Angry condo owners in Pattaya have fired Brian Goudie, their phoney barrister, after a three year battle with a British developer and seemingly their ‘lawyer’ too.

But Goudie, who also falsely claims to have been a Captain of the Royal Marines in Iraq, is quids in. He has pocketed the 400,000 baht developer Gordon Gillen paid over to Goudie’s ramshackle legal company Alba Laws which should have been returned to his remaining clients,  and of course all their fees have entered the elephant’s mouth like the proverbial sugar cane..

At a conservative estimate he has made some £25,000. Not a bad return for a former bank clerk posing as a lawyer. But he won’t get his 20 per cent success fee!

For that however he has had to do a little work recently. Following the departure of his last remaining real lawyer, who at one time was grateful for the poorly paid work (Goudi charges 50,000 baht a day if he can get away with it – about 5000 goes to the actual lawyer) he has been turned up at court himself to represent his clients.

Gordon Gillen

Meanwhile Gordon Gillen, who has been unable to fulfil a court order to him to pay cash back to three remaining litigants over a year period, has said he is now in a position to give them completed units in Jomtien Park, together with chanotes (title deeds).

The three buyers, two Britons and a German, have yet to say whether the offer is suitable. This maybe because they have not been able to study it, says Gillen. But the units will certainly not be the ones they put 50 per cent deposits down on. They were sold a long time ago.

“These are the last three of 20 people I have settled with,” claimed Mr. Gillen.

“Mr. Goudie had as far as I can tell instructed them not to talk to my lawyers about any offers. So I do not think they are fully aware of what is on the table. I do not think it was to Mr. Goudie’s advantage for them to come to the table.”

New financing has been put in place he says too in a second development, Suwan Sawarn.

While it is early days to see if troubles at Jomtien Park and Suan Sawarn are coming to an end, Gillen says his seemingly overstretched projects have had a recent infusion.

The story about Jomtien Park was billed by Goudie on a blogspot site he operates with American Drew Noyes, as the story ‘Andrew Drummond didn’t write’.

Jomtien Park – but at least its been built not like the Bang Kao Bay resort on Koh Samui

There is no significance to this but of course I have been watching developments there for some time and indeed have communicated with both sides in the dispute.

The story has never quite fitted into the category of deliberate fraud or at least I did not have the information to make such a claim, at least not until now. (Of course there have been major management issues.)  Now the fraud relates to Goudie.

First payment to Ala Laws

Goudie took deposits of 100,000 baht each from seven buyers, who never got their condos at Jomtien Park, and another 130,000 baht from the last three of the seven towards an asset seizure case. Then of course there is the 400,000 baht that Gillen paid back to Alba Laws.

Four of the seven clients later pulled out. Now the last three have cut their ties.

They did not know of Goudie’s background until they read it here. Having invested so much money in Goudie they were intially reluctant to pull out. Now it seems they do not want more good money to follow the bad money.

Second payment to Alba Laws

This possibly may be a story he will not be writing about himself.

Drew Noyes-additional

If Goudie repays the money – I will be happy to withdraw my claim of fraud. But as you can see these payments were made LAST YEAR.  If he takes a leaf out of Drew Noyes’ book he will put that down to ‘additional fees’.

But I will not of course remove the accusation that he is a phoney lawyer and was taking money under false pretences in the first place.

So forget about the above.

And I cannot get out of my mind the words of Christina Spence, an Australian girlfriend of Goudie, formerly known as Brian Goldie. She told the Australian Appeals Tribunal that he told her: ‘ Honest people are stupid’.

The AAT ruled that Goudie/Goldie was not a person of good character, and duly refused his appeal to stay in Australia. His convictions for fraud in Australia under the name Goldie rather helped him on his way.

A strange encounter
The following conversation or encounter as witnessed and written by Brian Goudie just did not happen. Of course Goudie hides behind anonymity on his andrew-drummond-watch-blogspot spot so Mr. Gillen would have trouble taking the matter further.

The investor if he were angry would have been angry, I suspect,  because he spent another wasted day at court, but he was quite polite to me.

No longer any in house staff. The only permanent office is the Jaggy Thistle pub in Pattaya. For
details of Goudie’s capabilities read the judges comments after his trial for fraud at Perth District
Court Q.A.

Actually the very short conversation went more like this:

Is Goudie representing you? Good God!  Haven’t you Googled him?
Answer: Yes.
Interruption from Goudie: You should Google Andrew Drummond!
AD: Good luck!


    1. Yes. Forgot to mention. That was the case Goudie said a warrant would be issued for my arrest if I did not turn up. I did not turn up. No arrest warrant issued. We have postponed the case to September 9th so we can have all three (identical cases)rejected together.

    2. After I took the mickey Goudie has however realised his original complaints were deeply flawed and submitted revised versions which I will look at tomorrow

  1. I'm assuming that Mr. Gillen will be informing the courts as to what steps he's taken to fulfill the court order so the court will inquire into what Alba Law and it's representatives have done with the compensation.

    Any word on when your documentary about the Three Conmen of Pattaya will premier?

  2. Has Brian been as prompt in reporting this news on his website? I've forgotten the site name and can't find it in google. "Case Watch Fake" doesn't seem to be a registered site anymore.

  3. Revoicing Thai v/o at PRD at the moment. Normally we lay track to pictures – at the moment we are laying track to timings – a lot more complicated particularly when Thai translation of English commentaryu is a lot longer.

  4. I'm amazed…..Why does GOLDIE keep setting himself up? Now he's in the spotlight for fraud over this case….
    The net is closing GOLDIE…..Like a good Marine (but you're not)….I hope you've got an "exit strategy".

  5. He has a secret strategy. Might have something to do with him demanding an investigation from the Australian authorities as to why a government document – Goldie/Goudie's release from jail report – was leaked to the media. The document is a little bit irrelevant in the general scheme of things. If I were the 3 condo owners I'd put in a criminal and civil charges right away, get a court order on his shares in the Jaggy Thistle. He has to return the cash. I'd also complain they he was a flight suspect risk.

  6. By doing that isn't he admitting he was GOLDIE and now shouldn't even be in Thailand due to a serious criminal conviction and imprisonment in a foreign country?
    Dam, he'll be claiming "political asylum" next…..
    May be the condo owners need some guidance from a "friendly Bangkok based British journalist"?

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