A Thai English language newspaper deliberately falsified news to spite a British journalist who was hot on the trial of its directors and investigating complaints against them in Thailand, a court heard today.

On the front page of their website they printed that British investigative journalist Andrew Drummond, had had his PRD press accreditation in Thailand withdrawn and that he was being pursued by the Department of Special Investigations,  the Crime Suppression  Division and Immigration police.

None of it was true said Andrew Drummond.  What happened was that Wanrapa Boonsu had written a malicious letter in Thai to various government departments. As a result, one of the departments, the PRD, actually said they were removing him from its mailing list of accredited journalists.

At no time was his press card withdrawn. This would have been a matter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Very quickly officials at the PRD realized their mistake (In fact Drummond was contacted by the PRD before even reading the Pattaya Times to say he should not be concerned) and later after being given access to Drummond’s files they sent both him and the Pattaya Times a letter saying they had acted hastily and Drummond had been immediately re-instated. It was not their wish to curtail the freedom of the media.

A typical Pattaya Times story about

Drummond, who is accredited to the London Evening Standard in Thailand is suing the Pattaya Times Media Corporation, Wanrapa Boonsu, and American Drew Walter Noyes for libel under the criminal libel laws and computer crime act.

Asked what was their reason for the attack on him he replied: ‘It’s because I am on their case. I have investigated many complaints against them and had recently reported on their arrest in Pattaya for extortion. They had tried to blackmail a local clinic out of 7 million baht on pain of bad publicity in their newspaper and to stop a police raid on their premises according to a police press conference”.

Andrew Drummond said his first role as a journalist was to cover major news events in the region.  His second role was a crime journalist specializing in transnational crime in the region.

Stories in the Pattaya Times and on the website about him were malicious and totally fictitious. The Government Public Relations Department had sent the defendants a letter stating that Andrew Drummond was indeed fully accredited. Further they had erred in not hearing his side. The defendants had however refused to publish a correction and to this day still carry the original story as their lead.

“Their stories could be read in Thailand and all around the world. People who knew me of course knew the stories were all lies. But stating the Thai government had withdrawn my press accreditation would have caused people to think I had done something wrong.”

He was he said an award winning journalist with a good track record and reputation but people who read the story on the net who did not know him would think the opposite.

‘As a journalist my reputation is very important. People need to trust me.  People who read this stuff would of course think I was a bad person,” he told Bangkok Criminal Court.

Pattaya Times attempts to discredit Andrew Drummond and the owner of the Thonglor Clinic whom Boonsu
and Noyes are charged with attempting to blackmail

The lawyer for Drew Noyes had asked for an adjournment.  She had, she claimed, only received the writ this morning. The adjournment was refused. But as she was unprepared the court would allow her to cross examine on January 24th.

Outside the court the lawyer for the defendants said Wanrapa Boonsu could come to separate terms. She was told it was much too late for that.

Andrew Drummond was beginning retaliatory action having successfully defended eight libel suits brought against him by Wanrapa, Boonsu, Drew Noyes, and David Hanks.  Further actions against Goudie, Noyes and Hanks are expected next week.

Comment: The Pattaya Times no longer prints. Its website remains stagnant.


  1. When is Noyes next court date for the Beauty Clinic Extortion?
    And the fraud case where he "allegedly" stole the Thai ex wifes 2.5 million baht divorce settlement? I can understand Wanrapa not feeling any guilt about ripping off foreigners, but to rip off fellow countrymen/women really shows her class.
    Any news/dates on the les majeste case?
    And the bogus share case in America?
    And the child rape case?

  2. Still waiting to see what happened to the Brian Wright case. The result hs not come back which is 'concerning'. The Bogus share case is judged already. DN's company ordered to pay US$72000 but that is in state of Nevada. No lese majeste case as far as I know
    'l'll need to check on the 2.5 million – last I heard the lawyers were expected to be calling for bail for Noyes this month – the clinic adjourned for Noyes star witness – David Hanks. I'll put the dates up soon.

  3. There are so many cases going on it is hard to keep up. I'm glad Andrew has counter-sued but if true to form, these reprobates will flee if things get too bad. I would be using Goldie's past to get his passport held as he's fled charges before. If enough pressure is put on Noyes's ex, I suspect she'll fold like a lawn chair. It would be nice to flip her to use against Noyes but I gather there is enough evidence to hang them both. Noyes must have made some big scores to keep all his ex's happy and still pay his bills and daily upkeep.Even if they run, at least they won't be able to show their faces in Thailand again.

  4. "Outside the court the lawyer for the defendants said Wanrapa Boonsu could come to separate terms. She was told it was much too late for that."

    It seems she doesn't want to stand by her man. I hope she will seek to gain separate terms in her extortion case if the opportunity presents itself. I'm confident her insight into Noisy's activities would be eye opening to both the courts and the police.

  5. " Time is the father of truth", where could he run to ??? back home ??? that would still be not so secure, leave all his families behind ???, all his properties ??? all the mess ??? no one will miss him, no friends will be left behind, as far as I know there is only one, as far as I understand the one was cheated before by him in the Tops Supermarket deal when Drew lied to him that 90% of the boots had been rented out when the truth was that not even 1 had been rented the only ones occupied were by his own "Travel Agency", the other "Real Estate Agency", that was it, his only customer had set up a souvenir booth which a couple of months later was only losing money and soon before finishing the contract was closed.
    Drew keeps sending me SMS in disguise without a reply number that I should be running as Police is looking for me, I tell you Drew Walter Noyes, you are the Criminal here in Thailand, also the worst kind of Criminal, you come as a guest to a welcoming country to abuse the laws. you cheat people you befriend, you are immoral, you lie to everyone, you steal from your customers, you claim high level friends and those people do not even know who you are, those who know you already learned that you are a crook. You cheated on everyone of your wives, you put your children to be ashamed of the father they have, you have been expelled of every Club or Association where foreigners and expats congregate, all your initiatives have failed, Optimists Club, Pattaya Times Newspaper and Pappa, all you amassed were court cases for Criminal and Libel activities, you are an undesirable person in this society, when are you going to realize that you are done and finished ?? The only thing that amazes me is how can any reasonably sane person who has done so much harm to everyone have the "face" to remain put and still want to claim any kind of innocence when all acts were flagrant and disclosed.
    You should look daily in the mirror, try to make eye contact with yourself I am sure you will lower your eyes, now try to make eye contact with anyone who knows you in Thailand, you will not get a chance… I guarantee you, do not send your silly SMS's to me, I have nothing to be afraid of…
    The time is near, the Judges must be absolutely aware of the person they will be judging, It will be an important day when everyone learns that you are gone….

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