-Well known Canadian con-man Harris Black is back in Pattaya. The former rocket scientist is now a plastic surgeon.

Wearing the No 1 shirt

He has been publishing handsome pictures of er some other handsome suitor and is looking for ladies.

Meanwhile, the former Sister Mary Joseph (one of his internet aliases used for a con) has happily teamed with none other than Niels Marten Storm Colov, former pimp now boss of the Pattaya People Media Group and the Pattaya Police Foreign Volunteers. What a well suited pair!

He has to talk in bar Thai to attract the ladies – Pattaya Trader

He is apparently a star player in Colov’s Pattaya floorball team, but with 65-year-old Colov on the left wing, they must play a game worth watching.

He has also been helping out ‘Jesters – Care 4 Kids” who last week credited ‘Harris Living Thai’ for supplying photographs for their annual children’s fair.

Twitter picture – three followers

The last time I caught up with Harris he was in New Zealand but he disappeared shortly after New Zealand Television came on to me asking for his whereabouts.

Harris made a spirited defence when I last wrote about him. Then he blocked me from his Facebook page. You can see that story here.

The many aliases of Harris Black

Harry Williams, Harry Black, Harry Simon, John Ashton, Steven Shaw, David Gogo, Mark Canterbury, Allan Namer, Mark Linton, Tom Lang, Kenneth Greenberg, Harry Kennedy, Lisa Flaherty, Greg Thompson, Martin Feldman, Jennifer Mason, Sister Mary Joseph, Father Constantino, Beth Feldman, Steve Feldman, Sister Mary Hughes, Mitchell Terry. His recent companies / web sites include:,,,,, and

Harvard Medical School

Stay away from this man! – our last story
More Harris Black


  1. Sounds as though this guy Black's ideal material for Pattaya.

    I don't suppose you have a fixture list for their team? on second thoughts forget I asked.

    The ex private investigator chasing Black appears to be like a dog with a bone…or a man on some sort of crusade. I sincerely hope Black didn't make a sexual advance to his daughter? :-))

    This guy Black seems like a small time conman who'll eventually come unstuck and end up inside.

  2. Has he ever been known as Mark Harris? The more I look at this guy's face (pics & videos), the more I think I recognize him from a certain notorious TEFL course run not too far distant from Pattaya about ten years plus ago. Said person liked it to be thought that he was some sort of bipolar hi-IQ genius. He also took a real shine to Pattaya.

  3. This individual has been around for a long, long time, his "exploits" have been well documented by other ex pat Thai based blog sites and he's caused MYSERY where ever he's been…..I wouldn't say he's small time, in fact I'd say he fits into a certain Pattaya "mould" very well.

  4. Your clip from Dr Black's Facebook appears to say that he has been a plastic surgeon since 1905. In which case he is probably some sort of specialist in fending off the aging process. More likely however that he is one of those brilliant bipolars who has trouble with the simple stuff. Yet another characteristic of one of the many faces of Dr Black I may have met in the past.

    That Skoghlund name is also somewhat familiar. Which face is he in the photo? Perhaps a member of a Swedish biker gang. That would fit in with his being in the same team as Niels and bro. Malmo is a very short distance from Copenhagen.

  5. Update on his antics. He's still active on couchsurfer apparently although they've previously deleted many of his profiles. Some interesting testimony on teakdoor of all places.

    About 1 month ago he started a thread on the Pattaya Addicts website basically blackmailing the English manager of a pattaya beer bar. Posted a copy of the manager's passport. It was quickly deleted and the forum owner confirmed it was indeed Harris trying to blackmail the bar manager.

  6. Harris Black is currently extortionist his victims from his computer in Pattaya. I have spoken with his family who are aware of this and he has expressed his desire to kill himself. I believe he is very dangerous and suicidal. Please report this man to local authorities if you should see him. He is a convicted sexual offender in Canada and is wanted in the USA.

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