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Raymond Chang – one of the two Chinese Americans of the Shanghai American School who have been charged with the vicious attack on Jack Hansen-Bartel in Koh Samui last year has made a video to promote China’s friendship with the United States – and alleviate world poverty.

Chang, 20, now a pupil at Cornell University, strums along on a guitar to ‘make the world a better place’ announcing: “It really is up to us together to bring about change to heal the world.”

Poverty, he says, exists in every corner of the world. ‘No matter who you are. No matter where you come from you can make a change in these people’s lives.

Some people are finding the video, complete with Presidents Nixon, Carter and Obama shaking hands with Chinese leaders – somewhat inscrutable.  First of all there is all the Chinese American hands across the sea propaganda.

On that front the U.S. seems to have put Chinese human rights violations on the back burner.   Chang appears to want a US – Chinese alliance.  Perhaps his father wealthy business Raymond Nobu Chang agrees.

He has just graduated from the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

But if you dont like it here are my muscles

But secondly is his attitude in reality to people less well off than himself . There may be a subliminal message: ‘ Alleviate world property but f””K poor Aussies.

No here are my muscles

Budding Bob Geldorf Chang together with Ryan Wang is charged with the attack on Jack at the police run Green Mango Club last June.

Perhaps Jack is not one of the poor people Raymond wants to help.

The Chang family made an offer of compensation for Jack’s injuries – which Jack’s mother said did not come anywhere near the costs of Jack’s treatment.

‘And this is my mate Ryan’

Moreover seemingly to break the Jack and his mum Annie Hansen Chang has brought counter charges against Jack, from Melbourne, who was a scholarship pupil at the New International School of Thailand and has to appeal for funds on the net just to get to the court in Koh Samui in Bangkok.

‘And here are his muscles’

Chang can fly in from New York and stay in a five star hotel with his dad.

A lot of this of course is down to ugly police on Koh Samui and an ugly prosecutor.  Nothing here is transparent, er,  like who is paying for the prosecution, and Koh Samui police flights to Bangkok!

There are of course allegations of perjury, but these do not seem to be taken too seriously in court.

The mystery Japanese New Zealand girl Tiffany Turner, who claimed the young Chinese-Americans were coming to her rescue, will not be coming as a witness.  CCTV footage tells a completely different story.

Personally if I were CIA I would be keeping my eyes on this ‘all-American’ Chinese family.  
The father’s comments on social media show what a football loving, baseball loving American he is……I’m not sold.
Here’s the video. 


  1. Well if the whole world didn't know already that Chang is a moronic prick they do now with his air-headed rhetoric (some would say well-meaning rhetoric but I doubt there's anything well-meaning in it). Just because he hadn't been born yet in 1985 is no excuse to rip off weirdo Jackson & co's song and attempt to establish some unjustified credibility.

    In case Chang is reading this, please keep us informed about how well your attempt to alleviate world poverty is going and, more to the point, exactly what your contribution is.

  2. Time, I think AD, for some fundraising – if this has not been done already – to ensure that these 2 young punk thugs are properly prosecuted for their vicious assault of the young Aussie lad.
    Although trying to obtain a fair, unbiased hearing in a Thai criminal court would appear to be an uphill battle.

  3. The Chinese in America, what can I say? Obama made their entry easy by allowing anyone who invests at least $500,000. into our economy (real estate) to get a fast Green card. Many young Americans cannot purchase a home because the Chinese are standing at a new home with dirty cash in hand. Their horrid children mirror the parents desire to take over the U.S. The children are self-absorbed, are taught that others are lower, to treat others with respect. How much money has the arrogant father pumped into Cornell? Really, this post should be posted to Cornell's FB by the public at large.

    1. And you're living in Thailand. I can say the same about Americans in Thailand. Thai people have troubles purchasing homes in Thailand too. If you want to overgeneralise a group of people, don't get sore when the tables are turned.

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