Fake Scots lawyer says he has bought gun to deal with the ‘girls’.

Well of course this is getting a little silly now. Down in Koh Samui  our fake lawyer Brian Goudie is now posting on Facebook that he has acquired a gun for 85,000 baht with his work permit and ‘yellow book’ and is apparently gunning for ‘the girls’.

This has been reported in letters to a previous story. He’ll probably take this down shortly. But I am just recording it anyway because it appears he has become a little bit unstable,

This instability seems to have been emerging, since he started posting odd pictures with the message ‘Revenge’ and ‘Rage’ on another Facebook page.

On his ‘Keeping An Eye On The Issues’ he claims his colleague in the merde so to speak David Hanks, former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysorough, Victoria, has contacted his son-in-law Police Officer Trumbower of Florida State University Police in Tallahassee, Florida, who is apparently a friend of President Clinton.  He has claimed that a poster to this site Ally Cooper has made an imaginary threat against the life of Hilary.

I do not know what is the obsession these guys have with the Clintons. Goudie’s friend Drew Noyes made a speech involving Hilary, Bill, and Monica Lewinsky at a meeting of the Pattaya City Expats Club.

This is all getting a too bizarre. Jason Trumbower, according to Hanks, has put the US Marshalls and Secret Service on alert. If Jason Trumbower is the son-in-law of David Hanks, which is very probable, his wife Donna formerly worked in Melbourne but now works in IT at the Florida campus, I’m betting he’s not not going to invite daddy-in-law to a barbecue in his front yard.want and David Hanks will not be thanking Goudie for this latest outburst.

Tough guy?

I’m trying to imagine the conversation between Trumbower and Bill. Er, well never mind. This is straight-jacket time.

Goudie talks like he’s an expert on guns – one sure way of telling that he isn’t. Police in Koh Samui have been alerted (but unofficially at this stage) as on the last two occasions he has been confronted he has been white with rage and I would not let this guy loose with so much as battery operated children’s Darth Vader sword.

He’s just put of over 500 gun pictures on his new flicker site.

Goudie’s former wife Jill Weiss in testimony to the Australian Appeals Tribunal: 

“Over time my relationship with  Brian Goldie  deteriorated. He had become very controlling and as the money began to run out he came to deeply resent that I was a student living only on Austudy. He started to insist that I give up my post-graduate teaching degree to work full time. He became unpredictable in temperament and violent towards me when he was angry or worried about money. At different times he punched me in the face, grabbed me around the throat, punched and mistreated our dogs, broke my belongings, ridiculed my university degree, turned over the table that my work was on, threatened to wipe my assignment work on his computer, pushed the TV onto the floor and turned over the contents of the house.  Brian Goldie  also ridiculed my family and friends in front of Jim Cochrane and made them feel unwelcome. He sometimes forced me out of the car without shoes or money and told me I could walk if I didn’t agree with him. There were many other incidents of physical and psychological abuse, including threats to shoot and stab me”.

It’s possible his mood swings are becoming more frequent because officials have started unwinding the web he has created with his list of companies, Ramidin (Hong Kong), Ramidin Holdings, PBS, Alba Laws, Bang Kao Bay, Jimi International etc etc. none of which have appear to have paid any tax, and beginning to realize that almost everything is fake. A mystery director called Robert Rose, however is not. Hi Bobby.

But only the other day he and Hanks and a Russian were clambering happily over the rocks and debris, and used condoms, on Bang Kao Beach for a picnic.

Meanwhile if this fake lawyer brings out a gun while he is touting for your services. Shout ‘YOUR’E HIRED!’

That way you’ll only get 33 years or so for littering, and you’ll have a good chance of reduction of that sentence with an insanity plea.


Either the Secret Service have been directly on the blower to Goudie, hiding behind a rock on Bang Kao Bay, or, er, Jason was indeed not amused. I’m opting for the latter.

And finally Goudie has been on his site again with the following – showing a picture of him and his passport.

Well, slap my thigh with a wet haddock. Can you imagine this conversation in Koh Samui police station, where incidentally they are aware of Goudie already?

If this is his best shot, whoops pardon the pun.  (His ‘There have been so many fabrications to be honest we don’t know where to start to take  legal action’ is clearly true) Where does he go from here?

