-“I’m NOT Going To Jail – Unless I Am Ordered” –

(Pic-Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu)

Drew Noyes – the controversial American behind the Pattaya Times, boss of Pappa (Law) Company, and a self confessed expert on Thai libel law, told a night court in Pattaya that he would not go to jail on a charge of attempting to blackmail a health clinic in Pattaya out of 7 million baht.

The 56-year-old ‘entrepreneur’ told Pattaya Provincial Court on Monday night: “I will fight the case to the Supreme Court if need to”

However when he was asked if he was ordered to go to jail would he replied ‘Yes. If I was ordered’.

Drew Noyes asked the court to accept a case of libel against British journalist Andrew Drummond, publisher of this site who published a picture taken from the Mangus Evans Facebook page.

The picture showed Niels Colov, Drew Noyes’s friend and CEO of the Pattaya People Media Group pictured with Danish career criminal Lone Fristrup Jensen under the caption ‘Been to jail’ and the arrest picture of Drew Noyes for extortion under the caption ‘Going to Jail’.

Niels Colov, prior to arriving in Thailand was jailed for pimping, violence, and other matters carried out in Copenhagen’s red light district of Vesterbrogade.

Asked whether he knew that Drummond was commenting on a picture reproduced from the Mangus Evans Facebook page – Drew Noyes said he had never seen the Mangus Evans Facebook page in question.

Under arrest – Drew Noyes with Wanrapa Boonsu

Asked whether he had seen almost identical pictures in the Thai Rath and Nation, he replied ‘No’.
‘But is that not you?’  He replied when shown two newspaper clippings: “It looks like me”. He finally conceded it was him.

“But these pictures do not have these captions. I was led to believe a man was innocent until proved guilty”.

Asked whether there was anything in the story which suggested that Andrew Drummond believed he was going to jail or agreed with Mangus Evans. He replied that he did not read the story.

 “I just saw the picture. I showed it to my lawyers and they said that was enough to bring a case.”

He said his businesses had been badly damaged. He provided legal services to foreigners in Thailand and deal with divorce, visas, work permits and contract law.

The mysterious Mangus Evans was a
creation of Drew Noyes and was the name
given to an alleged Scottish hotelier who
wrote to the Pattaya Times to call Drummond a
a ‘wanker’. Later someone started a
Facebook site in his name,. The site is now
closed down.

“I have been in Thailand 14 years and have done a lot of charity work. What this article means is that I have been found guilty of a crime and I will go to jail.”

He told the court he had hosted a meeting with a Thai Princess and set up a meeting with her and American soldiers and had been Chairman of an Expats Club for your years.

“People have emailed me to say they thought I was a good guy and did lots of good things for the community but now they had read Andrew Drummond’s website they no longer thought that.”

He claimed Andrew Drummond was not a journalist. ‘Just a blogger’. “He gets his money from his webpage, not from journalism.”

He said he had not been to jail. He was detained in a waiting room for seven hours prior to a police press conference and the rest of the time he was in the office of the Chief of Pattaya Police whom he knew well.

The interpreter for Noyes was Wanrapa Boonsu, his common law wife who was with him at the time of his arrest. She has also been charged with extortion.

The case was adjourned for the judge to decide whether to accept the case for trial. An identical case to the above brought by Wanrapa Boonsu will also be contested. Andrew Drummond was not required to give evidence.

A second case brought by Drew Noyes and Australian David Hanks in relation to a poster on this site which contained comments that Noyes had been a pimp and ran beer bars, and had a mia noi in the Buffalo bar, and had also been involved in buying an ‘OfficalBlowjobs’ internet domain was also adjourned. Andrew Drummond was also not required to give evidence.

A case brought by Andrew Drummond against Noyes for breach of a court compromise was adjourned for Noyes to answer the charges as he claimed he had not received a summons. No evidence was taken. Report by SJB.

Andrew Drummond writes: Judging by these cases Drew Noyes is merely attempting to drain me of the cash I have to spend fighting them. I have an excellent team who are 100 per cent behind me who are being merciful over fees but of course, as I am sure you can imagine, it is having an affect. So if anybody still has the odd few pennies its always appreciated and thanks to all who respondended to my last appeal. The actual act of making a contribution is as valueable as the contribution itself.


