A Thai court today ordered the arrest of a Scotsman posing
as a lawyer in Thailand who allegedly cheated an American woman out of over £180,000
for his fake services.

The order was made after Brian Goudie, 47, from Falkirk,
failed to turn up at the Provincial Court in Pattaya, to submit himself for
trial and pay bail.
Goudie, who also allegedly claimed he was a former officer
in the Royal Marines, who had been injured in action, was charged with cheating
an American woman, Barbara Fannelli Miller, aged 75, from Madison, Wisconsin,
out of the cash claiming he would get her son Gregory Miller, 46, discharged
from child sexual abuse offences.
In the evidence is a videotape on which he is heard saying:
‘Perverts. I am making so much money (from them)  It’s like there is no tomorrow.”
Pattaya is a destination of choice for a number of gay
paedophiles.  Mrs Miller’s son Gregory
Miller had obtained a job teaching at an international school near Pattaya when
a court heard he paid for sex with underaged boys.
Goudie set up a law office called Alba Laws with a Thai
girlfriend Sukanya Worakam,30, a former girlfriend. An arrest warrant has also
been issued for her.
Under the name he was born with Brian Goldie, he was jailed for
six years in 2000 for stealing over AUS$400,000 from his employers a West
Australia mining company at Perth District Court.
Deputy Judge S.A. Forgie of the Australian Appeals Tribunal
to whom he had appealed to stay in Australia, rejected his appeal describing
him as ‘not a person of honest character’.
Goudie also has to surrender to the Pattaya Court on
February 18th to face more charges of taking pecuniary advantage
claiming he was a barrister with a law degree from Edinburgh University, who
frequently had to return to the UK to defend clients not only at the High Court
in Edinburgh but also at the High Court in London and the Old Bailey, and that
he was a Captain in the Royal Marines who had served and been injured in Iraq.

A statement from Edinburgh University said no such person
had acquired a law degree there.



  1. Well, well, well Bam Pot….what a difference a few months make. As they say…”revenge is a dish best served cold” or as the Weapon likes to say “KAMA”! Me, I’m just very, very patient. You’ve actually done this to yourself through greed, arrogance stupidity and narcissism.
    Remember back on the 3rd November when you famously imploded and threatened me? What did you write on Facebook….Ah………I have court on the 25th November where, “If he doesn’t front (?) we will just get an arrest warrant and go and get him….Wee nyaff s***ebag a***hole” Then you went on to mention the great loser Noise and you’re wannabee gangster racketeer pal Hanks and other “notable” individuals….I thinking the “notable” was a certain infamous individual who lives on Koh Samui and you even mentioned him by name, only to remove the post an hour later…why Bam Pot…..did you over step your authority? I think you called your selves the “Martini Crew…any time any place anywhere” was the quote. You also went on to mention your GPS coordinates several times… Brian…do us all a favour, can you re post your GPS position please because the cops need your location to “come and round you up” and send you to the “BIG HOUSE” for defying the courts instructions, failing to attend and pay bail.
    Now this is KAMA! Enjoy prison!

  2. Goudie, for the rest of your life, until the day you die, you'll be looking over your shoulder, wondering if the law has caught up to you. You'll be worrying every time you see a uniform, see a stranger's face or hear a knock on your door because you know people are not going to stop trying to find you to bring you to justice for what you've done.

    Sleep well and remember that what comes around generally gets stuck in your ass.

  3. why should he sleep well ? how could he with that thing stuck up his ass? this is just the beginning,
    the most delightful moment for those who created the energy to have such scum wiped out of sight.
    What about issuing an e- "Wanted" placard like those in the western movies with a prize of a freebie night at our beloved walking street where the fake barrister will never walk again, next in the conlist is the "master crook" Drew Walter Noyes, I bet he will not abscond, Phillipines is not safe plus leaving behind so many families and properties will be a very hard choice to make, the other aspect is that to travel without a valid and legitimate passport is not possible for such a well known face. Judges from now on will be more strict in allowing bail for VNP's, ( very notorious persons)…
    Can you feel it coming Drew???

    1. Ivan, while I appreciate you have a special bit of malice reserved for Drew, I advise some perspective. In the grand scheme of things (i.e. restricting international travel) Drew is not even a minnow in a vast ocean of big fish. He's not (so far as I know) supported Al Quaeda, trafficked massive amounts of narcotics, disrupted state government or failed to vote for his favorite performer on America's Got Talent. He doesn't rate when it comes to travel restriction.

      With that being said, his list of options of where to run (and his options for maintaining a high stand of living) are constrained. He's not a man with no options, but he may have to make the best choice out of a bad bunch. Perhaps given his experience advising royalty and his penchant for the leather daddy look he can get a gig helping the King of Cambodia sort out the gay rights situation there.

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