Reveals himself as internet warrior behind 
psuedo legal site ‘CaseWatchAsia”

A major British regional newspaper has been conned by fake lawyer Brian Goudie, aka Goldie.  into printing a highly colourful report of the arrest of a Briton in Pattaya.

Mathews ‘ violent criminal’ ” Not actually.

The respectable and popular Express and Star in Wolverhampton this week reported on the arrest of local man Andy Mathews after an ’11 day manhunt’ in Thailand and claimed he had been sent to Nong Plalai Prison.

Journalists sourced the website Casewatchasia.blogspot.com and checked with the Foreign Office quoting a spokesman as saying the British Embassy was ready to offer consular services.

In fact CasewatchAsia is run by Brian Goudie, also known as Goldie and Mathews never went to prison, nor was there a manhunt. In fact there was hardly a hunt at all.

Goudie shopped him. He has a long standing feud with Mathews.

Goudie is currently on trial for posing as a British barrister to defraud an American woman, Barbara Fanelli Miller, out of US$240,000 to defend her son on child sex abuse charges.  Its alleged also Goudie pocketed her son’s bail.

Retrials have been ordered on this case and another child sexual abuse case which Goudie handled.

Posing as a barrister he had set up a company called Alba Laws, and sent an agent to the local jail to seek business from foreign prisoners.

In a video he boasted that he was making money ‘like there was no tomorrow’ by taking on child sex abuse cases.

Goudie has been waging a vendetta against Mathews ever since Mathews threatened him after discovering Goudie, to whom he had lent a lot of cash, was not a British barrister and former officer in the Royal Marines as he claimed, but a former bank clerk with a jail sentence for theft.

First four stories on Casewatchasia. Three out of four are on his perceived enemies. Nang, Drummond, Mathews
Goudie copied the template used by this site.

CasewatchAsia is a website he has set up principally to attack his enemies. In the main his enemies number those who have named him as Brian Gerald James Goldie, born on October 3 1967 in Falkirk, Scotland, who was jailed for six year in Australia for theft from a Perth Mining company – and who refused to return to Scotland to face an alleged fraud against the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Top of the list of those is British journalist Andrew Drummond, (author of this site), who has written several exposés of Goudie’s activities around the world but latterly in Thailand where he has invented a completely new persona.

But second comes a woman called ‘Nang’,his former girlfriend, whom he appointed managing director of a company called ‘Jimmy International’ which he acquired from former Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday on his death bed.

Halliday was a ‘client’ who died having acquired the flesh eating disease necrotising fasciitis while in Nong Plalai prison on assault charges.

Goudie got him to sign a power of attorney before his death – and Goudie used it to seize his property.

A video of  ‘Nang’ (whom he described as a prostitute) taken on his mobile phone, now appears widely on the internet after being uploaded by a ‘mysterious person’ and copied by aggregators.

Next five stories – four are about his perceived enemies. Nang, Goudie, Mathews and Goulet

The mystery person has an identical shirt to one Goudie has been photographed in and the email used to upload the videos has a close resemblance to that of one of his enemies. The Technical Crime Suppression Division has sent a report on this to Pattaya Police.

Goudie admits the video came from his smart phone, but says it was uploaded by whoever stole his computer.

Next six stories – three about Mathews one about Goulet, one about a woman called Sukanya,
who has alledly diddled his Scottish best friend John Macdonald and one promoting David Hanks
supposed fight with Google. Out of  16 stories 13 are personal!

As Managing Director of Jimmy International Nang had the computers. Would she put porn of herself on the internet – and also label it with her name and nickname?

He also attacks the Thonglor ‘Forever Young’ Clinic in Jomtien and it’s joint owner Mike Goulet.

Mike Goulet point to Noyes and his ‘common law wife’ Wanrapa Boonsu after their arrest for extortion

Goulet was the principal prosecution witness in a recent case in Pattaya in which Goudie’s colleague American Drew Walter Noyes, was jailed for two years for extortion.

Jaggie Thistle

Noyes and his wife had demanded protection money from the clinic.

But Andy Mathews, who makes a living running a small estate office in Pattaya is a person he had been hounding for more than two years and to whom Goudie gives special attention.

Mathews supervised the decoration of Halliday’s pub – The Blarney Stone – to turn it into Goudie’s Scottish themed Jaggie Thistle.

