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Visitors to Thailand who need legal help might do well to avoid companies called Alba Laws, One-Stop-Services, and PAPPA Co Ltd.

Never mind that the structures of these companies are a bit dodgy, if you get involved in a dispute with their bosses, Brian Goudie aka Goldie, Drew Walter Noyes, and their ‘gopher’ David Hanks, you might get accused of being anything from being a murderer to a paedophile on the internet.

So there is something rather droll about recent attempts by Hanks and Goudie to sue Google claiming the ‘right to be forgotten’.

Goudie’s case was dismissed by Bangkok Criminal Court and if Google execs ever got to hear about it they would be laughing their socks off.  Now they are trying to sue in Koh Samui using Hanks name. Hanks a former brothel owner in Melbourne is on bail at the moment for racketeering in Pattaya – lending money to Russians at 60 per cent per month.

Here follow a few samples of the accusations, internet blogs, put up by these guests of Thailand and how nasty they get.


Scott Palinkas was a friend of Drew Noyes, or so he thought, who paid one million baht for shares in the Pattaya Times.

For that he got a Drew Noyes arranged work permit, a Pattaya Times press card and a Pattaya Times jacket.

When he realised that the newspaper was a sham – and was not going to national, he complained. Drew Noyes went on the next saying he was wanted for murder in the Mexico.  Palinkas, a native American, now has a retirement visa. He is not wanted for murder in Mexico.


Andre Machielsen, was also a friend of Noyes at the Pattaya City Expats Club until he found out the truth. He had initially supported Noyes.

As a result of changing sides Noyes started publishing stories saying Machielsen, a seasonal father Christmas, was a convicted druggie. There were no truth in the allegations.


When he felt out with rival newspaper owner Niels Colov of the Pattaya People Noyes went public saying Colov was a wife beater and former Copenhagen gangster.

These allegations have now been removed and Noyes made an out of court settlement with Colov on another matter. They are now allies.

The gangster allegations were however true. Colov the leader of the Pattaya Police Volunteers was in his younger days jailed for pimping and a few other things when he ran with the crowd in Vesterbro, a former red light district in Copenhagen.. He is now rehabilitated of course.


Ivan Schiffer was a former ‘journalist’ on the Pattaya Times. When he warned an American businessman not to go into business with Noyes, or invest any cash with him, Noyes went ballistic.

In his own newspaper the Pattaya Times across half a page he exposed his former reporter as a man with drugs  convictions who was running an illicit oil therapy business.

Schiffer was reported to Immigration for overstay and deported to Brazil. He is now back running his legitimate oil therapy business in Thailand.


Scott Gold, wrote the original expose of Drew Noyes for the Wilmington Morning Star, which exposed Noyes as a man of myriad lies pursued by lawyers, who was involved in dodgy share and property deals, and who had demanded oral sex from a female employee or he would cut her hours.  After first of all claiming the newspaper article was an April Fool’s Day joke (It was published on April 1 1995) Noyes changed tack claiming Scott had been fired for corrupt practices.  Scott was of course not fired and is now a senior writer on the Los Angeles Times. Noyes did not sue.


When Drew Noyes fell out with Thor Halland, another former member of the Pattaya City Expats Club he put up a story claiming that Halland was a former psychiatric patient who was wanted by police. ‘Wanted by police’ is a recurring theme of Drew Noyes.


When Theo van der schaaf took a civil case against this Dutchman, one of the producers of a cartton rabbit television series called ‘Miffy’ – Drew Noyes went on the net and said he was the owner of a sex movie theatre in Amsterdam.


Andrew Drummond, is the author of this site. Drew Noyes reserves special attention for this journalist, who according to various blogs is ‘a convicted criminal’, has invented a journalism award, used to tap phones for the News of the World, is an alcoholic, etc. etc.

This is of course because Noyes activities are spotlighted here.

Apparently during Drummond’s sentencing his Thai colleague burst into tears and he was led off to be fingerprinted, cuffed and locked up.

Drummond is unaware of all this.

He also falsely claimed Drummond takes cash for for stories from people other than newspapers or media outlets.

There are numerous anonymous blogs and google pages put up in the name of Andrew Drummond on the net. Brian Goudie also attacks using anonymous blogspot sites such as casewatchasia, andrew-drummond-watch etc and would you believe paedophilewatch.

Ironically Goudie is actually an ex-con having been sentenced to six years in Australia for stealing some A$400,000 from a West Australia mining company


Officer Trumbower on the case!

Alastair Cooper works in an oil field somewhere off Vietnam. He is a supporter of Andrew Drummond and has contributed posts critical of Brian Goudie, David Hanks and Drew Noyes.