Well, on and on we presume. This is of course a man who beat up his Australian wife so much so that he had to take an injunction out against her (as she had done to him) having found a legal loophole which would allow him to stay in Australia (It failed) while the injunction was in play.

But that’s interesting because the information that Goudie’s passport had been taken by the court had come from Jepson’s lawyers and the Hanks information came from the DSI. I will of course need to verify.  He certainly has  a record which indicates he is a flight risk.

Christine Spence, former girlfriend in Australia of Goudie then Brian Goldie  to the Australian Appeal Tribunal:

“I learned for the first time of  Brian Goldie ‘s involvement in alleged fraud offences in the United Kingdom in early June 1997.  Brian Goldie  showed me the letter the Department of Immigration had sent him on 29 May 1997 requiring him to leave Australia. I was naturally shocked and upset about the Department’s decision, however I was even more astounded as to the allegations of fraud which the letter mentioned, as I had no prior knowledge of this issue. We discussed this letter firstly regarding the Department’s suggestion that  Brian Goldie  return to Scotland to answer the authorities on questions relating to the fraud accusations. I suggested at that time that this was in my opinion the only way he could clear his name of such an extraordinary accusation and then be in a position to return to Australia. He stated quite simply that as he was in fact guilty of these crimes he was not at all prepared to return to Scotland to face questioning. He stated that instead of having the effect of clearing his name, this action would almost certainly cause him to be charged with the crimes and he would then have to stand trial and probably end up serving a jail sentence. I was at this point extremely shocked to the point of disbelief. I gathered my thoughts and suggested that even though he was guilty I felt he should still return to Scotland, face his trial, serve his sentence, and be a free man from then onwards. He said that there was no way he would subject himself to that. He was adamant that he would fight this decision and continue to run from the problem. He said that he intended to appeal the Department of Immigration decision at the AAT. He said that when the AAT handed down their decision, which would almost certainly go against him, he would then appeal to the Federal Court. He said that when that failed he would either `disappear’ within Australia or go to New Zealand. When I asked him why he didn’t just leave for New Zealand immediately he stated that he had to use the appeal system to buy himself time to liquidate his assets and get some more money together before he went anywhere.”

Meanwhile the Three Amigos, Goudie, Hanks, and Noyes seem to be slightly at odds with each other. Goudie describes Noyes as a ‘bampot’ and Hanks now seems to prefer fellow Scot Goudie’s company to that of Noyes. They had a falling out over Hanks’ arrest at the request of the DSI. Noyes had been very indiscreet. Had he not been we would not have known of the arrest at all. Hanks wants to go back to Australia and Noyes says he is helping him but at the same time Noyes does not want his star witness – whom he says will get him off his blackmail charge, out of his sight.

S A Forgie
Deputy President Australian Appeals Tribunal

“I have concluded that Mr  Goldie  is not of good character. The lack of honesty and integrity which he has displayed in his dealings with the Department and his lack of integrity (in the sense of wholeness, soundness and uprightness) in not confronting the allegations of fraud in Scotland are not outweighed by the good reports he has received from some of his past employers or Mr Grant’s* personal commendation of him”.

Mr.Grant was his boss at the mining company which Goudie later robbed.


25 thoughts on “GUNS AND ROSE ON KOH SAMUI

  1. It seems Brian is ready for the rubber gun squad.

    Great move! Red lighting yourself as having a gun and then making threats to use it. He has just given anybody a ready-made self-defence plea. If I see him I can now defend myself with deadly force as he's threatening me with a gun. He's even been kind enough to post a picture of the weapon before he uses it. Didn't put much thought into this one did we Brian?

    Brian, owning a gun and being able to carry it in public are very different scenarios and laws. Now you put your toy away and get to bed.

  2. There is a Captain Jason Trumbower at the Florida State University police department. There are FSU patches on the officers’ uniforms in the picture.

    One can plainly see the Sergeant insignia on the female officer’s uniform. Why is there no double bar insignia, indicating he is a Captain, on the male officer’s collar? Or any insignia for that matter?

    Is Hank’s daughter named Donna? As Goldie and Hanks have already identified the Capt. as Hank’s son-in- law and posted his alleged name, occupation, rank and location information in the public domain, I don’t believe it is unethical or immoral to try to confirm their statements.

    Whether Capt. Tumbower is related to Hanks or not, FSU will not appreciate one of their staff, perhaps two, being associated with an international fraudster who’s served time in an Australian prison.

