Drew Noyes has switched his allegiance from the reds

Readers of this side will be happy to know that Somchai – the mysterious spokesman for Drew Walter Noyes, who bills himself as the most friendly, credible, re-assuring, businessman to have made Thailand his home, is now claiming Drew has received many apologies and now his enemies will be deported.

This is because the ruling military government has recognised, says Somchai, that Mr. Noyes is an honest businessmen and therefore the charges against him of extortion for which he is on trial have no basis in truth whatsoever.

The senior generals will put a swift end to attacks on ‘good family people’ insists Somchai.  Somchai does not print the text of the apologies so if anyone can find one please provide a link here. Those who are packing their bags, please drop us a line.

Here follows Somchai’s latest missive.

“Nice to see with the new military government in charge now honest business men are able to get on with doing business. Drew and others have received many apologies this week from the FCCT, Pattaya Addicts and many of the people who have libeled him on this blog. He has forgiven many and accepted their apologies but will use the full force of the law to send others who do not apologize to be sent to prison and they will have their assets forfeited. 

“The corrupt police fabricating charges against credible business people are now a thing of the past. These corrupt policeman and the people behind them will now be brought before the courts. 

Senior military figures are watching developments and deportations are expected soon. Now is the time for apologies before it is too late. Many have already paid compensation to honest business people that have been libeled for nearly 3 years. 

We have copies of everything posted and with the help of many senior friends in the military government and new technology we have been able to finally identify ALL who have been hiding behind false identities who have attacked business people and their Thai families who do much to make Thailand a better place for all. 

“The senior generals of the government have assured the victims that everything will be done to put a swift end to these attacks against good family people.

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  1. If the NCPO's new priority is to rebuild Drew's reputation, you'd think they'd start with blocking this site in Thailand wouldn't you? Gotta love Noyes, Goudie getting all the attention and he doesn't like it… Bless!

  2. ''We have copies of everything posted and with the help of many senior friends in the military government and new technology we have been able to finally identify ALL who have been hiding behind false identities who have attacked business people and their Thai families who do much to make Thailand a better place for all.''
    I'm confused. Was that ''to make Thailand a better place for all'' BEFORE the Military took over or since?

    1. I already know whose side I'm on — the side of good.

      What I don't get is the crazy rant. Where was it published? Who is he speaking to?

      In other words, who is supposed to believe that the Thai military has suddenly swung it's focus to protecting people like him?

      He can't even spell "businessmen." But claims to be one. Has your focus on him caused him to lose his marbles? Was it a drunken post made somewwhere that no one can see it? Googlebot can't find it.

      Like I said, I don't get it.

  3. "The senior generals of the government have assured the victims that everything will be done to put a swift end to these attacks against good family people."

    Thank you Somchai, the Drummond family has indeed suffered enough from these vexatious attacks. They appreciate the General's concern and look forward to the jailing and swift deportation of Drew Noyes, Brian Goudie and David Hanks.

    The Weapon also eagerly awaits his apology. Thank you.

  4. Andrew the look on the redshirt man in the far right of the photo is classic. He looks as if he is thinking "Who is this idiot dressed in a green and red tshirt from BigC with the cheap suit pants from Beach road and the flip flops?'
    Only the policeman is looking at the camera so it appears this is just another photo the stalker of ceremonies has pushed in on. Drew can not understand Thai, and I doubt these people would speak English for Drew's sake. So what the hell is he actually doing there? He certainly looks very awkward and looks like he has pushed in on the man on his left.
    He claims to have SPONSORED the army generals promotion party. I want to know how much? and what was his money used for? And was it really his money or money he tricked other people into donating and then presented it as his own?
    I will go to jail before I apologise to Drew Noyes.

    1. I like his red shirt. Looks like he got out of bed in the morning intending to crash this meeting and turned to his partner and asked:
      For f's sake find me something in red!'

  5. ""The corrupt police fabricating charges against credible business people are now a thing of the past. These corrupt policeman and the people behind them will now be brought before the courts."

    Remind us again who Drew was sitting with at the restaurant when he was arrested, please.

