An arrest warrant has been issued for Brian Goudie who set up home in Thailand posing as a barrister and former officer in the Royal Marines, to scam money out of tourists and expats.

The warrant was issued on the same day that Brian Goudie failed to turn up at Pattaya Court to answer ‘revenge porn’ and defamation cases issued by his former assistant and girlfriend Boonrod Baikratok.

This latest warrant was in connection with a criminal fraud case. The case was brought against Goudie and his pseudo legal company Alba Laws by two Britons and a German national, who claim they were defrauded over a housing deal. Fake Pattaya lawyer Goudie, decided to pocket their court award for himself.

Later this month on September 22nd Goudie is due to face judgment on a case brought by American Barbara Fanelli Miller, on a charge of posing as a barrister and former Royal Marines officer to defraud her out of 7.8 million Thai baht – although a closer figure say lawyers is US$300,000.

The fake Pattaya lawyer, Goudie, accepted a case promising to get bail for her son who had a heart condition and had been arrested on child abuse charges. However her son died in custody of heart failure while awaiting trial.

Also facing fraud charges brought by the Brits, German and Barbara Miller is Sukanya Worakham. Sukanya is his former Thai assistant at Alba Laws. No warrant was issued for her arrest. She appointed a lawyer to ask for an adjournment saying she would turn up at the next hearing.

On a previous occasion she had paid Goudie’s bail. It appears they have now parted company in a joint defence, a sensible move by Sukanya.

Ms Baikratok filing a complaint at the Technical Crime
Suppression Division. 

If Goudie turns up for the verdict on the Miller case and has not surrendered beforehand he will be arrested on his fraud case with the Brits and German – which will resume on October 19th.

Meanwhile he will also have to turn up in court on November 9th to answer to the ‘revenge porn’ and defamation charges brought by Ms. Baikratok.

Goudie’s colleague, Drew Walter Noyes, 60, former publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper, who like Goudie has tried to have this website closed, faces judgment in his extortion case on October 22nd.

Currently Goudie claims to be running ‘The Key’ pub and guest house in the Jomtien Complex, Pattaya. The pub is advertised on Facebook as being open Friday to Sunday.

Drew Walter Noyes is still in the United States. He departed on August 4th and was granted an extension of leave until October 14 to ‘settle his children in school’. A week before his departure his eldest daughter ran away to Bangkok where she is staying with friends.

Arrests warrants have been issued before for Goudie, but he has previously surrendered to them and paid bail. He did however spend a weekend in Nong Plalai prison.


Reference is made in the headline to the torn net of Thai justice. The fact is that Goudie, and Noyes have been able to make a mockery out of the justice system – because the justice system appears to have been set up with that in store

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu dining with judges in Pattaya
Drew Walter Noyes, who also claimed to be a lawyer, had publicly stated repeatedly: ‘I am never never going to jail.’ That may well be now for the FBI.
He has gone to the United States leaving his eldest daughter behind at a very vulnerable age. He has also left all his children by Wanrapa Boonsu. The evidence in his extortion case is overwhelming.
Noyes has run before. He ran from the United States where he had spent jail time for larceny and had been exposed across two pages of the Morning Star newspaper in Wilmington, Carolina – then he re-invented himself in Pattaya as ‘high society’ and even dined with the judges of the court.
Fake Pattaya lawyer, Brian Goudie has also run before. Goudie ran from an arrest warrant in Scotland for defrauding the Royal Bank of Scotland and stayed away until such time as it timed out. Then he committed more crimes in Australia. After being arrested he conducted long bar-room barrister cases with the Australian Appeals Tribunal, insisting on his right to stay in the country. When time ran out and he was due a judgment for deportation, he simply left.
Do #DrewNoyes and #BrianGoudie think they can bluff through way through their cases over the next two months? Lets wait and see. They can only escape though if there is one of those ‘irregularities’ for which Thailand is famous.


  1. The wheel is turning. Brian's devious and cowardly nature is catching up on him. Snitchin' Brian will run, of that I have little doubt. He'll run like the weasel he is. He'll try to outwit the courts with his usual antics but unless he parts with some serious cash he's finished. Back to Falkirk to a caravan park or council flat. He'll be unemployable in any western country. Maybe he'll go to Cambo like Garry Glitter.

    Drew has fled already, obviously trying to get a feel for his appeal. Another snitch and serial deviant who flees the scene like the roach he is. If they both flee all their cases against Andrew should be thrown out. Then there is only the guy who looks like a bald Prince Harry to worry about. Karma will get him sooner or later.

    I hope Ally doesn't lose too much defending their puerile lawsuits. It's not really good enough if they both flee and escape justice but I always get great satisfaction in knowing they have to live with themselves and their delusions. Imagine waking up and seeing Brian's reflection in the mirror every day! The pain they have inflicted on others needs to see them doing a long lagging in some shithole jail. The tolerance shown by Andrew has been amazing. I'd have lost it years ago and gone feral.

    1. Im lovin it Tommy.
      I have a couple of UK dailys interested in my story and have asked for a running account.
      Fortunatly when times were good I invested in gold, land and animals so that should be enough for the short term.
      My whole case was based on perjury to the court by Noyse and his POA…..a young lad that will be unfortunately (for him) subject to legal action for perjury….

  2. Brown Brian and Despicable Drew Noyes could make Gay Porn together – if they haven't already, and give the proceeds to their victims. They could call themselves " The Bottom Feeders"

    That we could all agree on.

  3. I get the impressions that Drew has taken his kids to the USA and will likely play the "doctors note" scam saying he is too ill to return at present. In terms of the Thai judiciary a word document with an invented hospital headed report would do the trick. However his past could come back to haunt him in the USA?

    1. Indeed he basically has. But the Pattaya courts are being extremely tolerant. If he does come back and go to court on October 22 it means that he knows he will be acquitted. And that won't be on the evidence. He has announced on Facebook he has a new decoration for his services to Thai society from a Royal.

    2. Was it a royal, D?
      On Twitter hes akso bkabbering about Kin…..his dead drivers grandfather and how Kins father is in Singapore…..nooooo the boys father is in the USA and we all know his name……and events surrounding his conception……dont we Noyse…..FBI/ DHS already informed.

  4. On a separate note, I see that the HK based journalist who is facing charges of possession of a flak jacket and helmet in Thailand, has had his passport returned and is free to leave the country.
    It will be interesting to see if he "takes up the offer."
    If he does so, he is still supposed to return for trial.

  5. Can you please explain to me how he plays the royal card Andrew? Anyone else would be locked up for exploiting the monarchy for commercial gain in Thailand.

  6. I see Noyse is posting a message that he's on his way back to Thailand soon, the message accompanied by a picture of his 'wife'.

    Of course she's waiting for him. But then so are the courts and hopefully the prison service too.

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