A complaint has been lodged by British journalist Andrew Drummond to the Independent Press Standards Organisation claiming a fake British lawyer operating in Thailand has published a false judgment on his website and

Brian Goudie, formerly Goldie, who was jailed for six years in Australia for theft before elevating himself to the bar in Thailand, had falsely claimed that IPSO had ruled against the Bangkok based journalist in a complaint Goudie had made to the Daily Record.

He also falsely claimed that IPSO had censured Andrew Drummond stating: “Lawyers for Goudie in Bangkok today said they would now consider whether or not the editor of the Scottish Daily Record and Drummond could be jointly prosecuted under the provisions of Thailand’s tough Computer Crimes Act.”

That would be rather difficult to do with the judgment I have seen even if the Daily Record was subject to the laws of Thailand.

Goudie had been caught on camera in Pattaya talking about people on child sexual abuse charges that he was representing he stated: ‘Perverts, I am making so much money (out of them). It’s like there is no tomorrow.”

Goudie had taken on the cases through a paper company he started called ‘Alba Laws’ claiming to be a British barrister and an officer in the Royal Marines – but his false claims were exposed on this site and by Andrew Drummond in the Scottish Sunday Mail – a sister paper to the Record.

Goudie has also published on an alleged IPSO judgment on a complaint to the Scotsman newspaper against Andrew Drummond.  This report is also fundamentally untrue, because there was no complaint against Andrew Drummond.

This site has been furnished with a copy of IPSO’s adjudication in the Daily Record complaint. The only point of error which the newspaper has corrected was to wrongly state that Brian Goudie was charged with defrauding the Royal Bank of Scotland.

In fact, as has been stated on this site many times that while an arrest warrant was issued Goudie refused to return to Scotland to face the charges – and eventually the arrest warrant was cancelled because with all three defendants absent having fled to Australia the difficulties and costs of bringing the defendants back to court in the UK would have been prohibitive.

The Daily Record corrected that one single significant error. Goudie claimed the correction was not sufficient.

IPSO have also ruled on that and other complaints made to the Daily Record.

I cannot publish the full IPSO ruling until the IPSO has published it. But I will do.  I can however say that I am very pleased with the judgment.

IPSO were given a ‘no nonsense’ reply by the Daily Telegraph to a complaint Goudie made to them in relation to a story published in the newspaper concerning Goudie. That case has been dismissed.
Goudie does however continue to make a mockery of the Thai Justice system.

*Brian Goudie despite taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients on child sexual abuse charges never successfully defended one of them. He used very cheap Thai lawyers to run his cases. Retrials have however been ordered in the case of a British citizen and an American citizen whom he had solicited as clients.  He is currently suing the author of this site for publishing pictures such as the one at the top of this column.


  1. And this cock-roach is still running about in Thailand, illegally, unchecked with NO BODY doing the slightest to stop him…..absolutely amazing……..supposed legal experts paid over a million last year to do this are now making the classic pathetic get out Thai excuse…. "This is Thailand"….there is no redemption for this ……. I can't even say "civilised" country…'s not….the policing and legal system are damaged….never to be repaired.

  2. For those interested it appears he posts as user TUK on Pattaya addicts forum. Based on;

    He's Scottish
    He's criticised Drummond strongly on a PA
    He's linked to one of Bwians dodgy blogspot websites in his postings
    He spouts off legal jargon in an attempt to appear he's knowledgeable
    When it was put to him TUK was Bwian he ignored it…

    1. Drew and Brian are just washed up con men at this point. Brian is soon to be in jail and I'm guessing his bestest buddy Drew will be following as soon as the appeals court decides to jail him.

      At this point they've lied so much that nothing they say is believed by anyone. They're blogging only show how desperate they are to try and spin things to make them look less of a criminal.

      I'm still looking to hear how that Google case is going Brian! What a complete dumbass….

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