Brian Goudie Freaking Out
Goudie Shows His Temper
Scottish fraudster Brian Goudie was released from Nong Plalai jail in Thailand over the weekend after a plea by his lawyer that he needed to look after his baby daughter….. and for a stash of cash.

After being released on bail, having spent two weeks of a three year jail sentence for defrauding an American woman out of some 7.8 million Thai baht he said: “It was easy. It was just money.” 

He added, perhaps gleefully, that his name was not on any of the money.


And then Goudie, who was reported to have had some ‘facial scratches and bruising’  announced that he was going to wage war against his enemies.



The threats included calling in Goudie’s ‘Russian friends’ to rape and murder the wife of oil worker  Alastair Cooper, who has taken civil and criminal suits out against him.


He also threatens a visit from Walter ‘Wacky’ Douglas, a Scottish underground figure widely connected with the international drugs trade, who was deported ‘voluntarily’ from Thailand after being exposed on this website, but it is not clear who ‘Wacky’ is going to visit.

Goudie was ‘Wacky’s; legal advisor for a while on Koh Samui where Douglas ran ‘Dreamers’ night club.


Goudie, 59, from Falkirk,  who is appealing his jail sentence did not disclose how much he paid to get released. But in prison he boasted that as soon as he did he would leave the country.

Alan McDonald 

He had been working recently with Alan McDonald, the Scottish property fraudster from Hua Hin, who now has a girlfriend in Thailand’s Immigration Office across the Gulf of Thailand from Pattaya.

McDonald is the subject of numerous court cases brought by cheated house-buyers and is being actively sought.

Goudie made his threats on the Facebook site of Oui Jirapun his latest Thai girlfriend, aged 19.

The recipient was a poster called Seb Mitchell, who from reading the posts Goudie believes is Mr. Cooper.



They came fast and furiously shortly after he claimed he had had a few  post release beers with his friend David Hanks, 66, from Girvan, but also an Australian passport holder and former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Victoria.

David Hanks

Goudie boasts that he will win all his cases. He is due in court again this month in Bangkok in a case brought by Ally Cooper,

Next month he faces a series of charges including the Thai equivalent of ‘revenge porn’ being brought by an ex-girlfriend and former assistant Boonrod Baikratok – and will have to pay bail again if he stays.

 He is also charged with defrauding two Brits and a German in a property deal.

The cases of Goudie and his friend Drew Walter Noyes provide clear examples of the dysfunctional Thai justice system.

Goudie, who was born Brian Gerald James Goldie in Falkirk in October 1967, fled Scotland in the 90’s after which a warrant was issued for his arrest (now withdrawn) for a fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland.




In Australia he fought immigration authorities for years after marrying an Australian woman and using a loophole in the immigration law by taking out a case against her after their divorce saying he was a ‘battered husband’.



*Wetwork is a euphemism for murder or assassination, alluding to spilling blood. The expression “wet work“, as well as the similar “wet job“, “wetaffair”, or “wet operation”, are all calques of the euphemism used by the KGB for such activities, mokroye delo (wet dealings). (Wikipedia)


He was described by Deputy Judge S.A. Forgie of the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal as a person ‘not of good character’.

The dreaded Walter Douglas sits on his bed in Samui before voluntarily returning to UK on false passport charges

During this long battle to stay in Australia he was jailed for six years for stealing some AU$400,000 from a Perth Mining Company.  He eventually had to leave – turning up in Thailand as a ‘lawyer’.


Conman Drew Walter Noyes is due to surrender to bail on Thursday while he appeals his two year sentence for extortion.

Noyes too arrived in Thailand and claimed to be a lawyer. Then he started up first PAPPA and latterly One-Stop-Service-Center in Pattaya.

He was jailed for attempting to extort 7 million baht out of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien – and police pounced when he accepted the cash.

He had threatened the Thonglor Clinic with a raid by a rogue police ‘consumer affairs’ unit and bad publicity in his newspaper.

