In an apparent attempt to delay a fraud case against him fake lawyer Brian Goudie has listed a case against British journalist Andrew Drummond in Koh Samui – the day he is due in court in Pattaya to face the final day of a submission on a fraud case brought by a Koh Samui estate agent.

If the submission made on behalf of Briton John Jepson is successful and he does not appear, a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

Lawyers for Andrew Drummond will ask the court to strike the case, because an identical case has been submitted to the Pattaya Court. He merely wishes to waste Andrew Drummond’s time and money.

Andrew Drummond would like to go to Samui and his promised pool villa but, he said,  it should be at a period when he has some free time to enjoy.

A submission for fraud will also shortly be finished in a case being brought by Barbara Fanelli Miller, 75, who paid him the cash on his promise to get her son ‘legally’ home to Madison, Wisconsin.

Her son Gregory Miller, a teacher at an international school on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, is on remand on multiple case of sexual abuse of young boys.

Mrs Miller stayed in Pattaya for six months awaiting her son’s release. After receiving multiple explanations as to why not she left in tears having already purchased suitcases and an airline ticket for her son.

Gregory Miller

The real reason of course was that he had pocketed the cash – and it had not gone to the purpose intended. He annoyed the authorities so much that more charges were brought against Gregory Miller to ensure any escape bid was prevented. His lawyer at the time is actually giving evidence against him.

In a desperate bid to get some ready cash, perhaps for a rapid departure, he is taking cases against his former girlfriend and office manager (Nang) for alleged theft of property from Jimmi International Co Ltd.’s major asset the former  ‘Jaggy Thistle’ bar in the Jomtien Complex, Pattaya.

He is also trying to get rid of her as a director by a vote of shareholders.

Halliday’s death reported in the Dublin
based Sunday Mail

This will prove to be quite interesting. As a director of the company she can claim she was merely protecting its assets.

Goudie, who acquired the premises as well as the flat of notorious drugs trafficker Halliday, by getting a thumbprint power of attorney on his deathbed in the Bangkok Pattaya hospital, after he had been taken from Nong Plalai prison, needs Nang’s signature as a director of the company.

I suspect he also needs a few documents he left behind.

The major shareholders are Goudie of course and Ramidin Co.Ltd.

Ramidin Co. Ltd is a dormant company with registered addresses and bank accounts in Hong Kong and Thailand. Its used by Goudie to stash the cash.

It, of course, has to have majority Thai shareholders – in this case his lawyer who quit when he saw what Goudie was up to – so he will need to give him the boot and find some motorcycle driver some street corner or other.

This will all take time – which he does not have – hence all the prevarication. Meanwhile he is shooting in all directions and is being reported to the Immigration Department for attempting to destroy a Bangkok teacher’s career.

A poster’s mock up of Goudie. Wishful thinking I suspect.
How Goudie sees himself. An SMS to
one of his victims

He is also making wild allegations that his former girlfriend is a woman of easy virtue on his asia-case-watcher-blogspot website not seeming to realise that the allegations reflect much more on him.

Failed in Oz Try Thailand

If Immigration do their homework, and sometimes they do not, they will find that Goudie, is of course the Brian Goldie who was jailed in Australia for six years for fraud. He robbed the company which provided an ‘honesty’ reference for him at an Australian Appeals Tribunal.

He was also refused a settlement via in Australian on the grounds that he was not a person of good character.

His reasons for not wanting to answer an arrest warrant issued by Scottish police for an alleged fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland were not convincing.


  1. "He is also making wild allegations that his former girlfriend is a woman of easy virtue on his asia-case-watcher-blogspot website"

    Surely not? she looks so sweet in her picture above with that sweet little turned up Issan nose.

    Been following these characters for a long time on your site Andrea, now you appear to be giving them all a lot to think about.

    I sincerely hope you'll keep this site up and running when you return to the UK.

  2. A snipped from "A Wee Jock Nut Case on the loose and unstoppable in Asia"….Goldies hate blab…..
    Goudie was heard saying under his breath that unlike Drummond, who likes to talk down about Thai girls that way, Goudie would not stoop to gutter levels as Ms. Baikrathok's previous occupation (s) were entirely her own business. Morevoer it would be unfair for her current partner to read on the internet that she may have previously worked as a 'short time' girl – a fact of which he is no doubt blissfully unaware.
    Goudie then said if Drummond is such a clever investigative journalist he should just go and ask by himself – Bullring Bar, Soi 6.

    Must have been a bloody deep breath to spurt all that nonsense out in one go………

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