This is a serious fraud alert for Brian Goudie, formerly Brian Gerald James Goldie, a British citizen already exposed on this site, as a fake lawyer, and a fake former British Royal Marine officer, who has been operating as a bogus legal advisor in Thailand

Following disclosures on this site over the last two weeks and contacts from readers it has become apparent that Goudie has left a trail all over Thailand.

Goudie’s trail is not difficult to follow, Despite his conniving personality he leaves trails which can be, as a judge said, ‘followed on a moonless night’.

But he is in Thailand, where, as we all know and more importantly he knows,, Thai police do not want to follow trails of foreigners cheating each other – and if they do they may side with the one who has more cash, and is more eloquent. This is Goudie’s strength. He has skills which would be useful, said a judge, if they were applied in an honest way.  Again Goudie is the former Brian Goldie, born in Falkirk, Scotland, read on.

Initial information shows that he has obtained in excess of 40 million baht in fees while acting as a partner in a company called ALBA LAWS LLP. Much of that money he has banked in Hong Kong. Now I believe he is in possession of many land titles.

There are indications he may be planning to leave Thailand after or while  selling up.

He may have your ‘Power of Attorney”- that means he’s banking on the fact if you complain it will be a civil action and it will take years for you to get your property back and you’ll go bankrupt in the process!

Goudie poses as a saviour – a man who can fix problems foreigners have in Thailand.  He claims connections to the very top – senior military, police and government officials.

But foreigners who have subscribed to services have found at their cost – 50,000 baht a day for many of them! – plus expenses. He is after all, he says, a barrister – and then they lose.

Two years in an Aussie jail on a six year sentence for fraud. He should not even be in Thailand!  Where are the Immigration Police when we need them?

But its much worse than that. Goudie has managed to secure quite a number of property documents in lieu of fees!

If you have given Goudie such documents you should find a new lawyer immediately and get them back and its probably a good idea to contact this site so we can get you connected.

Goudie’s fees are invalid if you can show he lied about his qualifications.

So here is an urgent reminder that Goudie is a convicted fraudster.  Here follows his record of jail time in Australia, his sentencing and what a judge said about him. I am breaking off an investigation to put this out now in the hope of saving some people from disaster.

Remember this is on top of what a Judge said* at the Australian Appeals Tribunal even before he was caught in Australia for fraud.

Goudie has been able to carry out his confidence tricks because he has learned Thai: -not just basic Thai. He has learned a wide range of expression in legal Thai jargon. It appears he has only applied to his studies so well so he can cheat.

He has convinced many Thais that he is a ‘Phoo di angrit’ – an British gentleman. He claims law degrees from Edinburgh University and service in the Royal Marines as an officer for eight years.

He drinks little. This is because of ‘shrapnel wounds’ to his abdomen gained while on active service!

He has even wormed his way into the Pattaya Charity scene courtesy of a man known locally as ‘Mr. Charity”, Kevin Fisher of Cranes & Equipment, Asia, who refers to Goudie as ”My very own T-Rex’.

Mr. Fisher, a staunch supporter of the Çharity Club of Pattaya’ hired Goudie as his attorney-in-fact in a case against an Australian company in the Pattaya courts over a concrete shipping deal a deal which was made in the Queen Victoria pub in Pattaya’s notorious Soi 6 (Yodsak).   CEA is in turn being sued in Australia, where Goudie cannot go to represent his client.

Goudie’s claims are all baloney, but many people have been fooled, even lawyers and long standing businessmen and this judge below who was in doubt as to whether Goudie (then Goldie) had a law degree.

If YOU are being represented by ALBA LAWS and are dealing with Mr. Goudie you should check immediately to see what Thai documents you have signed.

Is he holding any land title deeds on your behalf? He likes collecting properties in lieu of fees. This his No. 1 call.

You should know that Mr. Goudie swindled his bosses in Australia by forging cheques!

This warning is going out because Mr. Goudie shows signs of trying to raise money quickly, so do not leave yourself vulnerable.

If you think I can help please feel free to contact me through this site or drummondnews@gmail.com

And, if you have not read the previous stories, here are the links. Remember, even before he even had any criminal convictions, a judge of the Australian Appeal Tribunal ruled this man lacked honesty and integrity and was not to be trusted. And the only professional witness to come to his defence who declared he WAS honest.  Well his company was defrauded by Goudie within a couple of months!

Exposed a convicted Scots fraudster

I’m a member of the bar” – says Scots fraudster

Postscript: Gaudie is also running a number of companies and overseeing them under the name Brian Goldie. These without exception are investment vehicles in businesses from mining to exporting rice, or even cleaning the guns of the U.S. Navy. You put your money in……..


  1. Even if the Thai authorities aren't interested in doing anything about it, shouldn't the British ones be?

    At the very least, they should warn their citizens about procuring services from this man.

  2. Er,no. In days gone by the word would go out únnofficially 'f..off!'or you may be facing problems with the mission. Of course that was non pc.
    There is SOCA but as it is being disbanded and in any case officers cannot talk to a cockroach without multiple form filling, it wont happen.
    Besides they are looking at the 'big picture' 🙂

  3. I once called someone 'very intelligent' and have never lived it down. Who is the Judge to judge? But this Goldie bloke doesn't strike me as a Lex Luther. If he's so clever why did he get caught? In the Postscript you refer to him as Gaudie – is this to do with his dress sense in which case surely you'd see him coming? Or is he the bloke that built the cathedral in which case I take it all back – he's a bloody genius.

  4. Seems to me Andrew that the law firm could be in trouble too, As he was representing them while conducting this scam,It's just the same as when immigration say to the falang well you should have known.
    This law firm should have checked his credentials before allowing him to conduct business on there behalf

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