Tough guy Hanks before treatment

The former owner of Masquerades brothel in Victoria, Australia, David John Hanks, nicknamed Baby Face, will not be able to get paid-for reconstructive surgery on his face, after a court in Pattaya, Thailand, threw out a case he had brought against the owner of the local Thonglor Clinic.

Now 68-year-old Hanks will have to cough up himself if he wants to look again like the photograph here taken by ‘The Age’ in Melbourne before he arrived in Thailand – or alternatively he could cheer himself up and go down to the strip in Lamai on Koh Samui, where the next picture after treatment was taken… and then simply smile.

The case was thrown out by Pattaya court after neither #DavidHanks, nor his legal team headed by fake barrister #BrianGoudie, aka Goldie turned up.

Mellow Hanks with Goudie after his treatment

The two Scotsman, Goudie is from Falkirk, where he claims his father is head of the Burns Society, and Hanks is from Girvan, and a former pupil of Girvan Academy, are colleagues of Drew Walter Noyes, who was jailed for two years for the attempted extortion of Goulet and the Thonglor ‘Forever Young’ Clinic.

Hanks took out the fraud case against Dr. Michel Goulet and the clinic after #DrewNoyes, was arrested and charged with attempting to extort Michel Goulet out of 7 million baht – about £130,000.  Hanks claimed his face had received permanent damage after treatment at the clinic.

But at Noyes’ trial the court heard that Noyes threatened Michael Goulet with a police raid on his clinic by the Crime Suppression Division, where something illegal would presumably be found, and he would suffer subsequent bad publicity in Noyes Pattaya Times newspaper. Noyes has demanded first 7 million baht (about £130,000)

Michael Goulet points to Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu on their arrest

Michael Goulet told the court that Hanks was in fact an initiator in the extortion attempt. Hanks had asked to see Goulet while he was attending the clinic and told him that he should see his boss Noyes if he were to continue to operate successfully in Pattaya.  He told Goulet that he had been in the sex business in Pattaya and that he knew Chinese mafia.

Goulet told the court after the meeting with Hanks that he was in fear for his own security.

Goulet’s Thai partner tipped off police who mounted a sting operation against Noyes. When Goulet turned up at the News Restaurant in Pattaya with a deposit of 100,000 baht in a brief case police pounced after Noyes took possession.

After the arrest of Drew Noyes and his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu (who made telephone demands telling Goulet to hurry up with the cash), Noyes claimed that he was carrying out a newspaper investigation into the clinic and other shady businesses in Pattaya as a public service to make Pattaya a safer place for tourists.

But as this did not fit in with the payment he changed his story later in court saying that the 100,000 baht was a down payment for advertising in the Pattaya Times.

In court he shouted: ‘There is a conspiracy against me and it is all being led by that criminal journalist Andrew Drummond’.

He subsequently began a campaign in his Pattaya Times against Goulet claiming, falsely, that Goulet, a vet by profession carried out surgery on clients at the clinic.  Goulet’s role in the clinic is co-owner and administrator.

And Brian Goudie also inserted false stories into his CasewatchAsia website, which is dedicated to destroying the credibility of this site.  (However an Alexa check shows that it has on average one reader a day. (And that maybe Goudie or the author of this site)

At the time of the extortion attempt against Mr. Goulet,  a raid was carried out by the Crime Suppression Division but nothing was found. It is understood that Noyes had told them that Goulet was paying up.

Noyes had set up a website on behalf of the local office of the Crime Suppression in which a CSD officer gave legal advice to foreigners – ghost written presumably Noyes – and the website also has a page where foreigners could also report other foreign criminals to the CSD,  But all reports would have gone to Noyes’ ‘One Stop Service Center’ in Pattaya first – that is if anyone was stupid enough to make one.

Hanks crouching in a promo for ‘Drew Noyes Law’  and One Stop Service Centers. Like Goudie Noyes also claimed
he was a lawyer on the internet

The CSD was subsequently investigated by the military government in relation to widespread corruption allegations and some 80 per cent of its officers have either been charged or transfer.

Two weeks ago Hanks was acquitted of racketeering in Pattaya (lending money to Russians at 60 per cent per month) after his Russian co-defendant , who was also bailed, and other Russian witnesses, returned to Russian.