    Can we please see that picture of Drew with prior police chief of Pattaya, you know the one that Drew is claiming was corrupt and ran like a rabbit when the coup took place?

    Who did Drew send with Hanks over to Goulet's place and down to Samui as I recall to visit the Dutchman's ex-wife?

    Lastly Drew, if you know who I am, why haven't you done anything about it? Feel free to write in here and let us know what our names are. If you can guess my name, it's no problem. If you get it wrong though, it will be a very big problem, for you.

    I'd remind you there's a very strong data protection act here in the Kingdom and if you've violated that law, you're liable to be taken to court over it. In fact, I can almost guarantee you'll be taken to court over it.

    Somchai, could you explain why Drew isn't included in the landmark lawsuit against Google. Could it be that either Drew doesn't have the money or Goudie realised that Drew's just an idiot.

  6. This smells of Drew's desperate letter to Yinglock and the infamous photo of Drew advising her.
    He appears to be getting desperate now, he is a great liar but he always comes unstuck. If this high stakes move pays off he is a big winner. But if his myriad lies are exposed by the army, well that would be the end of him.
    Who are the generals? I can not understand why they would risk their careers for a fake lawyer from Pattaya. I don't get it either.
    And now since the army are using new technology to catch out people posting under a fake name, well the person to fear that the most would be Somchai himself.
    But a sneaky move, if the generals question him about the recent rant he will just tell them it is one of the many Thai supporters he has.
    And plllleaaase. Having a lot of children that you don't properly support to many different women does not make you a good family man.

  7. I'm kind of new around here and I don't mean to talk down to folks, but if you have any kind of web presense, you should link to these Drummond articles every chance you get.

    By linking to them, it pushes the articles up in the Google results. This is how these scumbags get flattering articles and pages about them to show up in the Google first page results. They know how to do it.

    Through my various Facebook and Twitter accounts, I have pushed the following page to No. 1 in the Google results for the search term "Drew Noyes."


    It might rank lower depending on where you are. That's just Google.

    Get 'er done!

  8. This would be unbelievable if not for the fact that name dropping is second nature to him.
    The prestegious Duke University where he obtained a journalism degree, that they didn't provide which morphed into a law degree and a medical degree.
    The we heard he was one of the chosen few brought to Thailand by royal proclamation.
    Claimed 14/6 years of service to the King of Thailand with a couple of beer bars, a fake law office, a gay magazine and more recently a man club.
    The Queen Siriket award that he worded so if to sound as if the Queen herself had presented it to him when it was really only an award to a group of Westerners that had paid to go on an excursion. Some say he soiled his pants that day.
    Again claimed he was the MC at the King's birthday.The King did not attend but he ommitted that small detail.
    Recently claimed to be a member of the FCCT.
    Claimed to be head of the International Optimists but he was turfed out for non payment of a small yearly membership fee.
    Claimed to be a personal friend of former Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun after using his press pass to gain entry to an event and put his hand on his leg. Claimed to be an advisor to Yingluck Shinwatra after sneaking up behind her for a photo.
    Claimed he was friends with influential people and corrupt officials.
    Claimed to be the best friend of Pattaya Mayor Ittipol Kunplume.
    Claimed not to be friends with alleged child rapist Brian Wright.
    Claimed to be close knit with Kamnan Poh of Chonburi.
    Claimed he was friends with every police chief in Pattaya, despite being arrested for extortion in Pattaya.
    Claimed to be in business with Harald Link and family.
    Claims he was responsible for the American education of Pattaya red shirt leader Chanyute Hendtrakul's children.
    Claimed Prime Minister Abbhisit had endorsed his One Stop fake law office.
    As well as beauty queen and former wife of Thai tennis star Paradon Shirapon, Natalie Glebova.
    Claimed former US president Bill Clinton was helping the fight against Drummond.
    Claimed FBI clearence.
    Claims to be a direct decendent of the leaders who single handedly won the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the again World War 2.
    Claimed he was in discussions with close friend Donald Trump to use a tarp to plug the Mexican Gulf oil disaster.
    Claims to be related to Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore because the share the same FIRST name.
    Falsely claimed his mother was a famous Hollywood child actor.
    Claims Monica Lewinsky changed his life.
    Claims world famous Mangus Evans is a Jomtien hotelier
    Was forced to remove Thai Royal Police badges from his website.
    Has a website for people to snitch on others that he claims is endorsed by the Thai police CSD division.
    Claims friendship with the Pattaya Foreign Police Cheif Niels Colov despite his claims of wife beating.
    Claimed that his friend General Phonpat Chayaphan Head of the Central Investigation Bureau, had ordered this blogger to be closed down immediately, 3 years ago.
    Now he is claiming General Chinsen Thongkomol and General Kasim Thongkomol are now helping fight Drummond with the backing of soon to be Prime Minister Prayuth.
    He hasn't yet claimed to be a personal friend of Buddha or an advisor to Jesus Christ, but watch this space.
    It certainly is remarkable with all these influential friends that Andrew Drummond is alive and well enjoying his freedom.

