Scots confidence trickster Brian Goudie, who aimed to build a handsome portfolio of properties in Thailand by posing as a well to do barrister and Afghanistan war hero was a fraud, a court in Thailand heard today.

But he fooled a British estate agent for three years after offering with phoney credentials the services of his ‘legal practice’ Alba Laws to get back seven condominiums the estate agent had been defrauded of in Pattaya by another conman, Lebanese Australian Peter Taouk.

Estate agent John Jepson, from Thetford, Norfolk, England, now based in Koh Samui never got his condos back. Touak merely fled back to Australia, having managed to hawk the properties while the Thai judicial process ground on..

The Peaks
John Jepson

But for his legal services Goudie, 47, from Falkirk. who had changed his name from Brian  James Gerald Goldie,  demanded Jepson’s 6 million baht condo in The Peaks Residence in Sukhumvit Soi 15, Bangkok.

50,000 baht a day bank teller

He had charged 50,000 Thai baht a day  – £1000 at the then current exchange rate – and Goudie’s final bill came to over 3 million baht – a pretty good payment for a former Glasgow bank teller.

Lawyer Chitipart Sermhiran, representing Jepson,  presented documents to the court from Edinburgh University and a court in West Australia, showing that not only had Goudie not gained  a Bachelor Degree in Commerce or a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) but that he had been sentenced to six years jail in Australia for defrauding a mining company there.

Goudie, who also claimed to be a former Royal Marines officer, who received a shrapnel wound in Afghanistan, did not appear in Court One of Pattaya Provincial Court to defend himself.

Nor did he appear in Court Three of Pattaya Provincial Court where another case brought by Thai nationals was being leveled against him.

However he was ordered to appear in court on June 28th or an arrest warrant would be issued.
Outside the court Jepson thanked journalist Andrew Drummond. “If it had not been for you I would have lost a lot,” he said.

Goudie’s shenanigans were first exposed on this website and in the Sunday Mail in Scotland.  We also revealed how Goudie was seeking clients in Nong Palai Prison, Pattaya, and also honing in on child sexual abuse offenders.

He had represented Jimmy Halliday, a former UDA member wanted in the UK for drugs offences, promising to get him off local assault charges.

In prison Halliday contracted the flesh eating disease necrotizing fasciitis. Halliday died in hospital but not before however Goudie managed to get him to sign over his power of attorney which he used to acquire all Halliday’s property in Thailand.

Goudie subsequently allegedly sold Halliday’s apartment, and put his name on Halliday’s company ‘Jimi’ which currently owns the ‘Paradise Bar’ – formerly ‘The Jaggy Thistle’ in the Jomtien Complex in Pattaya.

Gregory Miller

Goudie faces court again on June 17th to face a complaint lodged by Mrs. Barbara Fanelli Miller, 75, of Madison, Wisconsin, that he defrauded her of US$300,000 an amount which he charged for ‘get out of jail services’ for her son Gregory Miller, 48, a teacher at an international school in Eastern Thailand, who was arrested for sexually abusing young boys.

More recently he has been trying to market a development in Koh Samui and has told lawyers he is too busy flying about on business to attend court.

There are fears he will become a real ‘Flying Scotsman’due to the excruciatingly slow Thai criminal justice system.

And the ‘fake’ lawyer needs a lawyer himself. His ‘Alba Laws’  lawyer whom he allegedly only paid 5000 baht a hearing – 10,000 baht if out of town – has quit. At the court a lawyer called in at the last minute said: ‘I have not been briefed. I have been instructed to ask for an adjournment.”

Goudie is understood to still be representing a number of Brits who have lost the condos they purchased in Pattaya. His fee – half the condos or half their worth.


If you or someone you know is being represented by Goudie and is claiming he is a barrister or Scottish advocate then you should follow the Miller and Jepson cases. But first Google Brian Goldie or Goudie in conjunction with the name of this site.

This is allegedly Halliday’s will but Halliday’s kids got nothing.
Recently Goudie has been claiming that the premises formerly known as ‘The
Jaggy Thistle’ now belong to the Serious Organised Crime Agency. Not true
of course but it would be an excellent idea for SOCA to open up a bar in Pattaya.


  1. Interesting to notice people who karma has caught up with, often think they are the victims. The one thing all psychopaths have in common is they lack self-introspection and the ability to admit wrong doing- even if caught red-handed. They'll lie, manipulate and threaten if exposed. Good work again Andrew.

    1. Not sure about "psychopath" but the guy certainly appears to qualify as a "sociopath", possibly he had an unfortunate or deprived childhood in sunny Scotland?

      Thought you might have picked up on that before publishing AD? :-))

  2. By email:

    Hi Andrew,
    Hope all is good with you and yours.
    Well done in holding out against these hypocritical people and I might add
    the system that allows them seemingly more rights than the innocent.
    Andrew you take care now and keep exposing others, keep yourself safe.
    With every good wish
    John and Saifon

  3. Please stop revealing the truth about my friend Brian Boru, um Goudie, er Goldie, whatever. It's rumored that he is going crazy on that anti-Andrew blog allegedly posting as Aksoon Peesat. I've heard his stories there rival even the most insane ones posted by the person posting as A.M. Drummond. I'm sure we are all still trying to figure out who the mystery Drummond doppelganger is.

    1. No need to. I can just leave it up to Brian Goudie to keep writing from now on. He seems to have lost the plot. Even been sniffing around my old office. I don't think they gave him a forwarding address. If he is trying to find me he can find my home on the internet. At the moment he is going through the files of old clients (who are of course suing him) to try and expose them on the net. And he has suddenly become a friend of Peter Toauk – an Australian fraudster whom he once sued (er, or a lowly paid Thai lawyer did non his behalf). He's just given me two writs for a story published in the Sunday Mail in Scotland.

    2. Does attorney/client privilege not exist in Thailand? Never mind, after typing that it occurred to me that his clients were/are not dealing with an a lawyer. Now who else does that remind me of?

  4. It's not clear whether Ally is talking about Brian or Andrew. This kilt-wearing mafia is becoming a nuiscence. Even Khun Meechai Condom has been spotted in a kilt.

  5. Interesting facts:

    Drummond, is a House, ie House of Stuart, as opposed to a clan in Scotland. They are the Earls of Perth. The family motto is: Gang Warily – which translates as 'Watch it old boy!'

    Goldie and Goudie are sept of the Clan MacPherson for tartan appearances anyway.

    The Goldie family motto is: 'Honestas'. Can anyone translate that for me please?

  6. Its a tragedy those 2 Muslim maniacs didn't attack a certain fake Royal Marine officer instead of a gallant warrior hero.

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