‘Either the ‘ballsiest’ person ever or a complete mental case’

Police in the Thai eastern seaboard resort of Pattaya have taken a statement from Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward, who has been besieging the main police station making allegations that police stole his gold and tried to set him up for drugs.

After the local police chief retaliated suggesting he could be deported for his offensive behavior, Ward, a former loan shark and club owner of Australia’s Gold Coast, came out of the police station at 3 am today a happier man.

Police had finally taken a statement from him and he reported: “I may have been given a bunch of lemons. If so I plan to make some lemonade”.

The latest moves followed the intervention, he says, of a well-known and highly respected Pattaya businessman whom he describes as a person ‘You don’t have to talk like a child to.’

“He told me that I can carry on fighting the world all by myself – in which case I might get shot or deported or both – or I can divert my energy to other matters.  He said either I was the ballsiest person he had come across or I was a complete mental case.”

The jury is out on that one. Ward told ‘Sneaky TV’ last week that he was a poster boy for mental illness.

There were six people inside his head, he said, all of whom hated Pattaya Police. On the other hand he makes perfect sense.

If the truce lasts his demonstrations will have worked.

Ward will return to Pattaya Police station on Friday to meet senior police from Chonburi and sign the statement after he has checked the English translation.

The discussions with the local businessman came after Ward turned down numerous offers for help from ‘foreigners who had Thai wives who were police generals or something like that’.

Meanwhile Sneaky TV are editing a piece which should go up on the net next Monday.

A report run by Niels Colov’s Pattaya People Media Group accusing Sharky of breaking a cameraman’s strap and damaging a camera has been removed and says Ward, he has subsequently received an apology.

Ward had been threatened with prosecution after the journalist made a statement. The video, says Ward, actually shows the journalist attacking him.

Sharky is not currently in love with the Australian media either.

 “I gave an interview to a journalist from the Gold Coast bulletin lasting over an hour. She then lifted reams from a website set up in my name which is not mine, without checking.”


  1. Allegations that his gold had been stolen does not come as a complete surprise to me. Two policemen arrived shortly after my next door neighbor reported that his friend had died. While at the deceased's premises the police men asked where his friend kept his valuables, he pointed to the draw … you have to use your imagination what happened next (think the worst and most probably you are right). True to form the police arrived quickly when in their best interest.

  2. Heard the same of a f'lang death on the darkside – f'lang friend found him dead, called the police – they filled out the paperwork, then filled their pickup.

  3. I think possibly because I have so seen many people ripped off in Thailand – and many come to me. And I tell them – 'Well you have to help yourself too. If they have been ripped off on housing deals they should march on the City Hall in Pattaya for instance, with placards. Name the people who ripped them off and challange the authorities and their so called Consumer Affairs Departments to do something about it….But they never do. But then along comes this guy, whom I do not know from Adam, though I have spoken a lot with him over the last week – and he marches by himself on the police station – and he embarrasses them – so much so that they try and file phoney charges against him. And he embarrasses them further. And now it looks like a compromise can be reached which may be satisfactory to him. And when I expose fraud and cheats I expect the victims to take criminal charges against them – and when they do I do not expect them to settle half way through the proceedings when the fraudsters offer the money back – which is what you can do in Thailand when private prosecutions are taken. Its not Sharky – it is the symbol of what he is doing. So despite his colourful past – this man does have a code of behaviour and if he gave me his word I am sure he would keep.

    1. Been reading you since 09 Mr. Drummond and sharing several of your pieces with colleagues of mine. And will continue to do so.

      As I understand it Sharky stabbed a schoolteacher on the beach in Pattaya and was proud of it on the web, explaining how simple it was to take advantage of the Thai police. Prior to this he made a living extorting people in Australia until they had enough and ran him out of town.

      Also seems to have a history of attempting to use the media as a tool to his own ends (not exactly noble ones).

      Point is: this is probably the weakest 'feel good' story I've ever read on this site, and now you run the risk of losing credibility – which I definitely don't want to see happen.

      Sad day.

    2. I have read several versions of that school teacher story Pai Mei. But quite frankly I am only dealing with the allegations today and how he delivered them as I have explained above. I have absolutely no doubt this guy has been (maybe is) a bad mf. However that's not the issue. In the future however his anger might be diverted away from police onto others – that could be the future problem.

  4. I can certainly vouch for the Housing Rip-offs. I had a German try to rip me off. I used Kosol who helped your guy who was jailed on trumped up charges. I got about 80% of my money back. However not before the guy tried to kill me. His Thai wife had her special police officer turn up at the nick and smooth things over. I also had 3 Thai girls try to rip me off who turned to the police to accuse me of filming them have sex with me. It was all a ruse to get money but I got hauled down the nick. The Chief took away my passport had a chat with me explained how it works, then he got rid of the go-go girls and took me down the Dunkin Donut shop on beach road for a coffee. I had to pay over 40,000 baht to him in the toilets and my passport was returned. It was the day that the hotel caught fire in Jomtien years ago. I will never forget it as I got straight into a taxi and went to Bangkok (The Tv was on in Nana Plaza centre showing the people stuck on the top of the hotel) totally pissed at loosing £1000 cash that day. It was 40/£….. all because I paid fine and left her sitting there whilst I went walkabout and ended up with another girl…. Expensive lesson. The copper said to me we don't need evidence if she says its the case then we can lock you up.. Never pissed a bird of like that again.

    1. Officially there is separation between court and prosecution, and evidence is expected to support a conviction. It's not easy as we read here, but not entirely hopeless either. If no actual footage to support their claim? When was it supposed to have been filmed? Where? CCTV showing who was where? Did she enter the building that night? Someone can vouch for your whereabouts? etc… I reckon their story would be full of holes.

  5. For heavens sakes how many of you have ever had problems with the Thai Police and seen what they can do. Tim had a point immaterial of his past exploits and AD is giving the guy credit for standing on his own 2 feet. If yourve ever been close to being ripped off by the Police or put on trump charges yourself then you’ll realize yourself you may need help any which way. By advertising the facts of this story makes readers more aware of Thailand’s corrupt Police and legal system and what can happen to those innocents who get caught in a trap. When it happens to you then you’ll understand. Its not what you know in Thailand its who you know & money talks? When you get in a spot of trouble you will see whats its like believe me?

  6. I hope Tim does'nt get deported, Pattaya needs characters like him, i'm sick to death of listening to British geriatrics talking about retirement visa's and exchange rates.

  7. Absolutely true, Pepe. But many farangs don't want to believe the downsides of this country. There are always those who pretend everything is rosy. One travel blogger claimed he saw no soldiers on the day of the coup. I'm sure that was a true statement. It's just that he deliberately choose a route which he knew would contain no military. Hardly helpful and accurate advice to give to would-be travellers .

  8. The downside of this country is patently clear. A police force that is mired in corruption, nepotism and incompetence. Any foreigner in trouble is seen as an opportunity for extortion by the police, the rule of law becomes redundant in their pursuit of an easy earn. The Shark wasn't robbed by criminals or burglars, his apartment was 'raided' by police who may or not even have been on duty. They had no warrant and made claims about finding things that seem alien to the Shark's lifestyle. After returning home money and gold was missing and if anybody thinks this is acceptable is insane.

    The role of the police should be to protect society and uphold the law. In Thailand the police are seen as the worst criminals and most dangerous citizens by a huge percentage of the population. Who do you turn to if you have a problem in Thailand if you can't trust the police?

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