As a result posts were put on the internet on and on Facebook saying that Cooper was a drugs dealer and being investigated for plotting to kill Hilary Clinton.

The story was farcically accompanied by a picture of Hanks’ brother in law, officer Jason Trumbower, a University policeman in Florida with Bill Clinton.


Brian Goudie has also led a campaign against his former clients Greg Miller and Ian Tracey. Both were jailed in Pattaya on charges of child sexual abuse. Both trials have been recorded as mistrials and are the circumstances of their arrest and identification are now the subject of investigation.

Goudie however reserves special hate for Nang his former managing director at Jimmy International which he secured from Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy Halliday on his death bed. Pornographic Video which she says was taken on his mobile phone has been put up on the internet. And he has gone on the net to claim she is a prostitute.  Now she is no longer his his MD he is suing he for theft, both in Pattaya, he says, and Koh Samui.



  1. Thanks to help me proof Noyes lying stories about me. Needless to say I never lost my company Master Safety which was the first and foremost Security Company in Pattaya (1988). My track record is impeccable, never took a Baht from anyone. Last year I sold this company as I reached retirement age. I am glad to see you solved this problem the right way.

  2. You missed an accusation D, the old bloated fraud also accused me of being a drugs dealer, user (there's a pattern developing), I was going to be rounded up, urine tested, then I presume arrested…..Bizarrely in a place called "Tops"……what is "Tops"?

  3. Who do you think Drew has lied the most about?

    Himself and his own background and accomplishments or those that Drew has perceived are his enemies?

    The guy lies about himself on a daily basis to con people into using his "services" I would imagine, its no problem to assume he'd stoop to lie about others.

  4. A couple of years back there was a troll on the various discussion forums who was libeling me extensively regarding raising funds under false pretenses, etc. regarding a horse rescue.
    I wonder……

    A recent email from Mr Noyes, responding to my statement I support Mr Drummond, was threatening " We now have you under investigation…." seems more evidence the man can be be a bit more than just a nuisance.

    1. There is one thing you need to take into account with these people. I call it the 'over-compensation' factor. People will often 'over-compensate' for their insecurities by exaggerating the opposite behaviour.

      In Noyes's case he is clearly a nobody of importance, has no real talent and has been a fraud and phoney all his life. He has absolutely no charisma and is like a stalker in turning up at events where he is not wanted or needed.

      A nobody trying so hard to be a somebody. Both him and Brian think they are clever and devious but the reality is they get caught out and exposed nearly every time they commit or attempt one of their scams.

      Then we have their transient lifestyles, inability to do an honest days work and the inability to have lasting and meaningful relationships with females.

      Both have been accused of abusing females. Brian's last relationship was with a teenager, a girl nearly 30 years younger. This shows just how emotionally immature he must be. He was actually dumped by a teenager!

      He will try to use women in his nefarious schemes but then turns on them and becomes bitter and vindictive towards them.

      Both of them have fake blogs where they post their lies and poisonous false accusations. Hanks reveals what an odorous skunk he is just by associating with these bottom feeders. From brothel keeper to failed loan shark to being Brian's wazzle. Talk about back-sliding.

      In jail every hard crim has his 'wazzle' who cleans the cell, makes the tea and coffee and runs the errands. Hank's is close to 20 years older than Brian. Most 'wazzles' are usually young dumb crims who idolize the older villains and sit around listening to their bullshit stories all day.

      Hanks has his 'underbelly' stories he probably picked up in the book or TV show. How pathetic.

  5. Noyes is at this moment at google's headquarters US. He got all the info about the posters here.
    That guy is such a looser, it's beyond imagination.

    1. Seems like he was there with a high-powered delegation including phuket newspaper tycoon Jan Jansen and George thaivisa along with his daughters.

      Maybe he will find time to squeeze in a visit to zuckerberg ay Facebook.

  6. Yes that's correct……according to his G+ site he now has all the details supplied by a friend at Google…..oh wait a minute…..So Google are leaving them selves open to huge court actions foolishly publicised by Noise on his personal blab page. I ask you….what sort of organisation would divulge any information to a bloated old fraudster with well publicised on going legal cases, serious cases such as attempted extortion, against them ….I would imagine they didn't even let them through the security barrier at the main gates……Noise………you're in need of immediate psychiatric help………So with this admission from the old bloated fraud I'm starting to prepare my legal case against Google for breaching the relevant data protection acts……..
    Lions led by a donkey.

  7. And here's the funny thing Ally….Drew will probably come back to Thailand to continue his extortion trial, not even believing he could possibly be found guilty.

    If I'm not mistaken, as these charges were brought by the police, so that means Drew CAN'T buy his way out of a guilty sentence.

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