Local government officials in Croatia have finally come face to face with the realization that the biggest project in the history of the principality of Matulji ( look it up) is but a mere pipe dream.

And that indeed the principal funder – Sparta Matrix, which has been exposed many times on this site, they realise is indeed  a ‘boiler room’.
The project so far
All this despite the fact that Sparta Matrix told the authorities:

 “In the name of the Board of Directors, Philip Wainwright wishes to inform all investors and people who work with our organization and for our organization to all complaints about scams on the Internet posted by the competing companies to us, in order to discredit our company. Our company therefore decided to file a complaint against all of these companies… etc”

This site is not a competing company and has as yet not received a complaint.
Sparta Matrix technically owes 55 per cent of the company Miklavije LC, company, which has been structured to build a ‘ 984 million Euros logistics center providing an opportunity for the development of various projects of entrepreneurial programs (logistics and distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, business services, transport )with a  broad range of investors, especially those from the area of southern Germany, Austria , Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who gravitate to the port of Rijeka and use the Rijeka transport route.’
What that means is a massive port logistics centre.
Sparta Matrix has been funding its role with an impressive but see-through website. In fact this company with its boss Philip Wainwright is better known for its boiler room scams in Asia and as we pointed out here is the subject of warnings on a Securities and Futures Commission warning list in Hong Kong and also on a Swedish Finansinspektionen list.
Well the President has seen him, Wainwright left with President Ivo Josipović
Still Croatian journalist  Ladislav Tomičić has put pen to paper and has been recording all this on Novi List.

He writes. ‘This is a story with an unhappy ending’.

Then he wades through the security exchange warnings, boiler room allegations and cannot find anyone who can remember #Philip Wainwright.

#SpartaMatrix will not be getting any land for their cash, which is what they wanted – although they are now trying to sue to the local municipality.
This is of course bad news for senior citizens in Western Europe who have been pouring money into Sparta Matrix but then Sparta Matrix was always bad news.
One of Sparta Matrix’s claims to gain respectability was to say it was  registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission – but of course as we have seen in the last year a whole range of crooks are registered there.

The funniest was their link to United States Homeland Security and the western intelligence communities – but when you clicked on their Homeland Security link on their website you got this.
Don’tchya love it?
Below – from the Fraud Recovery Group