  1. Andrew
    How much longer are you going to fight (and publish) the stories about Drew Noyes and his cronies? Whilst we all know he is a bit shifty, it does get tiresome that all you ever see on this site now is a constant he said/she said story about Drew Noyes. You used to have good reports about corruption, boiler rooms and other stories pertaining to Thailand/expats. If you are going to ask for donations to fight all these libel cases from Mr. Noyes at least give us some interesting and different stories to digest whilst you are in court! Used to like this site but its now turned into a 'My life with Drew' diary.

    1. I think the answer to that 'whistleblower'is – How long is a piece of string. We are pretty dogged here. Don't worry the other stories do and will be by far the majority on this site. We will continue to do boiler rooms – a current enquiry is being held up by the involvement of a very senior policeman and a politician. I do not want to go down the 'late Andrew Drummond' road quite so soon. Moreover people have donated because they know I am in court with Noyes and they are entitled to know what is going on. Also these stories get a lot of hits.

    2. whistleblower why do you think AD should stop blowing this whistle? There are many readers and commenters willing to see this playing out till the end. That you get bored is between your ears. Now that it gets interesting, DN in court for a 7 mln Baht extortion you lose interest? Not to mention DN's first criminal conviction in mid February? My message to AD, go on till the end, bad men succeed when good men do nothing…

  2. What a farce. You could not make this up. The judges should make short shrift of this nonsense, The noise is clearly wasting everyone's time, particularly that of the judges. They need to get tough on this contempt.

  3. I love these reports, cant wait till the day that read about Noyes and all the other cronies of his have fallen from grace.
    Keep it up Andrew.

  4. I have to wonder if whistleblower isn't a member of the Noyes camp trying another tactic to keep bad Noyes news out of the press.

    I enjoy the Noyes stories as I feel that we may actually see justice done in this case and the idea of expats ripping off expats is something that personally affects me.

  5. On Tuesday, January 29, I was at the Pattaya City Hall attending a crime suppression focus group and presentation. Mayor of Pattaya, senior police officials, Neils Colov and invited expats were in attendance. Drew Noyes made a “late” grand entrance. Although Drew made his usual smiles to Thai officials one could not notice how the expats avoided him. I did not observe one executive from either club go up and greet him (later on he introduced himself to one of expat executives). He eventually sat down next to a Thai for the beginning of the presentation. I did not stay for the second half of the presentation, however, from what I observed Drew’s influence has certainly diminished. I will be closely following the Drew Noyes trial starting Feb 2 with an open mind. Although Drew may be boring to some, he has had a “significant” impact in this part of the woods!!

  6. I have to disagree with whistleblower. Drew Noyes IS a major player in Pattaya (or should I say WAS). He has conned, lied and deceived his way into a position where he seriously thought he was untouchable. Would you have liked to have seen that situation continue unabated whistleblower? Andrew's exposure's has ensured that at least some of Pattaya's expat's will not fall into his net. He has admitted his ''business'' has suffered. I think more importantly his credibility has suffered. He is no longer welcomed at expats clubs, (where he used to get most of his custom), Sports clubs or Rotary clubs You have to remember whistleblower, Andrew is only ONE journalist, trying to expose problems, in a HUGE country. From Myanmar to Koh Samui,Cambodia to Kanchanaburi, he doesn't do a bad job. Give him your support instead of your criticism

  7. I am definately not one of DN's cronies as john Pattay Suggests. I totally agree that he is a complete crook. I was merely commenting on the fact that a blow by blow account in every report regarding DN is tedious. The latest report for example is a long winded story that could have been summed up as "Todays court session was adjourned by the judge"
    A report from the actual court case – fine, a long winded story about an adjourment sexed up with 'affectionately stroking her leg' in my opinion is not newsworthy. On another popular web site there are hundreds of stories of westerners getting stopped by the boys in brown around Asoke in the middle of the day and virtually strip searched. Ekkamai bus station is another 'hub' of police rip offs. I personally would like to see Andrew investigate and report on these issues, rather than hear about a leg stroking incident at an adjourned court case.
    Andrew this is not a personal attack, I have read your column for ages. Just think its now a bit overboard on DN and Niels Colov and a little bit lean on any other stories.

    1. Yes whistleblower but 2 out of ten stories here at the moment on Noyes. And people do want to know what libels are. The fact that his common law wife was interpreting is quite amazing in itself. Work it out.

    2. Whistleblower, The stories about Noyes may be a little tedious for you but for those of us who have been hit by this man, it is a little tedious to wait for so long to see some justice. I don't think there is one person out there who thinks they will get their money back, we would just like to stop man(?).