Shortly after he lent Goudie some US$13,000 Mathews discovered from a friend that Goudie was not a British barrister and went to the Jaggie Thistle insulted Goudie and demanded his money back.

He accused Goudie of being a lying thief – which under the circumstances seemed quite reasonable.

But Goudie then took him to court for criminal libel. And under Thailand libel laws truth is not a defence.

The language between each other had been blue but Goudie perhaps best summed up his own character in an sms (left) sent to Mathews in the middle of their feud.

It was not the first time he had boasted how devious he could be.

Goudie had also been advising a German businessman called Rolf Haupt on the legality of importing cars into Thailand.

Haupt was a former partner of Mathews in a real estate business and they had a business dispute which Mathews claimed had left him cheated out of 27 million Thai baht (US$800,000).

They had an altercation and Mathews struck Haupt causing him facial injury.

In fact Goudie was Mathews’s original ‘legal representative’ and he advised Mathews to plead not guilty. He did not take Goudie’s advice.

He was recently arrested and bailed for threatening Haupt.

But he was not jailed in Nong Plalai prison as Goudie reported.

Haupt – real estate, gambling, importing posh cars- Occupations not normally reserved for foreigners

Goudie’s original story about Mathews on his Casewatchasia blogspot has now been removed – as has the Express and Star story.

But Goudie has now replaced the story with another false story claiming Mathews was a violent criminal with a fixation for guns (see lead picture).

Accompanying the story is a picture of Mathews in a bar with a policeman, both are holding guns – and the policeman’s is pointing at Mathew’s crutch.

Goudie exposed in the Scottish Sunday Mail

In an email to this site Goudie says: “Casewatch? I read it – so what? No idea who owns it, Google I think maybe.”

On Alexa.com CasewatchAsia is recorded as scoring 1.8 page views a day – but they may be probably from people he has written about – plus the Express and Star.

‘She has left us no choice!’
Whoops – Obsessed Goudie on Casewatch Asia inadvertently loses his cool and admit  he is hounding ‘Nang’.

A reporter on the Star said: “It appears CasewatchAsia is not what we originally thought.  They have been sending us a lot of stuff. The story will be removed.” He said the Foreign and Commonwealth office had confirmed the arrest of a Briton in Pattaya and was ready to offer consular assistance. The Foreign Office have confirmed this.

Andy Mathews said: “There was no manhunt. I did not turn up in court to face the charges brought by Haupt. Goudie saw me and reported me to police. I was bailed. I never went to prison. The court report is fiction.”

Below is what the Express and Star reported:

Goudie should know the conditions in Nong Plalai prison – he’s been there! Otherwise its all ‘said to have’ or ‘alleged to have’. This language should have been spotted.

#DrewNoyes #Drew WalterNoyes #BrianGoudie #WanrapaBoonsu #Casewatchasia

Comment: Mistakes like this happen a lot now newspapers are more and more relying on ‘internet news’ to fill their pages.


  1. Interesting given Brian posted photos on his facebook page of a gun he claimed to own in a childish attempt at intimidating people. His photo blog also has a lot of pictures of knives which are mostly cheap Chinese copies. He has the phrase 'keep them sharp and handy' in another pathetic attempt to play the hard man. I wondered why a former battle hardened Royal Marine Captain who has a black belt in judo would need such things. Then I remembered the closest Brian has come to an actual battle field is fighting the traffic on his daily journey to his job as a bank teller.

    It seems Brian's only other skill besides cheating and stealing from people, is snitching and informing on them. This just adds to his already odorous reputation as a career lowlife. I also see there is another video of Brian online but I doubt he will want anybody to see it. People can search his name and the term 'gay life' and it leads to a video where Brian is certainly having a gay time down there on Samui. I guess that was stolen from his computer as well.

    So called news websites are a bit of a joke now, a mixture of some news but mostly celebrity gossip and news that appears world wide as the same story. Investigative journalism is rare and it is getting to the stage where there is so much fallacious stuff on the net it is obviously getting harder for some people to discern truth from bullshit. Five minutes of due diligence should reveal the real character of the likes of Drew Noyes and Brian Goudie. The third stooge is not worth talking about, a non-entity.

  2. Seems like Matthews has an 'open and shut case' case for libel against this newspaper….he should do quite well out of it

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