    A wee gun for a wee man . . . or at least a picture of one. Show us a pic of you with the gun in your “new” condo Brian.

    Ye're lookin' awfy peely-wally, Bampot. Stress getting to you?

  3. Cant wait to see what pap and delusional nonsense spews from the orifice of prisoner No E0000247, HMAP Hakea, B GOLDIE today……

  4. So to recap then move on……
    Hanks son in law is a police man at a "college" and now has been identified on the internet by a 3 times convicted fraudster living in Thailand under a different name to his birth name (for whatever reason)……Hanks did say today/ (yesterday) " it's not what you know, but who you know. I'll bet this comes as a surprise!" I bet he’s going to be bloody surprised with you Hanks, as you’re a former brothel owner and also awaiting trial for illegal money lending with in the Kingdom……I wonder if this should be reported to the Florida State Police ethics department/ section????? I’m sure there’s a disclosure or even a conflict of interest issue there.
    "Kerbooooom!!!!!!!!!!" Oh what was that? Aah…..GOLDIE has just shot himself in his rather ample arse again with his new gun. Boys and toys.

  5. The post about you has been removed. Apparently at the request of the Secret Service if we are to believe the logo.

    "This post has been temporarily taken down by the administrator at the request of authorities to prevent and possible prejudice to an ongoing investigation."

    1. I contacted the Florida State University police department today enquiring if Captain Jason Trumbower was indeed Hanks son in law accompanied with a photo of the alleged son in-law and a link to Goldies "Case Watch Bam Pot on the Lose in Asia" and a brief but precise critique of both their past and present criminal endeavours and events soon to play out in Bangkok. I also asked for the departments ethical stance and conflict of interests on taking information from convicted fraudsters, pimps and Hanks who is to stand trial for illegal money lending soon. I also informed said university as to GOLDIES new panache for downloading pictures of Thai infants to his Flicker page.
      I also enquired, if it is indeed Hanks son in law, if he is aware of papa in laws past and current situation.
      I'm inclined to believe that's why the post was removed.

  6. You would think goudie would need his passport for the firearms purchase also and as I recall pattaya Court has it.
    Me thinks perhaps goodie might be telling a porous to impress the ladies.

  7. These stooges not only try to delude others, they actually delude themselves.
    We have had Hanks angrily deny in court that he was a pimp. But this is exactly what he is/was, and quite a nasty one at that if you believe what has been written about his modus operendi on other websites.
    Now we have Brian crying that people have 'been calling people dear to me whores.' Once again, like with the Pimp Hanks case we refer to the dictionary which describes a whore as a "woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet."
    Last week when I attended Misty's agogo that is exactly what the girls were doing there. So Brian don't carry on please, don't delude yourself. A spade is a spade. It is your choice what you do but don't get angry when people simply tell the truth.
    Similar Drew Noyes and his current live in, the Buffalo Girl. He was also outraged when this site revealed his status. So outraged in fact, that he made up a story of how AD had said that his wife had been giving blow jobs to foreign men in Pattaya. Of course it has been proven that this was never said on this blog. He said it in court and then showed up at the recent FCCT meeting where he tried this again. Bizarre. Now if you find your women in Pattaya's bar/whore scene, people are probably going to assume that they have given blowjobs to foreign men. It is part of their job description.
    Why delude yourselves. You can never 'buy' these girls you can only rent them. though the prices are very cheap. In Pattaya I see it time and time again, old foreign men deluding themselves that their prostitute is different and she really loves them.
    If you hook up with a girl from a bar in Pattaya, you are always the customer in her eyes even if she calls you tealuck. Brian and Drew, you are suckers.

  8. Who is lower? Drew or Brian?
    Both pretend to be lawyers.
    Both have fanciful resumes.
    Both are conmen.
    Both have spent time in custody.
    Both use imagined influential people as part of their con jobs.
    Both owe a lot of money that will unlikely ever be recovered.
    Drew has his Buffalo girl and Brian had one from Mistys agogo.
    Both use fake names on the internet to attack those who expose them.
    Drew's best friend is Brian Wright who is facing charges for raping a child. Brian's former flat mate is in jail for raping children.
    Drew has been described as a sexual predator, is known to frequent a bar in Jomtien throwing back Black and Cokes, and had trouble in the States for assaulting women and asking for a 'taste'. He has also had trouble for bashing his wife and spitting in her face on numerous occasions. Drew may have also run/owned beer bars where Thai women were rented out to give blowjobs to foreign men in Duck Square and Soi 2. Drew also has children everywhere that he fails to support.
    To be fair to Brian, I don't think he is this way inclined. So in my opinion, Drew is lower. much, much lower. About as low as one can go.

