A convicted Scots fraudster who re-invented himself in Thailand as a British barrister today faced new charges in a Thai court after he failed to agree to pay back the equivalent of some £142,000 he had allegedly swindled from a 76-year-old American woman.

Brian Goudie, 47, from Falkirk, was further charged in a case lodged by two Britons named as Peter Morris and Alan Dempsey, who alleged he cheated them while employed as their ‘barrister’ in the purchase of condominiums.

Police Lieutenant Colonel the chief of police in Pattaya confirmed that officers were also investigating allegations that Goudie had placed obscene photographs and a video of a young Thai woman on the internet after their relationship had broken up.  “I am looking at these allegations seriously and will be able to make a statement next week,” said

In a short hearing at Pattaya Provincial Court lawyers for 76-year-old Barbara Fanelli Miller, 76, of Madison, Wisconsin,  applied for Goudie’s bail on fraud and deception charges to be withdrawn, after Goudie had failed to repay the money he had taken from her under alleged false pretences*.

He had charged her the high sum of money to get her son Gregory Miller, 47, an international school teacher off charges of child sexual abuse.

It’s claimed that Goudie, born Brian Goldie, who was jailed for six years in Australia for stealing A$400,000 from his employers, a West Australian mining company, had re-invented himself in Thailand as a former Captain in the Royal Marines and a barrister with a degree from Edinburgh University.

But the Royal Navy press office claims he never was – but he was in the Royal Marine Reserve’s where he did not achieve any rank higher than Marine Reserve.  Documents produced at another fraud case brought against Goudie also included a statement from Edinburgh stating that he had not obtained a law degree there.

David Hanks

At the back of the court sat David John Hanks, from Girvan, former owner of Masquerades – a legal brothel in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, who acted as ‘power of attorney’ for Goudie in a libel case against Bangkok based Scots investigate journalist Andrew Drummond.

The case which related to an exposé of Brian Goudie’s activities in Thailand in the Scottish newspaper the ‘Sunday Mail’ was dismissed last year.

Hanks is currently on bail at Pattaya Provincial Court for allegedly running an illegal money lending racket – charging Russians 60 per cent a month

Drummond is currently counter-suing Goudie in the Bangkok Criminal Court. Goudie had counter claimed Drummond was a convicted criminal hunted by the police.

Prior to today’s hearing Goudie had walked out of the court as prosecutors gathered saying: ‘This place smells of sh*t’.

With the prosecution concluded the case was adjourned until September 2nd while judges considered the application to withdraw bail.  On that date Goudie is expected to begin his defence.

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  1. Dyed hair, bleached teeth and a face-lift. In Australia it's called 'mutton dressed up as lamb.' A modern-day Dorian Gray.

    There is a saying in Thai that expresses the nature of this photo of Hanks so very well.

    หล่อแต่เดือ เหลือแต่ดอ

    1. Mutton dressed as lamb, or a raving old queen? The older ladyboys share a similar eerie look. It must be hard for such a vain man to have been born with looks that I would describe as unfortunate.

  2. So Goudie gets another month of freedom and Ms. Miller goes another month without being paid.

    At what point is justice served in this country? It seems the only person winning is Goudie.

    Didn't the Army say there was going to be a "war" on foreign criminals? One would think that the Three Stooges would be a good place to them to start.

  3. Yep that's correct Bill……its a series of delays, adjournments, time wasting, no shows, technicalities. At this speed I'm very doubtful any justice will ever be witnessed.

  4. This whole case of Goudie ripping off the 76 year old woman is amazingly similar to another in Pattaya. A fake lawyer who we will call Spew, tried the same thing on a fellow caught making porn in Pattaya, who we will call Tony Poor.
    Tony was arrested and Spew pretending to be a lawyer with a cure for AIDS, assured Tony that he could make his problems go away. Spew claimed he knew 'influential' people. Spew claimed he was the best friend of the mayor and had royal connections. He didn't claim to be a Royal Marine, like Goudie, but he had been awarded a prestigious Royal medal after being pushed off a platform with a safety harness after balking at two earlier attempts to jump where he shit in his pants.
    Spew contacted Tony's elderly mother and told her her son was in big trouble looking at 30 years in a Thai prison. A sentence that Spew said that no foreigner had ever survived. Her son was as good as dead.
    But Spew could help if she sent over 250,000USD. Luckily she never did, and Tony got himself another lawyer, one that actually had a law degree. This real lawyer made all of Tony's problems go away for about 10% of what Spew was asking to pay "corrupt officials".
    Spew claimed in his fake newspaper that he had got Tony off, but Spew was just spewing lies as usual. The only real differences in these 2 cases was that Spew failed in ripping off a fellow countryman and because Spew's client had found a real lawyer, he did not go to jail for decades.
    I also have been informed that a former bar girl called Water is now a 'para legal' at Spew's fake law office. She has no training whatsoever (in legal matters) but she has attended a law seminar with Spew, and has continued to perform the tricks she learnt at the bar exclusively for Spew.
    So if anyone needs law advice from a bar girl, do not go to the bar, go to Spew's office direct. They have a 100% failure rate, they can even stuff up the simplest of legal matters, they will get your name wrong and charge millions for extra services.
    Spew's conman law wife is displeased with the situation, but has been "looked after" and will receive a "man club" in Jomtien. Well, not really, she is just a front because Spew can not put it in his own name. But she thinks it is hers. The Greek man club has been fitted with a myriad of hidden cameras to film Gentle's men. Spew formerly had a beer bar bar in Soi 2 where he would film girls in a special room and stream it onto the internet for overseas clients to masturbate. I haven't used real names here as Spew likes to sue. He never wins cases, but it does waste everybodies time, and keeps Water very busy.

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