“The chance is there to recover everything. I believe you will pull it off”

The Thai court interpreter brought in to translate at the extortion trial in Pattaya of Drew Walter Noyes has ‘posted’ to Noyes’ Facebook page to say the judgment is wrong and that he was set up for the crime of trying to milk 7 million baht out of a beauty clinic.

Shayachon ‘Rose’ Yangpreeda, a registered interpreter at Pattaya Provincial Court,  also believed to be an employee at Noyes’ One-Stop-Service-Center, committed the astonishing breach  of impartiality in a post which appears on the Facebook page of Noyes, who falsely claims to be in Newport Beach, CA, and claims he worked for Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce.

She talks about psychopaths and cowards who are out to get Drew Noyes and says he is ‘on top of the world’ for what he has achieved in Pattaya.

And she adds: “I can be a witness to say to the world that – in my personal opinion –someone set you up to be accused for a criminal offence for sure.”

Her comments, despite saying they are personal, fly in the face of a judgment at Pattaya Criminal Court against Noyes who was sentenced to two years jail together with his common-law wife Wanrapa Boonsu.

Goulet point to Noyes and Boonsu after their arrest. Noyes claims it was all a conspiracy

But the wording of her contribution suggests that Drew Noyes has had a hand in the writing of it.

Noyes claims he has been attacked because he is so successful.  He is often referred to by critics as a sociopath and accuses his enemies of all the very things he has been accused of himself.

While Rose’s English is what Thais would consider ‘fluent’ it would not pass muster in a British court.

Drew Noyes has repeatedly stated on the net that he is coming back to face the result of his appeal against conviction and sentence.

And the letter was posted just three days before he is due to surrender to bail, which was given to him to enable him to take three of his nine children in Thailand to the United States.

Drew Noyes’ colleague Brian Goudie, 48, from Falkirk, Scotland, has been jailed for three years for cheating a 78-year-old woman out of 7.8 million Thai baht, and many feel both Goudie and Noyes were lucky to have received such light sentences.

Foreigners have been jailed for twice as long for less serious crimes in Pattaya,

If Noyes wins his appeal against the extortion in which he made demands and threats on Michael Goulet, joint partner of the clinic, on pain of bad publicity in his now defunct Pattaya Times newspaper he faces several new libel cases being brought by Alastair Cooper.

Noyes was first exposed as a fraud by Scott Gold in the Wilmington Morning Star, in North Carolina, before ge arrived in Thailand claiming to have been invited by Royal Proclamation.

The newspaper quoted victims and lawyers for victims, accusing him of share fraud, property fraud and a case sexual harassment, in which he has alleged to have demanded oral sex from a junior employee, to give her more work.

Rose and Niels Colov, the former Copenhagen pimp and underworld figure who did did rise to the ‘top of the world’ in Pattaya

He is currently claiming on Facebook that he being defamed by someone called Seb Mitchell whom he claims to be Cooper. Cooper emphatically denies Noyes’ claims.

COMMENT:  No surprises here. But it does look very much like Noyes had a hand in the writing.  This was the same interpreter my legal team had many rows with in a case being brought against me by Noyes and Hanks. 

A poster had called Hanks a pimp on my site. It was true and not defamatory.  He was the not only the owner but also the licensee of a brothel called Masquerades in Keysborough, just outside Melbourne.  The court found that he was not a pimp and they relied on this woman’s interpretation.  It was the only case I lost – and I put it down to something being wrong in the court.

Under the Thai legal system where no verbatim record is kept of court proceedings the power of interpreter is immense – and we can see from photos who this woman has been associating with. Their claims that they have power in the courts are exaggerated – but this shows there is at least something behind them.

Pattaya can be an area where one feels dirty by association. This is one of those times.