  9. We are praying Drew won't show up at pink polo tomorrow. He was asked not to attend last year after an incident with Caroline. He had in previous years tried to take over the event as his own. The purpose is to raise money for charity but he had tried to turn it into a self promotion.
    One would think he wouldn't show up where he is despised, but that didn't stop him from showing up at the FCCT meeting recently.
    Memo to Drew; don't come we all hate you. We are bringing our children and don't want to see you lurking around and ruining everyone's day.

    1. Some years back, I met Mr Noyes after contacting him from his "Only American Lawyer Allowed to Practice in Thailand " ad, regarding registering an American Treaty business and he invited me to attend the Pink Polo function.
      Of course it is open to the public for a fee, but as is his MO , he made it seem as if I were to be a guest of his. Once there, and paying for the entrance ticket it became apparent to me he really wasn't as much of an insider as he'd led me to believe, though he did briefly introduce me to Caroline Link, whom I was hoping to engage on behalf of my horse rescue. Of course it wasn't too long after, when Mr Noyes never returned my calls ( thankfully, ) and I read more about him on this site, that I realized having myself introduced by him was tantamount to automatic ostracizing within the Bangkok horsey set. To this day, I'm thwarted by the Thailand Equestrian Federation headed by her father, Herald Link to have any involvement, and even my attempts to gain a simple certification to teach have been repeatedly ignored. In absence of any other explanation, I can only assume my proximity to Mr Noyes is the cause.

      Thanks Drew, gosh, you know maybe I should sue you for false advertising. What is the statute of limitations?

    2. Dear Christy S., glad to hear from your Horse care intentions and really angry that Drew was your "host",do not worry, people are wise enough to understand where it all comes from, I made the same mistake, at one of Mr. Chaikiri's birthday party at Horse Shoe Point where I and my team prepared the Organic Dinner for about 50 guests including all his international true high level personalities, the Asian World Bank Chairman, the owner of the main Austrian Newspaper and others so ones, Drew begged me to be invited so I talked to Mr. Chaikiri and he agreed, of course those times we were not so well informed about his scams, I also learned after the Dinner that he had stolen the chair and sitting place of the lady who was also commemorating her birthday and was supposed to sit near him.Drew simply sat there without being given or invited to sit there. He was also accused by Mr. Chaikiri' s secretary of recording the conversations he was having at the table without peoples knowledge of permission. I was called to be reprimanded by her for inviting him and she was furious that she did not know about his invitation or as she said , "-would never have allowed it". So things like this happen but you should be not too concerned because now people realize that many of us have fallen into his manipulations and that is understandable. A letter to the Link Family will surely clear this misunderstanding.
      Whenever you wish to talk about horses let me know please…

    3. Hello Ivan,
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Please do contact me, as I can use all the support I can get. I'm very very close to simply putting horses down and leaving, as much as that will be a horrid thing to live with, I cannot abandon them here to those awful beach rental stables. I need that teaching certificate in order to stay on and support the horse rescue, and I'm qualified to get it, too. Can you please help me?

  10. Somewhat reminiscent of Teak Door's Dirty Dog posting pics of the gun he claimed was kept under his truck seat. Good grief it's all so embarrassingly, pathetically phallic.

  11. Shopping malls and schools in his vicinity should be concerned. First signs of falling off the rails, these signs if reported are taken seriously in the west as they can lead to mass shootings. But here, sadly, just another crazy foreigner.

  12. Can the Bam Pot be a little more clear with the photo please…….I have doubts it's the passport that contains it's entry visa……all too fudged, obstructed and vague I think.

    1. Notice he doesn't prove the picture was taken today or that the passport is really his. Pretty sad for such an honest man.

      It's surely the same kind of tactics that Alba Law/Brian Goudie used to gain victims, which gives addition credence to the number of people seeking litigation against the "Commando Barrister".

    2. Think you nailed it on the head Ally, Is it Goudie or Goldie? Picture looks a lot like his Aussie criminal record file!

