Drew Walter Noyes, the former publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper, who has been convicted and sentenced to two years for extortion, has gone on the internet astonishingly to falsely accuse an oil worker of child sexual abuse.

Donning his sash as President of the Thai-Indian dominant Lions Club of Silom (310D) Noyes has accused Ally Cooper, a maintenance supervisor on an oil rig based off Vietnam, of using his company internet to abuse children and has several court cases pending against him for his sick crimes.

#DrewNoyes goes further to state that there is an Immigration alert out for Cooper and ‘he is expeted to be detained’ by Thai Immigration when he enters the country.

 Cooper said he was is suing Noyes in the Bangkok Criminal Court for criminal libel and has also taken a 5 million baht damages case against him, another fake lawyer #BrianGoudie, currently on trial for fraud, and former pimp #DavidHanks, from Melbourne, Australia, who is the subject of a DSI racketeering enquiry.

Cooper, who is married with a young daughter said today: “Noyes is sick. He should be castrated. I am amazed organisations like the Lions Club have anything to do with him, now that he has been kicked out of all other institutions in Pattaya.”

“It is also a disgrace that the Thai authorities let him get away with all rubbish.”

Noyes normally hides behind Google blogspot sites to make allegations but in this case he has put up his allegations up on his Google+ website and people can comment on two of his many other  website PattayaLawyers.com and Drew Noyes Pattaya Lawyers.

Noyes has some nine children in Thailand. Four from an Issan wife who cannot write or read Thai, three from Wanrapa Boonsu, whom he describes as his wife, one from a former member of staff at his office in Thepprasit Road, Jomtien, and one from the young niece of his ex-wife.

He has moved out from the house his last mistress, Naam from the Buffalo bar, was occupying and changed Naam for a young student from Bangkok University.

He took both on a trip to Isaan.

However he is now reported to have moved back in with Wanrapa Boonsu, nicknamed Kung.

It is possible the women may be waiting for the left overs of Noyes’ wrecking career in Thailand.
He is currently appealing against a two year jail sentence he received with Wanrapa Boonsu for attempting to extort the Thonglor Clinic in Pattaya out of 7 million baht – on pain of a police raid and subsequent bad publicity in his newspaper.


  1. Disgraceful, but of course very clearly a winnable case when Ally takes this latest libel to court – and I trust for a lot more than Bh5million.

    In the meantime, what do Lions International have to say about this behaviour?

  2. "Noyes has some nine children in Thailand. Four from an Issan wife who cannot write or read Thai, three from Wanrapa Boonsu, whom he describes as his wife, one from a former member of staff at his office in Thepprasit Road, Jomtien, and one from the young niece of his ex-wife."

    Having been brought to Thailand by "Royal Proclamation," as he claims, it seems to me he has become quite a piece of soil on the reputation of "you know who."

    He's not the Kingdom's biggest embarrassment, but he is certainly near the top. I have to wonder who he is paying (and how much?) to remain a free man over there.

    Shaneful, and a bad refelction on all of us who like to visit Thailand.

    1. I think this propensity for multitudes of offspring is a sort of " stay in Thailnd " free card. Authorities may be loathe to deport a person with so many mouths to feed. I also think it indicates a disturbing, even pathological need to validate one's self, not to mention as ecologically damaging as it gets.

  3. Perhaps the Lions Club are full of his kind so they welcome him? What could be another reason.
    Lets hope this man gets his just desserts as soon as possible. 50 to a cell and a slow death from disease he is going to catch while he is in there.

  4. What makes me truly disappointed are the members of the Lions Club (Silom) and the Lions Club Organization in general. Allowing a member, who happens to be their leader, to done his sash as presidency and make accusations of another person being a child abuser. In my opinion this behavior is completely unacceptable. In the countries where I use to work for this behavior would have resulted in immediate termination of employment.

  5. In a country with no meaningful rule of law and a fair sprinkling of institutionalised imbecility, anything is possible and, indeed, is quite probable. That a bunch of clueless Indians posturing in an organisation the origins and ethical code of which are totally alien to them can be duped so easily by that scurrilous shyster is simply more evidence confirming the idiocy of the place.
    Noyes really is quite insane, isn't he?

  6. Drew Noyes ran an internet ad at one time claiming he was, " The only American lawyer certified to practice law in Thailand." He is not a lawyer, neither here or in USA and was never certified to act as one, which is a restricted occupation for Thais only- within Thailand.

    Sue me too, Mr. Noyes.

  7. In Biblical history there is a quote expressed by the Man himself " Tell me who you walk with and I tell you who you are "…

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