COMMENT: There go the Thai courts again – after years and years of defrauding foreigners in Thailand the collective Thai justice system still does not get it. This is actually getting quite funny and exciting. Thai justice just prefers the money. Do I think Goudie will hop it?  Probably not. He has nowhere to go. He has made promises to people (which he will not keep ) but he sees himself as a legal expert. Its the game he has played already for ten years in Australia – until he finally lost – and Thailand has been a doddle, if not a costly one, for him. Seems he has spent most of his ill gotten gains and now is relying on others with a lot to lose. Of course his last spell in Nong Plalai will have opened his eyes to a few things he won’t want to see again.  The threats of course are meaningless unless the person threatened makes a complaint – and Seb identifies himself – which if I were in his position would not bother to do if I had to rely on Pattaya police for protection. All in all clowns and crooks in control of a justice and penal system in which so many people die.


  1. Only just out of jail and already hiding behind his girlfriend to issue threats via her facebook page.

    Young Uoi ought to understand that the wee scroat is highly dangerous to his girlfriends.

  2. If someone is "released on bail", then they haven't been sentenced theoretically. Therefore, I guess you could say that this is a "pardon" or "home detention."

  3. But surely the wee scrote is playing a very dangerous game here. By getting all these Thai people involved, he is inviting some instant justice upon himself – in the shape and form of a group of Thai gentlemen meting out said instant justice.

  4. Mixed feelings about this. I loved the idea of the fake barrister being behind bars but I was missing the stories about him. As long as he has lost some money then that is something comforting to know. I'm sure that he will run for sure now. If he doesn't then the story might unravel even more. I'm hoping that he allows himself to be ruled by his emotions and goes on a rampage ending in self destruction. Sounds like a good plot for a movie. In fact this whole saga has everything for a book / film. Deception, fraud, interesting characters, a good guy, revenge, money, porn, tragedy, humour, sleazy locations and an international stage covering Europe, USA, Asia and Australia….a global stage indeed. I'm just wondering who I would cast for the main characters…

    1. The cast list would be endless :

      Dumber & Dumber.
      The Krankies.
      Mrs Doubtfire.
      The dwarf from jackass.
      Some random homeless guys.
      Rick Walla.
      Dick Dasterdly.
      Shamu the whale.

    2. You are forgetting the essential ingedient to a good yarn 'the love interest'.

      Did Goudie find true love while sleeping skin to skin on the hard concrete alongside the toilets in the cage where he was imprisoned for his crimes?

  5. While I am disappointed that False Goldy is out of the big house, I have to agree his comedic gifts are wasted there and it is far more entertaining to have him posting again and back terrorizing small children and pensioners. Andrew you should be proud that you have such an avid fanbase and hope you realize that "No (I mean) Yes" and False Goldy are your most interested readers. They seem to run their lives based on what they read on this site. It's just sad that Baby Face hasn't discovered the joy of social media I am sure he could add to the fun.

  6. I see the wee scrote has posted a picture of him 'enjoying' breakfast at McDonalds…. Sporting a peaked hat to coverup his state sponsored haircut.

    His affinity with wild pigs and crocodiles a mixture between the natural nature of one beast and the lack of hair on the other.

    1. I see he has backed down on Casewatch Asia and now been forced to publish that a man arrested for child sex abuse was found to be totally innocent. He must have thought about that a lot in the last seven days in prison after he was confronted in court when his bail was refused last Monday.

  7. Brian is hopefully going into meltdown. He has posted pics of a croc and some pigs with the quote '20 hungry wild pigs and a hungry crocodile. Just the very thing for the job in hand.' Now he thinks he is in the Sicilian Mafia with his methods of eliminating dead bodies. No worries, I predict he will be back in prison sooner than later. I certainly hope so.

  8. He has his own f/b page ( ) but to leave his cowardice in no doubt he issues his childish threats using his teenage concubine's identity.
    I don't understand his tough guy act as he's just a weak, frail looking, sad, elderly tosser. And wearing a baseball cap at that age?
    Anyway I do hope someone has the chance to mete out some justice.
    Link to pic. of the baseball cap wearing jail bird.

  9. Re; Scottish fraudster Brian Goudie was released from Nong Plalai jail in Thailand over the weekend after a plea by his lawyer that he needed to look after his baby daughter….. and for a stash of cash.

    Andrew, I think you should add "education" to your blog heading "News, Investigations and exposes from South East Asia". For me its been a real education this whole saga, Whats this about Brian needs to look after his baby daughter? I mean really that's the best they could come up with! What's next? Brian needs to look after his pet rock!

  10. The bloated one's campaign to have Seb Mitchel's fb page deleted has worked wonders.

    Seb's friend list has rocketted to 740 while the bloated one's 'friends' quietly desert him.

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