Noyes is due to surrender to Pattaya Court on Friday on his extortion conviction, He too had been given bail to leave the country, even though he too, had been convicted.

*An earlier report stated Drew Noyes was plaintiff in this case. I am happy to correct.
It is believed he will no longer seek corrective surgery for his looks, as the good time girls of Pattaya and Samui have convinced him he is a very handsome man.
They are considerably younger than the staff at Masquerades. In an Australian Immigration case against a 47-year-old ‘massage therapist’ the member of staff had obtained a visa by marrying a 19-year-old Aussie lad who did not appear to know her.
*The ‘baby face’ tag I understand was given to Hanks by staff at the clinic – not as reported in the SUN above.


  1. At 68 he could still be tough – if he hit the gym when young and never stopped to this day – but I'll bet against it – it's not the norm.

    Unless you call tough paying someone to do the deed. That's not tough man, that's just a bully.

    From my own experience, most bullies are cowards when isolated one on one.

    1. Well have a look at Brian, sunken chest, custard soft, little T-Rex arms and a stomach like a blancmange. These guys are only fit for threatening old ladies and young women. The heaviest thing Brian has lifted is a pen to write dodgy cheques to himself. Imagine any one of the stooges confronted with a real hard case like Sharky. It would be brown undies time as they face ran for their lives. Sharky would have their lunch money.

    2. Truer words were never spoken – I like Sharky. He may not be the straightest guy in the world, but he doesn't hide behind unresolved insecurities like these creeps.

      A brownout is imminent for these expat reprobates. Mark that down as certainty number THREE on this veil of tears. Taking notes Noyes?

  2. Let's hope Dr Goulet gives Hanks some of his own medicine and sues him for both perjury and damages to his business. Anybody who claims Drew Noyes is his boss is obviously a total loser. A try-hard wannabe.

  3. It's just a pity there isn't 'personality surgery' or 'character surgery' where these low life bottom feeders could go to get their deviant characters improved. Instead they consort together with their devious plans to rob innocents of their money and property. In older times they'd just hang them or have them breaking rocks on a rock pile somewhere where they can't hurt or steal from others. In the West somebody like Noyes would be ordered to undergo psychological testing before being sentenced. Then it would be found he is really mentally ill. Brian and Hanks are rejects from Scotland and rejects from Australia who have found their spiritual home in Pattaya. Like rats returning to the sewer. If kicked out of Thailand there should be a 3 strikes policy. If 3 countries give you the boot you should be sent to a deserted island or one with kimodo dragons as that is the level of consciousness they have. Let's see how long they last against real predators.

    1. 'character surgery' – for lost causes? A mere moniker for deep-sixed.

      Thailand is the perfect refuge for these inveterate world-class expat reprobates – until dementia or death sets in. No one's changing their stripes, unless by way of personal violence.

      And they don't even know the walls have bloody ears. Tick Tock.

  4. Who knows if Drew Noyes is even back in Thailand. Checked his Facebook webpage and no postings since August 29th. That's a whole week of no postings which should be a record in itself.

  5. Drew Noyes is not in Thailand. He asked and has been granted permission to return to Thailand by October 14th by the Pattaya Court. He is not coming back to Thailand unless he is 100 per cent certain he will be acquitted and his two year jail sentence is lifted.

    1. Have you informed that American journo who did the original story on Noyes that he is back in America after feeling Thailand? There is a story in waiting of how he fled America over 15 years ago only to continue his depraved life in Thailand. Now he's back in the U.S his old creditors may be interested in their pound of flesh or at least to make him squirm a bit. I doubt he's got either the connections or the cash to worm his way out of this case. It should be a lock.

  6. Another question is can any of the US court cases be revisited now that he is back in residence?
    I would have thought the suggestion he fathered a child with a 14 year old in Thailand would encourage some interest on the part of American police. There is also the question of his undecalred assets and income being investigated by the IRS he someone was minded to make a complaint. I am amazed he appears to be Teflon coated.

  7. This whole saga is well beyond my comprehension and understanding. First a visa was granted to convicted criminal to travel and then, and then, a travel extension was granted! You can't make this up. All the same thanks for the update Andrew, its been a real education.

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