they have, and as stated the CPS would not take it on. They have far more pressing matters in England and Wales than extraditing ex con Brian (and now current convict).

  3. Noyse had claimed he was coming home on Tuesday. But that rather depends on where home is for him now. I had heard its with step mummy in Shitsville USA.
    We know Kung has been preping for the future and settling her affairs. Not long now, hey Drew, be assured so many people want to see you back in Thailand.

  4. Looks like Noyes is still in USA, His facebook has photos from Oct 8 but it looks like he added a old photo with his brood to make it look like he is back.

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