Has he changed tartan?

Any tartan experts out there?  I’m wondering if Thailand’s famous fake Scots barrister has changed sides or not.

Technically as a Goldie or Goudie, he does not have a tartan, but the nearest family are apparently the MacPhersons.

So that is the kilt he should chose.

Normally each clan or house will have two or three tartans, hunting, dress, ancient,  Can someone verify which tartans his is wearing from these two pictures of Goudie in mail order kit?

The kilt on the left looks like a  MacPherson but the kilt in the picture below looks to me like a designer tartan but I may be wrong.

In the picture below he was named Goldie. In the picture to the left he

Goudie: This is a surname of Scottish origins. Recorded as Goudie, Gowdy, Gourdie, Gardy, and others, it derives from the surname Goldie, and reflects the phonetic spelling of the popular pronunciation of that name.

Read more: http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Goudie#ixzz2lWr3dakh

Falkirk District Tartan – there’s a tartan
for everyone


But tonight we have an answer. He has three kilts. But all I asked was – what tartan was it? – the one in the picture above. I can see why he wanted to be a Macdonald though. However it does not look like a Patterson or a Dress Macdonald. The Macdonalds of Clanranald spell their name with an a in Mac. I was surrounded by them and the Camerons, Frasers and Grants at school. But you can wear any tartan you want Brian.

Let’s not forget the ‘Flying
Sporran Tartan’

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  1. Hi Brian, was down at Misty's agogo last night. Lovely girls, good Mamasan who makes sure the girls that cater to all the whoremongering customers needs. Real good place for perverts and misfits to hang out together. Fun girls, not the type I would like a relationship with though. Bit like the Buffalo Bar. I am still waiting for Cupids to open though. Hell, it has been years now. Want to get some Asian Hotties.
    This tartan is the traditional tartan used by fake lawyers in Thailand. Similar to the Knights of Rissoles dress.

  2. Just to go back to the original question. As a Goudie, he is entitled to wear the MacPherson tartan. There is no tartan for Goldie. The Tartan he is wearing in the newspaper article is, as you stated previously Andrew, a ''designer'' tartan called the Pride of Scotland which was created for people across the globe that do not have their own tartan but have a desire to wear tartan. Sums up Goldie really doesn't it?

  3. I suppose anyone could lay claim to anything if they were so minded and with a reasonable spiel many can persuade the gullible and naive to think them credible. But, when it comes to education, you either have it or you don't and no amount of flummery can disguise the fact.

    Hugely amusing to read, therefore, this absurd little conman claiming that he derives his kiltiness(sic) from his " patriarchal grandmother ". Absolute hoot, really. Of course, we all know he meant to write "paternal " but then, he is a qualified barrister ………har, har. What I can't stand about these oiks dragged up from the gutters of God knows where, is the drearily predictable fact they invariably have no style.

  4. Good spot, Westerby, " Patriarchal grandmother"? Is that like a cross dressing granny, or maybe a lady-lassie-boy ? Er, who's the imbecile?

    Andrew's, "Futile little blog…" is exposing these guys to a wider audience than Mr. whatever his name is and his ilk could never- ever, in a million facebook posts, hope to reach.

    Does make me wonder what the smarter crooks are actually up to.

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