  8. Yes, keep it up AD.

    As a follower has said, expats are now avoiding him. Let's hope the Thais now do the same. Depends where the money is flowing, I suppose. Unfortunately it trumps principle every time here.

  9. whistleblower

    To keep these stories highly ranked on google eg the first page then Andrew is doing the right thing, in doing the background behind the story again and it means it is visible and ranks again with google, would you like Drew to continue updating all his bullshit and get back above Andrew in the rankings,I for one would like to keep the truth on the front page this means doing what Andrew is doing and doing well.

    1. For the second time, I am not trying a personal attack on AD. I merely mentioned that with all the stories of Drew and Niels, this site has lost some of the lustre it once had. I agree that Drew should be shown for what he is etc, but his and Niels stories seem to be dominating this site. Some people like it some dont. I was just expressing my opinion.

    2. Whistleblower why dont you send Andrew your email and then he can send you a message when its all over and welcome you back. In the mean time you can go and read the other site where you see repetitive storys on the BIB. What ever takes your fancy Hey. Personally i much prefer to read about this toerag Squirming. I just wonder when the Pingle guy is goner get hauled to jail as well….

  10. Mr. Whistleblower, you repeated yourself 3 times trying to reason on how AD should run the choices of stories. Twice you mention the word Boring. I believe these reports on the stories are also about the subtle behaviour in court of those involved. These are very important details and observations, have you ever heard of body behavioral studies ?, yes there is a meaning in it.
    About you finding the sequence of reports boring remember, this is not a story to excite your mind, there are other ways to do that and you should look for them, Pattaya by the way offers many options… What AD is reporting analytically is important to open our eyes to the tricks of that sociopath, conman Drew Walter Noyes. Let the Journalist do his job as he understands is necessary, read yourself all the comments, everyone but you so far aproves them.

  11. One should remember repetition of a subject as in the Noyes affairs is actually important for exposure. Reason being to get more readers & positions on google for exposure & slot promoting the more pages on news like this guarantees better positions as some of the words people enter into their searches will come up as we all search differently. .

  12. Journalists need to think of ways to get their points across and as obtain as many hits on Google as possible. The end – exposing the noise and his ilk – surely justifies the means.

  13. There is often a fine line between repeatedly publishing an article, blog post or even comments relating to a specific individual, or entity, and villification. Whilst a judge might look at a single informative article, or series of articles, and related comments and see no inherent libel, or intent, I doubt the same judge would look at continued articles, and comments, that do little to provide a public service relating to the activities of the person or persons concerned, and see only jounalistic integrity.

    Personally I believe this is why it is very unlikely that any judge will simply dismiss actions brought again the site, and its publishers, and why the claimant is able to continue to bring somewhat ficticious claims without seeming to be abusing the legal process.

    I would prefer to see the original articles with continued updates on the actions or offences committed by individuals and separate articles on the legal claims and follow up articles, where possible, on the cases as they progress through the legal system, repeated articles just to try and get a high Google ranking just seem unprofessional.

  14. Lloyd has a good point, but journalists also need to keep their work in the readers minds. So getting high google rankings is not unprofessional

  15. Lloyd. I think you are wrong there. Judges do not unfortunately see the series of articles, nor would have many of them be able to read them. What they see only is small part of articles that very often are mistranslated and hear DN's extraordinary claims. I do not do DN stories for ratings – even though they pick up a lot of hits. I am trying to see if the system works whether the system can handle the likes of him. Judges just judge on what is put in front of them.

  16. I was at the Pattaya Provincial Court early this morning for the commencement of the Drew Noyes extortion case, but alas no Drew. I reviewed the billboard outside the building which I believed was a listing of all the cases to be heard that day. Unfortunately. the listing was entirely in Thai including the foreign names. I inquired at the “Court Correspondence Desk” who advised me that he was at the police station and would may be brought to the court at 11 am. Although she entered Drew Noyes into the computer system it didn’t seem right that he would be in police custody. Too no surprise at 11:30 am there was still no Drew. To double check I took a look at the holding cell .. no Drew. Anyone familiar with this case know exactly when this case is to commence and which court room number it will be held in?

    1. Did you expect an accurate answer from the court desk?

      The Thai will more usually give you the answer he thinks you want to hear, or make up a feasible story.

      It is part of their cultural defense system to maintain face and avoid getting into a conflict situation. I know these are not western concepts, but farangs should by now be aware of such cultural differences.

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