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Photo-shopped picture of Goudie and Noyes from

Controversial American Drew Walter Noyes who is suing the owner of this site for criminal libel and libel under the Computer Crime Act after we published a photo–shopped picture lampooning him and phony barrister and Royal Marine Captain Brian Goudie – failed to turn up to press his case at Pattaya Provincial Court today.

The picture which was edited to show Goudie and Noyes in leathers – Goudie bottomless and Noyes wearing a pouch – in a parade of leather clad gays. In fact this site merely used the pictures to illustrate why Noyes was suing a website called subzerosiam.

We do not believe either are gay and readers of the site are unlikely to read that interpretation particularly as we stated so in the story which neither has produced in evidence.

Noyes is suing claiming that he is 100 per cent totally heterosexual.

Photo-shopped picture 2

In Koh Samui court on June 12th Brian Goudie will continue being cross-examined in a similar case.

He is claiming that the gay picture and others lampooning him as a bewigged barrister, a Captain in the Royal Marines, in prison uniform and handcuffs, and as a baby, are also against the Computer Crime Act – which was introduced to protest Thailand’s internal security and also protect the Monarchy.

At Pattaya Provincial Court a lawyer turned up at the last minute to say he was Noyes’ new lawyer and asked for an adjournment.

He was told that the trial would be scheduled for dates in December this year and February next year. If the plaintiff did not turn up or the lawyer was not ready to proceed the case would be dismissed.

On June 16th #DrewNoyes is due to surrender to bail in a case brought by Andrew Drummond, against him, Wanrapa Boonsu, and the Pattaya Times Media Corporation. Its allegedly they falsely claimed Drummond’s press card as a foreign correspondent in Thailand had been withdrawn.

On the same day Drummond and witnesses will also take the stand in a case being brought against Drew Noyes, Wanrapa Boonsu, and Brian Goudie, for making a number of false allegations that Drummond was being hunted down by the Department of Special Investigations, the Crime Suppression Division etc.

And again on the same day Alistair Cooper, a UK citizen, is taking a criminal case for libel against Goudie, David Hanks and Noyes.

Hanks and Goudie alleged that Cooper was being investigated by the US Secret Service for making death threats against Hilary Clinton. Noyes alleged that Cooper was a drugs dealer.

Alistair Cooper has already sued #BrianGoudie, Hanks and Noyes for five million baht in the civil court and judgment will be announced on June 30th. The case was not contested.

In August Drummond will counter-sue both Noyes and Boonsu over cases against which have now been dismissed and also seek punitive damages.

A case against the alleged owner of the SubzeroSiam website has also been postponed – this one until September.


  1. Sam

    Any insight into the giggles from the chamber rooms when judges and all associated are viewing these pics and forming an opinion of their own ?

  2. jules

    Ex-con Brian has shown his "inexperience" as a lawyer in bringing multiple vexatious cases. To the untrained and unworldly it looks like a great way to get at your critics, SUE. However he is going to find that the courts are not a friendly place and the court machinery is not a one armed bandit, yu cannot keep on pulling on the arm until click, cliock, click, Kerching.

  3. Ian McFarland

    Noyse's use of the law courts is a startling home goal – Each case, each development, each no-show a water tight reason for Andrew and others to go to press and spread news of Noyse.

    Its almost as if he begs to have bad news about him spread all over the internet.

  4. IVAN

    With the new Police Chief in place and Drew's "protectors" gone to inactive posts the investment he probably made to get some favourable decisions is lost…Now the reality is very different and it does not seem to be convenient in any way for the bandit Drew, I believe strongly that this will be the first support stone that will be taken from under the lot and it will all come crumbling down on these idiots. I am looking for an imaginative title to name the Party we shall be holding to commemorate the demise of this weird human aberration…

  5. IVAN

    I thought psycopats do not feel shame, or is this one a different Psychopat ? but I am not surprised that Drew did not show up, he knew he would be ridiculed and surely admonished by the Judge for creating continuously false statements and accusations.
    He also knows in his little criminal brain that it is the end of the line and that everyone in the Thai Justice system knows what a bullshit person he is.
    Drew is a coward in every sense of the word now he is in that well known situation, – can run but cannot hide….

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