Jack and elder brother with Colonel Werachon Sukondhapatipak and
NCPO legal advisers

The National Council for Peace and Order has stepped into the row over an alleged attack on Bangkok international school former pupil at the Green Mango Club in Koh Samui last month.

Military officers and legal advisors were present last night ‘to ensure that the justice system was transparent’ after a Koh Samui police officer jetted to Bangkok to charge the alleged victim, Australian Jack Hansen-Bartel with assault.

The charges followed the refusal by the court in Koh Samui to return the passports of Raymond Chang and Ryan Wang, both 19, after they were remanded on bail of 120,000 baht each, charged with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and causing grievous bodily harm to Hansen-Bartel on the dance floor of the Green Mango in June.

The two Chinese Americans have just graduated from the Shanghai American School and are due to attend #Cornell and #Purdue Universities in the United States. Jack Hansen-Bartel has just graduated from the New International School of Thailand and has applied for #Monash University in Australia.
Jack’s mother Mrs. Annie Hansen said her son had to undergo expensive reconstruction surgery to his jaw and gums, which would have to continue for another 18 months, and has described the attack as unprovoked.

NCPO officers introducing themselves to Koh Samui police investigator

Now the two Chinese-Americans are claiming they were defending the honour of a Japanese-New Zealand former pupil of an international school in Tokyo.

Jack being fingerprinted

The father Raymond Nobu Chang, a wealthy international executive, who told the Samui Court that he was once tipped by Fortune magazine to be one of the twenty-five Next Generation Global Leaders (wrongly as it turned out), produced witnesses to the alleged assault by Jack.  Raymond Chang junior said as a result of the attack he was in pain for several days.

Annie Hansen said she was dumbfounded by the counter charges and concerned about calls from Raymond Chang’s lawyers in Koh Samui but she said: “I am happy for them to do their worst. I am satisfied that my son is a totally innocent party in this affair and I have the evidence to show this attack was unprovoked.”

Chang and Wang

Jack who rarely goes out, and when he does, does with a face mask, was fingerprinted by the Koh Samui Police officer.  The cases against Raymond Chang and Ryan Wang are due to start on September 28 in Koh Samui and are set to continue well into their first year at Uni.

Colonel Werachon Sukondhapatipak of the NCPO said:

“We are concerned that justice is seen to be transparent. We attended to show that concern and ease the worries of Mrs. Hansen.”

Mrs. Hansen thanked both the NCPO and Koh Samui police for their courtesy.

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  1. "The father Raymond Nobu Chang, a wealthy international executive, who told the Samui Court that he was once tipped by Fortune magazine to be one of the twenty-five Next Generation Global Leaders"

    Just what does this guy do for a job to be be such a legend in his own mind? Maybe he needs to put some of his global vision into teaching his son not to engage in thuggery. As an up and coming global leader I'm sure he wants to see justice prevail. There's going to a lot of us watching this case closely to see if there is any meddling by people with deep pockets and shallow ethics.

    1. Mr. Raymond Nobu Chang Co-Founded Gigamedia Ltd. and has been its Advisor to Chief Executive Officer since December 1, 2003. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LuckyPai Group Limited. Mr. Chang is a Venture Partner at C2 Capital Limited since January 2004. He is an accomplished & seasoned executive with international experience in Greater China, USA, and UK. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of New Focus Auto Tech Holdings Limited from February 1, 2012 to August 11, 2013. He served as the Chief Executive Officer at ResponzeTV PLC from April 30, 2004 to July 31, 2006. He served as the Chief Executive Officer at GigaMedia Ltd. and a Senior Vice President at Hoshin GigaMedia until he became the advisory. He serves as a Special Advisor to Chinatrust Commercial Bank. Mr. Chang served as a Special Advisor at China Unistone Acquisition Corp. He served at Koos Development Corp. as a special assistant to the Chairman and at McKinsey & Company. He served as an Executive Director of New Focus Auto Tech Holdings Ltd from February 1, 2012 to August 11, 2013. Previously, Mr. Chang was the Chairman at LuckyPai Group Limited. He served as Director of ResponzeTV PLC until July 31, 2006. In April 2000, he was voted by Fortune magazine as one of the twenty-five Next Generation Global Leaders under 40. Mr. Chang received an M.B.A. degree from Yale University from 1996 to 1997, a B.A. degree in Economics and Political Science from New York University in 1992. He holds a M.P.P.M in Public Policy from Yale University. He also matriculated at the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University in 1997.