  9. The Thai arm general said…..its remarkably like….the Thai police commanded said….Re gurgitatiing the same old bollocks you old bloated fraud Noise…..

  10. Claes, Drew's father was a decorated war veteran. In that he was right and he must be very proud of his father.

    However everything else is blown out of all proportion as if in a Walter Mitty dream where Drew saves Thailand and is a leading business tycoon with many connections.

    Message to drew:

    As your technology, hopefully better than the tent you were going to sort out the Deepwater Horizon with, has identified myself please drop me a line and I will provide an apology for saying you did not have this technology.

    1. I have always wondered if his relationship with his father is at the root of his psychopathy. Maybe he couldn't meet his father's expectations or his father was too harsh or expected too much of him or was abusive in some way.

      We see a man desperately trying to be a somebody, but a man who seemingly has no ethical or moral boundaries in he'll cheat people without any remorse and even be in complete denial about any wrong doing.

      Then we see him pathetically trying to portray himself as a civic leader and family man when it's clear he's a failure at both.

      There's two conclusions we can make. He was either born with a few bulbs blown or some form of abuse has taken place that has turned him into a psychopath. He's clearly not normal although he does seem to have some skills.

    2. Jules, sorry but I don't believe you for several reasons. Firstly because Drew said so and he is a bullshitter. He tells people he is writing a book with a Chonburi judge. Do you believe that as well.
      This is what Drew writes on his many fantasist web sites that nobody reads //
      Commander Noyes and his crew – along with millions of Allied Forces (many of whom gave their lives in the many campaigns) – helped stop the German occupation of France leading to the fall of Nazi Germany and the downfall of Adolf Hitler. Commander Noyes was praised by his crew and their families. Amazingly, not a single man was lost from his crew during the five landings of troops, tanks and armaments during the Normandy Invasion, D-Day landings on 6 June 1944. No other ship landed as many times as most of the initial landings had crew fatalities as high as 95%. The D-Day naval forces deployed from bases along the south coast of England not so far from Wiltshire, England where the Noyes family roots began in 1066.//
      So Noyes father, if indeed it was his father, had no fatalities while ALL the others did. Was it a case of father like son? We have all seen the video of a petrified Drew refusing to jump off a small platform wit a safety harness. I am more inclined to believe that he may have avoided the thick of the action and then bullshitted after the event. Now I know that it is disrespecting to men who risked their lives, and if I am wrong I am sorry. But Jules , why do you believe it?

    3. Some other amazing facts about the man who wouldn't jump written by the man who wouldn't jump Jules.//
      Noyes Family Tree
      The "Noyes" family name, derived from the French lineage of "Noyce", "Noy" and "Noyse," was awarded by Royal Decree// NOT A ROYAL PROCLAMATION// of Duke William of Normandy (also known as William ‘the Conqueror’ (1028-87) and William I of England). The King gave the "Noyes" name, Noyes Family Coat-of-Arms and Noyes Family Crest in order to establish the new Noyes Family in England. The new King bestowed a great deal of land in Wiltshire, England to the Noyes men for their distinguished assistance, remarkable courage and valiant leadership at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D.

