Goudie with sign ‘Booked already!’
Fake Scots lawyer Brian Goudie will stand trial for
defrauding  a 75-year-old American woman
out of US$300,000 and has been interviewed by officials of ICE over his conduct
in attempting to procure the release of a US citizen from prison on child sexual abuse
Pattaya Court on Friday accepted a case brought against THE pseudo law company Alba Laws and Goudie, from Falkirk, and on January 27th
he will have to surrender to bail which is expected to be set at a minimum of
200,000 Thai baht.
A spokesman for Sukhothai International Law, which is
representing the victim 76-year-old Barbara Fannelli Miller from Madison, Wisconsin,
said: “We would expect the bail to be commensurate with the offence.”
Goudie, formerly convict  E0000274 Brian Goldie in West Australia, where
he was sentenced to six years for theft from a mining company, is alleged to
have promised that he could get Mrs. Miller’s son, Gregory Miller  out of Nong Plalai Prison, Pattaya – at a
A wag’s photo-shopped
picture of Goudie-Goldie

He has told the U.S. authorities of the Immigration and Custoes  Enforcement that he was the innocent
party and was only acting on client instructions, but evidence shows how he used
another person on child sexual offence charges, Briton Ian Tracy, to trawl Nong Plalai
Prison looking for cases from him. 

Ian Tracy – jailed for child
sexual abuse.
Goudie,  is neither a lawyer nor a former officer in the Royal
Marine. claims he allegedly made to another client Briton John Jepson, an estate
agent on the Thai holiday island of Koh Samui, who has taken a case against him for misrepresentation.
He had convinced many foreigners in Thailand that he was a highly rated Scottish Advocate and also member of the English Bar.
Londoner Ian Tracy, who lived with Goudie at the ‘Jaggy Thistle’ bar  in Pattaya, has since been
sentenced to a four year in jail for offences against young boys.
Goudie claims the case against him is all fabrication and
that his former girlfriend ‘Nang’, had
stolen documents from his premises the former ‘Jaggy Thistle’ bar in Pattaya,
which he acquired by getting former Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’
Halliday to sign a power of attorney over to him on his death bed.  
Nang – ‘took his papers’
Halliday died from necrotising fasciitis, a
flesh eating disease, and was another client Goudie had found in Nong Plalai

(Now Goudie is reported to be trying to erase ‘Nang’ as a director of the holding company – Jimi International.)

 Goudie claims he “became
suspicious when asked to secure a video recorder and computer equipment by
Barbara Miller, and to destroy it, became suspicious”.

“When Barbara Miller revealed to lawyers a long history of
mental health issues and previous treatment with drugs designed to chemically
castrate Greg Miller the relationship with Goudie turned sour,” he claims on
his pseudo legal website, case-watch-asia-blogspot.com.
Exposed in a Scottish newspaper
Goudie did not attend court for the ruling.

Comment: Still playing the lawyer Brian Goudie keeps complaining that he has issued writs against me and that I keep failing to turn up in court for hearings against me. The answer to this of course Brian is that  I do not need to turn up in court unless the courts actually take the allegations seriously and accept the cases. But I will call all your bluffs. So far two cases have been dismissed without any need for me to attend and two more are about to be dismissed because you failed to turn up and instead sent a former Melbourne brothel owner to represent you. Your case in Koh Samui is barely coherent.


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    1. But part of the problem is that these guys are on the internet almost 24/7 creating anti-Drummond stuff. Its all rubbish of course. But to a certain extent I am obliged to keep on their tails, because they are self admittedly very devious and if I let them out of my site they will play havoc. Its got to a stage where people are telling me where they are on a daily basis – which is good.

  2. Sorry Sam, I disagree. Andrew is exposing what would otherwise not be, and the comment counts on topics show what his reader's interests are. This exclusive coverage has put Andrew-Drummond.com on the map, and gained him countless readers, and supporters-we want to know every single juicy tidbit of it.

    I'm sure The Nation(alist) has all the whistling stuff. S N O R E

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