“We had an Army Colonel recording the panel yesterday. I will meet him today to discuss legal action. Three other Thais also witnessed the lies and false accusations the FCCT sponsored to defame me. Every person from FCCT should call me quickly.”

Drew Noyes – ‘the most credible, friendly, reassuring professional businessman to make Thailand his home’

Phony lawyer Drew Walter Noyes has threatened to sue the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand after a British journalist held an event there, He claims he has an Army Colonel and three other Thai witnesses to back his case.

British journalist Andrew Drummond called the conference to explain to the Thai press how foreigners in Thailand with completely false resumés were setting up businesses to cheat other people. Then when they were accused of their crimes they resorted to the Computer Crime Act libel laws to drive the foreigners out of the country.

Brian Goldie, now Goudie

Drummond named Scot #BrianGoudie, also known as #BrianGoldie, #David Hanks, a UK and British passport holder and #DrewWalterNoyes, an American passport holder as one of the gangs. He had decided to take them on and was winning his cases but at great personal expense.

Drew Walter Noyes was exposed in the American press long before coming to Thailand. The Morning Star in Wilmington North Carolina described him as a man of ‘myriad lies’ and detailed his dodgy property and share transactions and a case of sexual harassment.

  Noyes had given several replies to that accusation. One was that the reporter Scott Gold had been fired.  The second was that he had sued and won. The third was that it was the newspaper’s April Fools Day joke.

Said Drummond (author of this site) “None of his claims stood up. The story is still up and Scott Gold has moved on and upwards to the LA Times. As for the threatened court action against the FCCT – well he should sue me. He has never sued me for these allegations before.”

Drew Walter Noyes, from Irvine, California, is currently on trial for extortion at Pattaya Provincial Court with his common law wife wife Wanrapa Boonsu. It is claimed that while publishers of the now defunct Pattaya Times newspaper they they demanded 7 million baht, later reduced to 2.3 million baht, to stop a raid on the premises by police where illegal materials would be found, and the matter would be reported in the newspaper.

Brian Goudie, was jailed for six years in Australia for stealing approximately A$400,000 from his employer – a Perth mining company. He resurfaced in Thailand where he falsely claimed to be an officer in the Royal Marines and a British barrister.  He is now the subject of a documentary ‘Brian Goldie – swindler Scot’ in an international television series and is on trial and 400,000 baht bail for posing as a barrister and cheating a 76-year-old woman out of 7.9 million baht.

David Hanks

David John Hanks, from Girvan, Scotland, was the former licence holder for ‘Masquerades’ brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne. He is on bail in Pattaya after the Department of Special Investigations looked into a money lending racket in Pattaya in which Russians where charged 60 per cent per month and were allegedly beaten upon non payment.

The press conference was a private function and Andrew Drummond paid for the rent of the premises.

Here follows Drew Noyes latest threat


“It is going to be very difficult for the FCCT to deny sponsoring the Andrew Drummond meeting organized and held to defame me wrongly at FCCT yesterday. This photo is all over the internet.
We had an Army Colonel recording the panel yesterday. I will meet him today to discuss legal action. Three other Thais also witnessed the lies and false accusations the FCCT sponsored to defame me.
Every person from FCCT should call me quickly. My number is 0841117999.

I have never been convicted of any crime. I am not Mafia as Drummond claims. I did not commit share fraud. I did not sexually harrass anyone. I am not a fake lawyer as Kanokrat Booth alleges.
You people have a big problem. Every person on the FCCT Board and in management may call me to explain and appologize. (sic) I take this quite seriously and will take all legal action available to me. My witnesses are solid Thai citizens and ranking Army personnel.

Anyone who does not want to be named in this action should call me to explain why they should be omitted.”

#Drew Noyes

Legal Note: A judgment at San Jose court was issued against Drew Noyes, and his New England Trading Company in March 2012 for US$72,000 in favour of Tom Flanagan, of San Jose, California for selling duff shares.
#DrewNoyes had also sold shares in the Pattaya Times which was never properly capitalised and crashed. One native American indian paid 1 million baht for his shares. All he got was a Pattaya Times jacket and a press card. Drew Noyes claimed to have been a lawyer and was also claiming that this week to threaten the publisher of a website eTurbonews. Below is one of Noyes adverts.  Noyes advertised on and employed Filipinas to work in his so called law and newspaper offices. Two had to be rescued from Thailand by their parents.


  1. Yawn!!! Drew Noyes and his imaginary influential friends are at it again… We've heard it all before Noyes!! You are full of ####!

  2. "You people have a big problem"

    No Drew, you are the one with a very serious problem. You are deluded in thinking you are a 'successful businessman' and 'civic leader' when your really a conman in a cheap suit.

    We've all read your so called resume and it's nothing but a document of utter horseshit. You weren't bought to Thailand by Royal Proclamation like you claim, your not and never were a lawyer or journalist. Your a shameless liar.

    Your pathetic brown-nosing around officials and your juvenile habit of jumping into photos with anybody in a uniform is simply puerile. Just who do you think your bluffing?

    Organize yourself some urgent mental health treatment. You desperately need it.

  3. The old bloated fraud has removed all the dastardly malicious comments about you from his recent Twitter sessions. He must know he's in trouble…….

  4. I'm guessing Drew feels left out and needs to get the same attention that Goudie is getting, thus his tantrum.

    Drew, if you want someone to ring you, feel free to send me an email and I'll happily give you a buzz. I know you must be lonely and feel terrible that Brian and his little buddy Hanks are laughing at you, quite openly now, rather than behind your back.

    Drew, you paid for Brian's lawyer this week and he thanked you by not including you in his Google thing. How does that make you feel? Unwanted, used, lied to and toyed with? Does it make you feel like one of your customers?

