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An application by two Scotsman to force Google to remove material about them on the internet has been rejected by the Bangkok Criminal Court in Thailand.

The legal submission made by Brian Goudie, 47, from Falkirk and David Hanks, from Girvan, Ayrshire, demanding the ‘right to be forgotten’ was found to be inadmissable and both have been informed.

Goudie, who is on trial in Thailand for posing as a lawyer to cheat a 76-year-old American woman out of £146,000 in legal fees, had publicised the law suit on his Google website Casewatchasia.blogspot.com. – a site which appears to be dedicated to demolishing the reputation of his enemies. The site has not been updated with the rejection. Goudie and Hanks cannot use the Thai courts to order Google to remove material from the internet, the judge ruled.

David Hanks, 66, is the former licensed owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, a suburb of Melbourne,

Both Scots featured in a story in the Scottish Sunday Mail and later on this site yesterday. This followed complaints from American Bill Monson and his associate Michael Mitchell that the two Scots posing as lawyers had tried to persuade him to part with US$5million to allow them to secure over US$100million from the frozen assets of former Thai Premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

Bill Monson, President of Clearview Television, Seattle, had been involved in a multi-million law suit with the exiled Thai Premier, claiming that Thaksin had taken his, paging, cable tv and mobile phone businesses from him.

Monson and Mitchell had led the Scots on but baulked at a final meeting when they were refused to have a witness present.

Goudie features in the documentary by Makeworld Media ‘Brian Goldie – Swindler Scot’ in the series ‘Serial Swindlers’.

In Australia under the name Brian Goldie, he was jailed for six years for defrauding a West Australia mining company, where he had secured a job in the account department.

Rejecting his plea to stay in Australia, the Australian Appeal Tribunal described him as ‘not a person of good character’.

Last week the provincial court in Koh Samui rejected a plea by Hanks to have www.andrew-drummond.com, run by a Bangkok based British journalist, blocked in Thailand on the grounds of contempt of court. The same court also rejected a plea by Goudie to have all stories and photographs about him removed.

The law suit against Google was in fact one of multiple attacks on and attempts to close this site.
Other attempts have been made by American Drew Walter Noyes, one time publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper who is on trial in Pattaya with his ‘wife’ Wanrapa Boonsu for extortion.

Seated – Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu

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CASES LOST: libel against Andrew Drummond, Pattaya Provincial Court – with reference to story in Sunday Mail headed “Fiend’s Friend’

Contempt of court and request to remove all stories about him from www.andrew-drummond.com Koh Samui Court – application refused.

Brian Goude and David Hanks V Google – dismissed, Bangkok Court

Civil case awarded 7.9million baht to Barbara Fanelli Miller, Pattaya Provincial Court

SETTLED BY JUDGES ORDER: Criminal case for fraud brought by John Jepson, posing as a lawyer to demand fees for legal case and take Bangkok condo in lieu of fees.   Ordered to return the condo and forfeit downpayment as rent. Charges withdrawn. Pattaya Provincial Court.

CASES ON GOING: Had to use outside lawyers. Criminal case 2 charges. Posing as a barrister to defraud Barbara Fanelli Miller out of 7.9 million baht.

Criminal/civil case: Koh Samui Court: Failure to pay 7.9 million to Barbara Fanelli Miller.

Criminal libel: Andrew Drummond, Alistair Cooper V Goudie, David Hanks and Drew Noyes libel ongoing in Bangkok Criminal Court

Civil Case: Libel. Alastair Cooper V Goudie, Hanks, and Drew Noyes, Bangkok Civil Court


Criminal libel and computer crime libel case against Andrew Drummond. Alleged that Drummond posted mocked up pictures of him on the internet a barrister, Royal Marine captain, and in leathers in a gay parade, to cause him shame and embarrassment. Investigation completed. Judges decision Aug 27.

Criminal libel and competer crime case against Drummond and Cooper. Summonsed not delivered properly. Given seven days to comply.


Peter Morris, Alan Dempsey and one other. Accused of pocketing funds awarded to clients by judge at Pattaya Provincial Court  and cheating clients.

Nang V Brian Goudie: Complaint to Technical Crime Suppression Division with allegation that Brian Goudie filmed then posted pornographic material of Thai girlfriend and placed in on the internet.

Both cases referred by Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok to Pattaya Police for action.


