Hanks and Goudie with their lawyer

Scotsmen Brian Goudie, a phony lawyer, and David Hanks, a former pimp in Melbourne failed to appear in court in Koh Samui to press criminal libel and computer crimes charges against British journalist Andrew Drummond – and neither did their lawyer.

Goudie,  from Falkirk, who is also now in court in both Samui and Pattaya in relation to charges of defrauding an American woman out of 7.9 million baht (US$240,791) through his pseudo law company Alba Laws, had indicated earlier in the week he would not bother to attend.  ‘I shall be in Bangkok” he said in an email.

If he does not surrender to bail a warrant of arrest will be issued against him in relation to the fraud charges.

Hanks, from Girvan, former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne, which has featured in Australian Administrative Tribunals, did not indicate why he could not attend.

Last year he was arrested in an investigation by the Department of Special Investigations into a Russian ‘mafia group’ in Pattaya which was lending money at the rate of 60 per cent per month. Hanks, Thai newspapers reported, was the funder.

Goudie also did not show up in the other case to contest the latest charges brought by lawyers on behalf of Barbara Fanelli Miller, 76, of Madison, Wisconsin. On October 31st the case was accepted for trial in Koh Samui.

The lawyer for both Hanks and Goudie had notified the court that he had withdrawn his services. Both Hanks and Goudie will have to find a new lawyer to represent them on April 20th next year.

Lawyers for Andrew Drummond had requested an adjournment of the case.

Hanks is suing Drummond for a report describing him as a former pimp and linking him to ‘mafia’. Hanks was the former owner of ‘Masquerades’ a brothel in Keysborough, a suburb of Melbourne.

In one case AAAT case Australian Immigration officers said they found a 40-year-old Thai prostitute in this brothel which specialized in ‘Asian Hotties’

She had gone through a sham marriage with an 18-year-old Australian construction worker to gain residency in Australia. Her residency was withdrawn)

Goudie as Royal Marine

Goudie is suing on the basis of photo-shopped pictures of himself dressed as a barrister and as an officer in the Royal Marines and in ‘pampers’ amongst others.

Goudie, formerly known as Prisoner E0000274 Goldie in Hakea Prison, WA., has never been a barrister or a Royal Marine, but this is what he used to tell everyone, including Barbara Fanelli Miller, until he was outed on this site.

He was jailed in Australia for six years for stealing from his employers ,a West Australian mining company, while in a position of trust in the accounts department – and an Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal heard that a warrant of arrest had been issued against him by Scottish police in connection with a fraud on a car sales company and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Last month on his pseudo legal site casewatchasia which is dedicated to his enemies Goudie predicted:

as fake barrister

“The Court today noted in the record that no further adjournments will be granted, and if Drummond fails to appear on November 13th arrest warrants will be issued.
Goudie and Hanks are said to intend to object to Drummond being released on bail, other than with tough conditions such as a higher than normal bail bond, clear confirmation of a residential address, travel restrictions and surrender of passport, as  they say Drummond now faces at least five criminal trials next year in cases that have already been accepted and is a clear flight risk.”

Footnote: With separate cases in Pattaya and Koh Samui on actual serious criminal charges (There are no such offences as criminal libel or Computer Crime libel in the UK or USA where this site is registered and based) its more likely that Brian Goudie is a greater flight risk.

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    1. I was wondering that too. Could be 100,000 reasons. It could be because of the state he left his last girlfriend in (She was a law student working for his lawyer). Could be the lawyer worked out whom he was and did not want to represent him any more, could be he did not pay. He does not let money go easily and often short changes. Could even be the army. Who knows?

    2. I don't understand. How could anyone that has swindled the amounts of money that Goudie has be unable to afford legal representation? Hasn't the Ban Kow Bay thing he's doing sold tons of resort estates?

      And now Goudie's photoshop cases have been put off for another six months.

      I'm guessing there's no telling what's going to happen to Goudie between now and then, with all of the legal difficulties that he's in.

    3. At the moment he is defending two criminal cases and two returned libel/c crime cases which will all kick in before April. Pretty much the same with Noyes. But I also understand that he now this weekend the young lady whom he defamed in relation to two offences will initiate the cases with assistance. His sidekick will also face charges. Doubt if he sell Baan Kao. But he should have means.