    I reckon that this shows there's no truth to the old saying "honour amongst thieves" .

    Now Drew, I'm sure you're feeling left out of the spotlight and thus your letter to the FCCT. Rather than rant like an idiot, why not just take out yet another lawsuit, this time against the FCCT? You could also sue the Monpreeya Towers because the FCCT rents from them and then sue the city of Bangkok because the Monpreeya Tower is located in the city and finally sue the government of Thailand for having the city in its jurisdiction.

    One last note Drew – If you advertise yourself as a lawyer and you're not a lawyer, how else would you describe yourself without using the term "fake lawyer"?

    Impersonating a lawyer, like the boys in the cabaret impersonate girls?
    Stating a certain level of legal expertise when in fact no level exists?
    My personal favorite – Lying outright in order to con potential customers into purchasing your services.

    AD – Is Wanrapa still considered to be Drew's common law wife?

  5. Although I was not able to attend, a good friend of mine reported that he found your presentation to be interesting and intriguing. He did not express envy, however. Not an army colonel, by the way.

  6. With the NCPO trying their best to disassociate themselves from corruption etc.. Does Noyes really think that this sort of behavior is going to do him any favors? He may have some insignificant army personnel in his pocket but it has never been easier to have websites blocked in Thailand, so why are we still reading this site?

  7. There was a plug on Andrew Marshall hyperactive fb page earlier….and now it's been taken down…suspect noyes is responsible…he's nothing if not persistent and I'm sure some FCCT bigwigs would rather a quiet life and would rather you didn't use their venue even with the public disclaimer

    1. I have no problem with the FCCT. I have been a member there longer than most. Bu the foreign press corps has been decimated over the last few years and a lot of the good heavyweights have gone. I am sure they do not have a lot of cash to fight stupid court cases, which is of course what DN is counting on. I am sure they have been inundated with crazy letters from claiming such things as I said he provided his wife provided oral sex services to foreigners in Pattatya – a figment of his imagination.

  8. Drew can make claims to have "never been convicted" etc but AD has pointed out that this is apparently not strictly true and he has been convicted. Also not being convicted is not the same as being innocent, no criminals are convicted until they are.

    As to FCCT "sponsoring" the event, or sponsoring or causing or supporting a libel, any lawyer could probably tell Drew that it was not in writing (i.e. libel) and at best the spoken equivalent (i.e. slander). In any case the FCCT has done no more than hire a space and Drew will have his work cut out on that one.

    [Note to Drew: Get a real lawyer to help you with your threats.]

  9. Actually Drew Noyes has never sued over the substantive things I said about him – fake lawyer etc – fake paper – fake bio – cases in the US -, ripping off of foreigners etc. So far its all been about a photo shopped picture of him published on another site in and published in a story saying he was suing another site. I encourage him to sue over the film 'Influential People and Men in Suits' but he has not.

    1. Now to another coward who lives off bullying weak women. I do not have any witnesses that will back me up in court. Nor do I have any sworn statements. So I will not name you here, but just refer to you as the plastic pimp.
      Just because I have no evidence to use in a court of law does not mean I do not know what you have done.
      You and you friend who I will call Stephan (again, not his real name} really are the slime of the earth. Confiscating passports, forcing addictive drugs onto your hotties and rape. Preying on the poor and weak but portraying yourself as some sort of tough guy.Then, like the other coward running to the police and trying to use the courts to protect yourself.
      You can not even look yourself in the mirror. Can you? Hence all the work you have had done on your head. You are the lowest of the low lifes pal.

  10. The Three Stooges like to bandy about terms like defamation, libel, illegal searches and the such but the fact is that its only them that consider the writings to be illegal in some manner, as opposed to a judge who actually determines what's against the law.

  11. It seems Brian is now claiming someone has set up fake facebook profiles and he is making this accusation from a fake facebook profile!! Under a facebook profile of Brian Boru

    He is complaining about a facebook profile in the name of Brian Goudie found here.

    Looking at the pages I think the latter is the real Brian. The photos are more true to life. What do others think?

    1. I think it's good Brian has come out of hiding and is now being more honest about himself. I still can't believe what Brian has said about Drew on his facebook account.

    2. I'm lost. There is a Brian Goldie Facebook page where Goldie seems to be saying he is going to put a guy and his kids in a hole.
      There is a Brian Boru Facebook page where he is playing the protective father and is going to hammer the scumbag who he imagines has threatened his daughter, and there is the Brian Goudie Facebook page where he is going to get the scumbag who is doing all those photo-shopped pictures of him. No sign of any wit in the first two thought. For the jokes you have to go to Casewatchasia

  12. Noise has now had the thread about him on pattata addicts taken down… Seems like this is the new place he can't bully/pester into turning a blind eye to his capers

    1. There was one prominent thread running on addicts for the last 2 weeks with 4 or 5 pages of mostly unflattering comments with a few people laughing at the crazy bio noise posted as that was the first they heard of him. That's been removed since I posted a link here a few days ago on another story…(presumably he saw the link here and acted on that).

      There are still some references to him and goldie and your stories…

      Drew likes to sometimes tag the forum owners in his fb posts but pretty sure they removed at the first threat of a lawsuit rather than loyalty to Noise….don't think I'd want to defend that forum and it's content in Thai court!

  13. Hilarious Weapon. It looks like after they've sued Andrew, Ally, Google, The FCCT, Facebook, Photoshop etc etc, they'll be coming after you. Don't hold your breath

  14. Both Drew and Brian have disguised their history to allegedly SWINDLE money from prospective clients, much like the lady boys in Pattaya do in order to make their shows sucksessfull.

    Hopefully at some point we'll hear a diatribe from them espousing the differences between their actions and a bar girl that says "I love you long time".

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