      Relatives of Drew Noyes

      Drew Noyes is the son of childhood star Ellen Kirpatrick Johnston who appeared in legendary, US short films "The Little Rascals" and "Our Gang" comedies during the Great Depression – which have survived in syndication as cult icons like Star Trek -BULLSHIT

      Drew Noyes is a descendant of Alfred Noyes1880–1958, famous poet most well-known for "The Highwayman." Drew Noyes is also related to John Humphrey Noyes, founder of the Oneida Community, and is very distantly related to famous British stage and screen actor John Barrymore and American actress Drew Barrymore, whose first name they share because it is a family name as well. The Drew family has married many Noyes and Barrymore namesakes.

      In 2003, Drew Noyes was also elected Managing Director of Property Management & Development Company, Ltd. which manages housing and condominium owners' associations and has a unique program to help foreigners buy property legally in Thailand with all the rights of ownership.

      In 2008 Drew Noyes was appointed Managing Director of Pattaya Times Media Corporation, Co., Ltd. which works with the publishing and advertising divisions of PAPPA Company Limited on new publications like the Pattaya Times newspaper.

      Drew Noyes is also a foreign business adviser to Thai government officials, prominent Thais and helps international investors from Asia, Europe, the UK and the USA in their real estate developments, factory set-ups, business implementation and sorting through bureaucratic, government red tape and regulations unfamiliar to most business people.

      Through the Treaty of Amity and approval from the Thailand Department of Business Development Drew Noyes is the recipient of special government authorization to operate Thai businesses restricted to other foreigners. Drew Noyes has publishing, promotion, legal services, real estate sales, a leading travel agency and other businesses in Thailand.
      Drew Noyes has other companies that publish official maps, telephone directories and the new Pattaya Times newspaper in English for foreigners.
      In just six months the Pattaya Times newspaper became the largest English language newspaper in Pattaya and the 11 surrounding provinces in Thailand.

      Demand for the newspaper stems from its focus on "News You Can Use." The Pattaya Times is not a tabloid full of dead bodies, crime reports and complaints. Rather, the Pattaya Times is genuine journalism focusing on the positive aspects of life, fun activities, business, tourist attractions, entertainment, sports, nightlife and news from Pattaya, all around Thailand and internationally which you only find in the Pattaya Times.Pattaya Times readers learn about local activities, festivals and events, local sports (lots of golf, polo and water sports) and updates on sports in their home countries and lots of information about local arts and entertainment available in Pattaya and nearby Bangkok.

      The Pattaya Times focuses on entertainment, business, sports, events, attractions and useful information on rules, laws and regulations governing foreigners lives in Thailand.

      The Pattaya Times success also comes from its thorough business and real estate section coupled with local and national news from an international, expatriate perspective. The Pattaya Times was a contributor to the Associated Press during the ASEAN Conference and subsequent Red Shirt protest and other important stories in the region like the Lance Shaw gold investment scam uncovered.

    5. That photograph of Drew photobombing the redshirts is peculiar. He looks like he is trying to say something but nobody is paying any attention apart from a woman over his left shoulder who looks like she is trying to drag him away.
      He is dressed like a bum.

    6. Claes, yes I believe the essence of it because I did "investigate" his claims about his father some time ago and he really is the son of a decorated veteran who really did have command of a ship in WW2.

      With this character there is always a smell around his claims and I was idly looking at them following his claim to be a "lawyer" based on a reference from Black's legal dictionary. He was basically quoting it to show that as he had a love for law he was a lawyer. My copy of Black's had a different definition. I am interested in fake lawyers because they are selling a professional service but are almost anti-professional and there are lessons to be learnt.

      However I then came across references on the Net to his father, which Drew had not faked.

      So sorry, Drew can occassionally insert something truthful in the hyperbole.

      PS If you say I am still wrong I will be forced to trawl through all the nonsense from Drew again to prove I am right – and that is a lot of nonsense.

  11. I wonder at what point does the Pattaya expat community start suggesting themselves that Drew Noyes needs to be looked into.

    I really find it hard to believe that the decent citizens of Pattaya have allowed Drew Noyes to continue to be in business this long.

    At what point does the Pattaya expat community start taking pride again in their community?

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