Drew Noyes – currently on bail appealing a two year sentence for extortion in Thailand – has put up a video essentially announcing he is sponsoring his ex-wife Nittaya Chaisit to fly to the United States to look after his four children by her.

Noyes with illiterate Nittaya

Nittaya announces that they are still good friends despite the divorce and apparently Nittaya needs to look after the kids while he returns to Thailand to continue his business to support his children.

His business of course includes an extensive career of cheating foreigners in Thailand – and of course his conviction was for trying to extort the Jomtien Clinic out of 7 million Thai baht.

So why Nittaya and not Kung or Naam who have actually been looking after Noyes’ children by Nittaya for the last four years?

Noyes managed to persuade the Pattaya Courts to give him custody of the children – and has kept Nittaya alive with a small monthly stipend.  She blew the divorce settlement, which included a house quite some time ago.

Nittaya has of course been to the United States – but Noyes ensured not long enough for her to get a green card or citizenship – hence her visa application now. In fact Noyes was adamant that she would not be an anchor around his neck.

I’m guessing the video is to impress people at the Homeland Security and American’s Border Force.

About a year ago some wag put the following illustration of Drew Noyes’ wives on the net.

Actually Nittaya, who cannot read or write English, or Thai for that matter, was, when I last looked, the proud owner of land and houses in North Carolina. Noyes had put it in her name to avoid paying tax. But he also got her to sign a Power of Attorney over to him – so the winner takes all and the winner is always Drew.

Kung – not married – not going. Convicted
of exortion

So why else does he not ask Kung (Wanrapa Boonsu) who was also sentenced to two years for aiding and abetting his abortion business?  She kicked him out of his bed years ago and will not go without her own three children she has by Noyes. But he has announced he is taking her children.

Or why not Naam who has also been so the US with him (as nanny) at a time he rejected complaints by Nittaya and Kung

Another problem is that Nittaya was the only one he actually married and the two others have received convictions for carrying out his instructions.

Noyes is of course indicating by this video that he will be acquitted on appeal of all charges, something he has boasted privately many times and which his colleague Brian Goudie – now serving three years – also repeats.

So good to him are the Pattaya Courts that Drew Noyes has also been given custody of another child which he fathered while the woman worked at his ‘Pappa’ and One Stop Service Center’ offices below Keha Condominium in Jomtien, Pattaya.

This child is being looked after by Wanrapa.

It’s a mess of course.

Namm – not married – not coming – and convicted of  Drew Noyes’ internet libels

The mother of that child Anchalee is demanding her daughter back claimg not surprisingly Kung and Drew are crooks – and, as they never married, lawyers are perplexed by the court decision.

Needless to say Anchalee now married to a former British army officer and living in Pattaya is fighting back.

Ordinarily Noyes I’m guessing would have used Brian Wright the godfather of one of his childen by Nittaya to prepare the visa documents.

They used to go trawling for young women together in Jomtien.

However Brian Wright, whose company ‘My Thai fiancee’ – US Immigration and Law, has since been sentenced to a term of imprisonment for child sexual abuse.

COMMENT: Nittaya should make sure Noyes stumps up first by producing some of his ill-gotten gains.  Otherwise in Tennessee she will be living the life of a Mexican maid and putting a US citizen out of work. Leaving her alone in the United States guaranteeing her income?  From what?


    1. Noyes has enough offspring from various random and willing Roi Et bar girls to tell all his progeny that he loves them – and did ALL of his crimes, sexual assaults,fraud, etc. because of them!, For them and them only – for their financial future – not his. Some will be on board with that – not their fault – he bred them.

      Oh, and of course for his wives. He's a right gravy train – and a "master" manipulator.

      And like Bernie Madoff said from his jail cell – "F–k my victims!" Noyes shares the same "philosophy" in spades.

      That's why people want to see him suffer a little, and it hasn't happened to date.

  1. If Noyes wasn't such a criminal-loser Cassanova would be rolling over in his grave.

    Meanwhile Noyes keeps digging his, and his deluded concubine follows dutifully behind.

  2. I think it may be 14th of this month – but definitely if not then on Oct 22 when the result of his appeal will be read. If he has not 'sorted it' as has been claimed then he will not turn up for that – and after another month the appeal will be read out in his absence

  3. Noyes wasn't exaggerating for once on his Facebook page when his relationship status is "it's complicated"….. More like a train wreck though with lots of young victims..

  4. We've noticed something a little sinister with FB.
    Ally was telling me that Noyse has started a cyber hate campaing against him on FB. Noyse has accused him as commenting under the names of Sally Wed, Peado Noyse and Spew Noyse. Ally, I know only posts facts with evidence under his own name.
    Noyse has accused Ally of abusing his youngest daughter, being arrested, losing his security clearence (James Bond possibly) and his One Shop Shit Stop is working with Allys employers to determine if hes using company supplied equipment to abuse Noyse. Of course its utter rubbush, libel, intimidation and cyber bullying. Due to this Allys lawyer has initiated 5 more computer crimes against Noyse should he return.
    Howevere…..Facebook refuse to remove these posts and photos….even though they breach their own regulations and guidelines. Ally posted about Noyse, the posts were removed with warnings.
    Whats also quite puzzeling is how Noyse can acheive 8 likes in 12 hours…..Ally posts on Noyse page, within 12 hours Noyse has 3012 likes and then only 1 further like in 3 days. Mmmmmmm.
    I have to ask……who in Facebook is activly supporting Drew Noyse?

    1. Facebook does not actively support people who use Facebook. Mr Noyes is entitled to report comments to posts that he doesn't like. And Mr Noyes can restrict comments to those within his Friends. It is possible that Mr Noyes has settings that make his Facebook page open to the public–something that most savvy digital users would not do. And with the reputation and criminal activities that Mr Noyes has been involved with, he's probably careless to make his life so public. However, it's quite probable that he doesn't really understand this.

      Regarding "Likes", it is quite possible to generate followers and "free" likes through various online tools. Usually the names are often quite silly or written in Cryllic.

  5. Seems like the Ally Vs Drew thing has taken on a life of its own…. Amusing for spectators but not sure it's in Ally's best interests…..

    1. Tim….
      Who knows. What we all know is that Noyse has libeled countless innocent individuals this way.
      With his actions on FB recently Noyse has left him self open to over a dozen criminal libel cases….all waiting for him should he "man up" and return for his hearing by the 22nd.

  6. Re; Seems like Ally vs Drew thing has taken on a life of its own …

    and most probably will come to an abrupt end when Drew Noyes fails to return to Thailand next month. Only the courts in Thailand will give Drew the time of day. Read Drew's last post regarding Ally and of the 10 related comments, eight were posted by himself! The other 2 comments were from one FB member. His comment that he has over million and half views on Google plus doesn't add up when all he could muster up was 2 dubious comments from one member.

    1. I don't believe it for a moment.

      My guess is the bloated one will let his partner in crime face the court alone. If she is sent to the cages, he'll come up with an excuse to back track on all he's been saying about doing the right thing and loyalty.

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