  1. Sorry…I'm lost now……somebody who runs/ owns a brothel IS a pimp…..so David Hanks IS a former pimp…..what's so confusing about that?
    Come on Hanks……sue me.

  2. D…… not only is Bam Pot in court in Pattata and Samui but also in in Bangkok, along with the Bloated Old Criminal and Old Flabby Guts the ex pimp, where my 2 cases are currently on going, 1 civil and 1 criminal. Not looking too good for the stooges is it…..

  3. OK, so neither plaintiff shows and neither does a lawyer. Is that not a waste of court time and resources? What happens? Rescheduling? Do you simply turn up when you wish? Bizarre.

    1. Its a disgusting waste of time at which Hanks and Goudie are past masters. They keep their cases going as long as possible. I had to pay two people to fly to Samui to deal with his – I have had to do it umpteen times. They want me to waste my money and have succeeded. But in this case their plan totally backfired and it has now put these case to a time which should be long past the date by which Goudie has to flee or go to jail. I would love to know why their lawyer did not turn up – but he has had the last laugh.

    2. Yes, I understand but a court of law cannot operate like this. It starts to become a burden on their system and time. I find it hard to believe that they tolerate it, Furthermore, to waste court time and at the defendant's expense is plain wrong. And surely the judges must realize what is happening. This is primitive.

  4. Our new friend Sharky is a master of collecting peoples money. Drew Noyes and Brian Goldie have many people chasing them for money they decietfully obtained. Andrew has been doing a great job exposing them and has destroyed their fake businesses. But maybe we should get Sharky on the job. I don't think he would be too concerned by Drew Noyes' threats of influential people, his skydiving awards or his other continuing bullshit. Maybe Ally if he is feeling generous may instad of hiring lawyers to fight the cause, could instead hire the Shark.
    Sharky says he doesnt really like people but does stick up for women, children and animals. Well, we know about Drew's history of brutal violence against women and also of Gouldie, and also of the treatment dished out to Asian Hotties.
    And we also know about Drew Noyes and his best friend Brian Wright who has been convicted of the rape of a 12 year old little girl. I assume Sharky would not have any sympathy for these weak cowards who only prey on the weak. Drew , many years ago ran out the backdoor and hid in a friends car when a fight broke out at a expats meeting. And we saw how brave he was when he went 'skydiving' with people who were there on the day saying he had wet his trousers. He likes to hit people, but only if they are female.
    I reckon Sharky could clean up more in a week than fighting 10 years through the Thai legal system. What do you reckon Ally?

  5. these guys will end up in Cambodia with another crew that have 10 year warrants out for them

    then when they are run out of Cambodia theres Myanmar

    1. The Bloated Old Criminal and Flabby, ex pimp, are well into their 60.s now…so as OAP's I don't think they've much time left on this earth…..so may be giving them 10 years is slightly ambitious or even charitable, I'd say 5 at best…..only the Bam Pot will possibly be around by then, however, reading The Weapons assessment of Goldie he'll probably be the first one to check out and go to the deep, deep south…One can only hope.

    2. According to Bwian the FBI and Australian Federal police are after me. Going to be hard for them to arrest me given I'm in Thailand LOL. I have a copy of the letter Bwian sent to the Feds.

      Dear Australian Federal Police

      My internet name is Brain Boru but the alias I use to defraud people is Brian Goudie. My actual real name is Brian Goldie. You may remember me as I absconded to Australia after defrauding my then employer the Royal Bank of Scotland. After a fruitless attempt to stay in Australia via sham relationships, I again defrauded my employer and got a 2 year lagging in Perth. I was given the boot out of Australia for being a person of bad character.

      I now live in Thailand where I have continued my life of devious frauds and cunning deeds. I am facing various charges in Thailand for activities similar to the ones in Australia. The reason I am contacting you is nasty people are saying bad things about me online and posting pictures of me that have been photoshopped. I lied and said I was a lawyer and Captain in the Royal Marines now people have posted pictures of me dressed as a lawyer and marine.

      I think somebody called the Weapon is doing it and I think he might live in Australia. Can you drop all your investigations into drug trafficking, terrorism and people smuggling and investigate this for me? Given I was such an upstanding former resident of Australia I'm sure this will be a priority investigation for you.

      Yours sincerely

      Brian Boru / Goudie / Goudie (Former inmate Hakea prison Perth)

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