In the wake of the story above Shayachon ‘Rose’ Yangpreeda has posted the following on Drew Noyes Facebook. 
If there is anyone out there who tell me what she is trying to say I would much appreciate it.
A translation is urgently required. 
However I look forward to hearing from her which country she viewed my site from or if she is one of my regular readers in Thailand who follow this site through a VPN .
I also wonder which court she plans to sue in. In London it would be fun, 
Then of course she would have to prove she as a reputation to damage. But if in Thailand will as in the case will it be by public summons, as in the case of Ally Cooper who is being prosecuted for sharing a Facebook post?
I see the Libertarian on Facebook has published a letter from U.S. Homeland Security confirming Noyes convictions in the United States – perhaps Rose might wake up perhaps when she comes off the bottle.l


  1. Not sure which is more horrifying. That shot of her in a crop top or the fact that these shenanigans go on. I shudder to think that he might slip the noose again. Fact though, if he does slip this one it is only a matter of time. Drew is so out of touch with reality at this point I don't think he has the ability to keep functioning.

  2. "While Rose’s English is what Thais would consider ‘fluent’ it would not pass muster in a British court."

    Noyes knows he has to make the draft look like "Thai-English" a no-brainer.

    Noyes is painting himself as the victim – that's typical of those types of individuals – to turn it 180 degrees on those with allegations – Standard Street Smart 101 procedure – done a million times a day all over the world.

    It's so typical it gets boring.

  3. The words in Rose's post certainly do read like they were written by the bloated one. If he write them then perhaps Rose ought to be explaining why, as a appointee of the court, she is offering an opinion contrary to that of the judgement.

    Well this is Thailand and we should not hold our breath on Rose being called to account on that point.

    However, let's see what faith Noyse has in his innocence, if he truly believes he is innocent, he can demonstrate this to the world by returning to Thailand to stand side by side with his co-convicted 'wife' for the forthcoming day of judgement.

    Or is he going to stay in the US, let her stand in front of the judge and wait to see what the outcome is before he decides to return to Thailand or not?

    Gambling is illegal in Thailand, if it were not I'd gladly have a punt on that one.

    Meanwhile, Noyse is asking his dwindling number of Facebook friends to assist him in locating Ally Cooper.

    Ally (the alleged very bad man) must be quivering in his 'redwings'.

    1. Ian….
      I wear Jallattes……
      All I can say is the bloated old convict has reached a new level of paranoia and insanity…..and obviously this is a result.
      Lets see what intrigue next week delivers!

  4. The text has clearly been written by Noise in his usual hyperbolic prose…it's like a companion piece to the Farcical video with his ex about what a great guy he is….sign of desperation – does he really think judges and assorted bug cheeses in pattaya society are reading his facebook page…lol

  5. The puzzle for me is why you,Andrew, are not highlighting in the international press the shortcomings that allow the likes of Drew to corrupt Thai courts. The problem they have is translation and loss of face if they question an interpreter. The case of the two Burmese on trial also highlights Thai courts and legal issues. Drew has been clever in exploiting this loophole. You really need to promulgate what is going on.

  6. Forgive me if I have missed something here, but is this woman saying that she is the Court-appointed interpreter for the upcoming Noyes appeal?
    If she has been appointed, surely the prosecution object to her appointment on the grounds of bias regarding this post on Noyes's Facebook page?
    Notwithstanding that the post may have been written by Noyes – it appears under her name.
    I know, I know, this is Thailand..

    1. The appeal is done and finished….it was a review of the previoys case and evidence….Noyse, Kung …and Im being charitable with the next term….."biased"interpreter were not required to attend or give evidence……thankfully.

    2. I cannot agree. If I have understood the situation correctly, (and I stand to be corrected), Noyes's appeal is due to be heard later this week.
      Noyes has said that he will return to Thailand for his appeal, but that return is now looking unlikely & the smart money is on Noyes remaining in the US.
      (To where he should never have been allowed to return in the first place – but such are the vagaries of what passes for a judicial system in Thailand).
      Now have I got that quite correct?

  7. Interpreter to the stars. I hope her dress sense is more conservative in the courts. Who knows? She might go straight from the nightclubs to a hearing. I have a colleague who did interpreting from Japanese to Tagalog in the Japanese legal system and it paid extremely well. Following protocol is definitely important though.

  8. re: I have a colleague who did interpreting from Japanese to Tagalog in the Japanese legal system and it paid extremely well. Following protocol is definitely important though.

    I was at one of the court hearings where Rose was looking for payment. If memory serves me right it was the defense lawyers who dug into their pockets for the few hundred baht. Very unprofessional in my opinion exchanging money in the middle of the court room. But back to your statement, interpreters are not paid well in Thailand. Well, not in this case!.

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