  13. The Ruger LC9 ex-con Brian claims to have is a little plastic one that fits in the palm of your hand and fires the 9mm Luger round, also known as the "ninemillymeter" by certain immature Rap artistes who sing about prison, gangs and guns.

    He claims to have paid Baht 85,000 for his $400 little plastic gun.

    This is not a manly gun, it is the sort of little plastic gun paranoid American women buy for a "Concealed Carry Weapon", it fits fine in your handbag and comes in black or pink.

    If you are confronted by ex-con Brian with his little plastic gun, and cannot run away, stay over 20 yards away and move from side to side, the short barrel will make hitting anything mansized a challenge more than 10 feet away, especially if they are not immobile sheets of paper. After 7 rounds the action will lock back, walk up to him and punch him on the nose.

    On a more serious note, Thailand should hang its head in shame if they have really allowed a foreign ex-con to buy even a lady gun and then post threats on the Internet.

    1. Don't forget Brian is a multi-tasker. He captained 120 Royal marines whilst doing 2 degree's and an MBA. (Which actually means 'master bullshit artist'.) I'd take it with a grain of salt he actually has either the gun, the licence or his passport.

      The basics of Thai gun law

      Under Thai law, it is mandatory for all individuals to obtain authorization prior to the possession, manufacturing, using, selling, purchase, ordering, and importation of firearms. Possession of ammunition for use with a gun other than one which you have obtained a license for owning and/or using is prohibited.

      You are not allowed to bring a gun with you into a city, neighbourhood, or public areas without a license for carrying one on you. Exceptions do exist for emergencies depending on the situation, and for government officials or law enforcement bodies of certain types.

      Requirements for Obtaining a License for Gun Possession

      In order to be eligible for application for a license, you must not be an individual who is imprisoned for certain types of crimes, nor one who has been discharged from such crimes for a period of time of less than five years (counting from the date of discharge). Licenses will not be granted to individuals who are being imprisoned from violations of the Act. This also applies to individuals who have previously been imprisoned for two or more times in the past five years for other violations of the law as specified in the Act.

      Thai law requires that you must be at least 20 years of age in order to apply for a license. Licenses for gun possession will not be granted to individuals who are disabled or handicapped and incapable of using a gun, unless possession is only for keepsake purposes. Persons who are incompetent, quasi-incompetent, mentally insane or deranged will not be permitted a license. Those who behave in a way that disrupts social peace and order are not eligible to obtain a license for gun possession. You must be employed and receive income. You must have a permanent address in Thailand and have your name listed in the house registration specifically in the area where you are applying for a license, for at least six months.

      Should you become incompetent, quasi-incompetent, mentally insane or deranged after having already received a license, your license will be revoked. In this case, you (or your guardian or representative) will be required to hand over the firearms and ammunition in your possession to the registrar.

  14. Andrew Drummond,

    I hope you've notified the Koh Samui police that an expat with a documented history of anger management issues, who is under investigation for serious crimes in Thailand, now says he legally owns a pistol.

    He said he bought it to deal with his detractors. That clearly makes him a threat to public safety.

    I'm guessing Goudie bought the gun illegally, thus the high price and the lack of required paperwork.

    Perhaps due to the potential threat Goudie represents to the public, the Koh Samui police could be inspired to inspect both the sellers and Goudie's paperwork to ensure the sale was legal. I would also suggest a search of his property to ensure that he is not in possession of any other illegal weapons.

    After all, I'm sure the Koh Samui police don't want to get shot and it's a sure bet that if they investigated the background of Goudie, he'd never have gotten a permit.

  15. Requiem, it is possible to obtain a permit as a foreigner in Thailand as long as you have a Non-imm visa and work permit and are on a house registration for at least six months prior to applying.

    The high price is related to all the paperwork for the importation and the limited market. There are some cheap guns out there from China that police officers buy (stand clear if he fires it) but the costs of importation make the original gun cost a small part of the price.

    Hoevever there is a level of information you need to provide on the application and wide grounds for the registrar to refuse, such as being likely to use it to sort out grievances, being an ex-convict etc. It is not unheard of for a foreigner to have a permit but I would be surprised if ex-con Brian was considered a fit person.

    There are plenty of shooting clubs you can pop into if you need to shoot, just borrow a club gun and bang away. In many ways this is preferable to the licencing route.

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