Flying Sporran’s Weekend Diary (CONTD)

While I have touched on the subject of human rights in China Raymond, Raymond Chang the Chinese American student who is singing about US Chinese détente might be better singing about something closer to home and more immediate – that is the deportation from Thailand over 100 Uyghurs last week to an uncertain fate.

It might be jumping the gun to leap into bed and go full on with the Chinese while the United Nations remains shocked, Amnesty International claims these people suffer an unknown fate, but possibly tortured then forcibly disappeared and executed;  and even the United States itself has condemned such a move.

But then again these guys are not white Chinese but awfully tinted and Islamic to boot.

If you’re travelling China Southern Airlines by the way and you need to get some sleep it seems the airline has introduced a new face mask, that is unless every Chinese cop carries one in his back pocket.

You also appear to get a seat number pinned to your chest so cabin attendants can prepare your a la carte dish quickly.

I don’t think America is totally clean on the issue of Uyghurs by the way. I believe they locked a lot of them up in Guantanemo Bay.

Of course Raymond Chang will not have been taught about the Uyghurs at  Shianghai American School, or even Tiananmen Square for that matter.

The New Statesman on private education in China.

 “Under law, discussion will veer around certain topics. School libraries will not stock history books that mention events that shaped the lives of parents and grandparents: Tiananmen Square, the Great Leap Forward, the famine that ensued. If topics of equality and justice arise, there will be no mention of the wealth accumulated by the families of the most powerful men in the Communist Party. Students will learn subjects such as Chinese handicrafts and dance, but this will not be enough to bind them to their national culture and heritage.”

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  1. The Chinese system is one that Prayuth seems to admire although the suits call the shots there and not the military…both hopelessly corrupt though.

  2. Black bags over the head is really absurd, especially under the circumstances of flight, no doubt done to create even more stress for these individuals. Yes, I can easily see Thailand emulating the worst aspects of China, and even N Korea. Blocking this site is one example.

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