  2. If the NCPO wants to ensure transparency, why don't they show up to Brian Goudie's trial for fraud or better yet, visit the "American Lawyer in Thailand" Drew Noyes' extortion trial.

    Maybe Drew's pocket army general and colonel can explain to the NCPO why they're supporting Drew in his trials. I know I'd like to hear what Drew's Thai Army supporters actually know about his background.

    I wonder what motivated the NCPO to ensure transparency in this case of the RICH kids?

    While I'm happy that people involved in this case are very rich and I'm deeply saddened by the fact the one boy was hurt so badly, but at the end of the day, its a fight amongst rich, drunk uni kids. It's nothing out of the ordinary on Koh Samui and nothing out of the ordinary to the police or the courts as another commentator has mentioned.

    On the other hand, Drew Noyes, David Hanks and Brian Goudie, still haven't had the justice system finish with them. Noyes has been on trial for extortion for nearly 2 years now I think, Goudie is still dodging police summons and is on trial for impersonating a lawyer and Hanks is being investigated for loan sharking, apparently in conjunction with Drew Noyes' One Stop Service.

    What kind of inspiration does the NCPO need to ensure transparency in Mrs. Miller's case? It's not like Goudie hasn't already had to return property to buy his way out of a conviction and others are lining up with similar complaints of fraud.

    Goudie has violated Thai immigration laws. He changed his name from Brian Goldie in order to hide his past conviction, which would have denied him entry into the Kingdom.

    Hanks has been under investigation by the DSI for over a year now and no trial. How about the NCPO inspiring the Pattaya police to bring the case to court?

    Finally, Drew Noyes. How about the NCPO start by asking why a general is showing up in court to support someone? Next, how about the NCPO investigation Drew's seemingly never ending list of lies designed to do one thing: Bring him customers under completely false pretenses so Drew can use and abuse all 7,500 of "clients".

    How about the NCPO investigate Drew's contacts with Kamnan Poh and the former chief of the Pattaya police?

    Perhaps the NCPO could inspire the Pattaya court to speed up Drew's extortion and fraud trials, after all, two years does seem a long time to resolve these issues.

    In summary, it seems the NCPO is more worried about seemingly high profile people while forgetting alleged criminals that are on trial that have been living here for years who don't apparently make enough of a blip on their radar.

    1. All good points Gunboat particularly the point about Goldie/Goudie being here illegally. As an excluded person from Australia he should never have been allowed in here to set up his devious scams in the first place.

      These guys constant abuse of the court system is a disgrace and shows how open to manipulation it is. There also has been a deafening silence from the English language newspapers here.

      Fraudsters running amok and making a mockery of the justice system and not even a mention of it in the national papers.

      Then there are the embassies. They must be staffed by some spineless bastards, either too scared or too tethered by privacy laws to say anything about what's going on.

      What could possibly stop them from having a private word with the relevant people to let them know about these undesirables running free.

      How many vexatious cases are they going to be allowed to take out until somebody says enough is enough. If somebody loses it and takes some bloody retribution you can be sure they'll end up charged and jailed before any of these guys do.

      Poor Andrew has done his best to out these people and has probably saved a lot of people from being ripped off. What has he got for his efforts? What financial help has he been given?
      He's forced to go hat in hand to his readers to fight the good fight when it should have never come to this stage.

      In any country with a working legal system if a person out on bail tries to manipulate witnesses or prints up phoney blog websites to discredit people or solicits so called influential people to help them get off, they would have their bail revoked and would be put in maximum security.

    2. Agreed, not a drunken brawl at all. I was with Jack just minutes before it happened and he was not intoxicated at all. He also isn't the type to act macho or provoke others. Can't say I saw the attack because I was elsewhere at the time but it amazes me how there even is a court case. These guys should just get locked up immediately in my opinion. I mean look at the extent of his wounds and the two attackers are untouched.. It's so upsetting brutal.

  3. "Andrew Drummond breaks Thai law by claiming to be a accredited journalist after his credentials and Press Card have been revoked by the Director General of the Thailand Department of Public Relations because of his criminal defamation and libel cases." This is like reading Fox news! bias and no credentials

  4. Young Jack looks like he's holding up well. it could have been much worse.

    I really admire Ms. Hansen. She is a momma bear you don't want to tango with.

    My hope is that they are both able to put this in the rear view mirror swiftly.

    Oh, and the two alleged attackers? They better make other plans for their higher education. Fall term comes up shortly.

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