  1. Oh dear Weapon. I used to be the world’s leading expert on the activities of the Rollers as a youngish showbiz reporter – and their Svengali Tam Paton. A remember a numbing evening in mcKeowns London apartment watching him trying to compose a lyric with the words ‘la petit mort’ in it. (French for orgasm btw) It was excruciating. Brian has a similar accent. My Scots accent is barely detectable. Hence outside the court he said to me recently ‘Yer nae Scots’ – to which the reply is of course ‘We’re not all Rob Roys’

    1. A friend of mine from Scotland was just in Thailand. I've known him for over 20 years but I hadn't seen him for about 2 years. I recently asked him if he knew where Falkirk was. Turns out he has worked in Falkirk his whole life. LOL.

      I asked him if he'd heard of Brian Goldie and he tells me there is a local politician there named Goldie who is always getting into trouble. Apparently he punched somebody out over some issue and was in trouble for it. I wondered whether it was Brian's brother.

      I just looked it up and there is a Dennis and Gerry Goldie on the Falkirk council. Seems they are twins. Dennis got the old 'lemon an sars' recently. It would be funny if they were Brian's kin given what I just read about them.


  2. Now that the court has ruled that it doesn't have the authority to order content removed from Google, does that mean your 'picture' case will be dismissed?

    1. Goudie was born Brian Gerald James Goldie in Falkirk in October 1967. He changed his name to Goudie having been jailed in Australia for six years for stealing from his employers
      Goudie, Goody, Goldie, Goodie, etc are all originally from the same family in Scotland so he picked a name fairly close. .

    2. Changing your name by deed does not require registration of the document in UK. You will not find it listed anywhere.

      However this is irrelevant as there is nothing illegal about having a passport in the name of Goldie, Gouldie, or His Honour Justice McDonald of the Glen.

      It only becomes a fraud if he pretends he was born with that name to gain a pecumiary advantage or in certain situations fails to give his previous name, in UK this would apply to an undischarged bankrupt not giving his former name and status to anyone he was doing business with.

      In the present case stating his name was Jim Big Mac would not be incorrect as long as he had changed his name by deed. If he was asked outright if he had been Brian Goldie / Gouldie the ex-con and failed to disclose this he would be acting fraudulently IF he was seeking some sort of pecuniary gain. What are the chances of that?

  3. Brian's career as a fake lawyer has been about as successful as his career as a conman. Every time he has committed a fraud he has been caught red-handed. Every case he has brought before the courts has been rejected. Every woman who has had dealings with him has rejected him. Is it just me or is there a pattern here? A pattern of a utter failure.

    You cannot stay young Brian but you can stay immature.

  4. I usually get a running commentary on the Bams version of the weekly court events……I'm looking at 30 cases……D is going to the "big house", etc, remarkably this week not a peep, tweet, whinge or spat………….they know "they be f****d".

    1. The drums have fallen silent on 'Head-Case Watch Asia.' Usually after each court case he is quick to get online to post his lies about what happened.

      He has however posted a pining love song about lost love on facebook. The thing he can't seem to understand is no Thai girl with a working brain wants to live her life attached to a deadbeat scammer who has spent his life cheating and stealing.

      Brian needs to be medicated and locked in a secure facility to keep society safe from his devious nature.

  5. Perhaps Brian is having second thoughts about being a liar and a confidence trickster after being reminded what it was like being brutally banged up abroad in his younger and prettier days.

  6. I've got a feeling Brian and his merry band of idiots have been hung on their own petard and now have the DSI investigating their background due to them attempting to try to sue Google and gain access to Thaksin's money.

    After all, Brian, do you really, honestly think someone like Google would let your petty little lawsuit go without talking with legal representatives in Thailand? Do you really think there won't be consequences? Remember the old saying, you mess with the bull, you're going to be gored.

    It's great that your little buddy Hanks will be following you down the drain…after all, he's basically just your little boy and isn't smart enough to strike out on his own. The last time he tried something on his own, poor little Hanks got arrested for loansharking. Isn't Hanks the lawyer cum whorehouse owner that allegedly tried to help you con someone out of 7 million?

    Luckily for Drew, even though the initial meetings took place at his "business" (the business has never paid taxes) the mark in the scam decided Drew was too stupid to be included.

    I'm guessing even as we speak, Google is whispering in the ears of the Thai government about some little petty criminals that have been apparently flouting the Thai legal system for years. I'm guessing Thaksin's lawyers are looking into what's happening as well as your mark's new legal team.

    Good luck Brian! I look forward to hearing about your next date in court. Hopefully it's not about your bail being revoked or anything like that…..

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