An American ‘Walter Mitty’ who has been sentenced to two years in jail for extortion has announced that he is off to South Korea to do charity works in his role as President of the Lions Club of Bangkok – Silom 310D.

Drew Walter Noyes, who has a highly imaginative 7000 word bio on naymz.com and who was sentenced last month with his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu, says on Facebook that he is due to attend the  Orient and South East Asia Lions Forum which is being held in Incheon.

Delegates will be staying at the Hyatt , Incheon, and the conference drink will be ‘raspberry wine’ while delegates have been asked to foster and imprint the image of ‘ tolerance’– something which they have already done apparently.

Earlier this year he applied to the court to travel to the United States. He flew via Seoul with Boonsu and part of his family – He has nine children in Thailand – and returned less two children.

Both Noyes and Boonsu are on bail of 500,000 baht bail and will have had to put down a considerable top up to leave the country.

On his last trip he published pictures on his Facebook page of Thai military escorting him through Suvarnabhumi airport but assurances have been given that the military concerned were not on official business.

Several people have written both to the Lions Club of Bangkok and OSEAL complaining of his membership of the Lions Club.

In what seemed to be credibility boosting moves Drew Noyes attempted to join Rotary but was refused. His Optimists Club of Pattaya was deregistered by Optimists International within a few months of its birth and he failed to get elected to the board of the Pattaya City Expats Club despite being a founding member. This followed complaints by members of property fraud relating to his marketing of National Housing Authority property in Thepprasit Road, Jomtien. on Thailand’s eastern seaboard.

He struck lucky with Lions Club Silom 310D which predominantly comprises Indian members and holds curry nights.

Noyes before arriving in Thailand had been exposed in the Morning Star in Wilmington, North Carolina.

His CV or biography, said the newspaper, contained ‘myriad lies’ and he had been involved in dodgy property and share dealing as well as being accused of sexual harassment, demanding oral sex from a junior member of staff, threatening to cut her hours, which he did after she refused, the woman’s lawyer was quoted as saying.

The newspaper story ran under the headline ‘Trouble Follows Developer’ and ran on pages one and three.

Noyes has denied he was convicted of extortion to the Lions Club. “I have an open case for which there is no final verdict,” he told them.

The fact that he has been moving his children to the States might suggest that is his ultimate destination.

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  1. Perhaps he's right. Maybe he wasn't convicted of any offence. Nobody really knows. He certainly wasn't jailed. If he were convicted and jailed 2 years for extortion, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be flitting off to a Lions meeting in Korea.

    And even if he were convicted and sentenced, it may well be that it is not effective until an appeal is completed.

    And perhaps an conviction for extortion is viewed as a misdemeanor in Thailand and has no impact on the person to travel abroad.

    So many questions, so few answers. Quite random in my opinion.

    1. I'd have agree with tm. I was hoping we would have seen a certified translation of Drew's conviction by now, just so Drew couldn't say rumours of his conviction are heresay.

    2. That still sounds odd. Why would a certificate of conviction be available if a full judgment is not available? That seems fundamentally unfair to the defendant.

    3. I've got my copy….and dam am I going to use it to maximum effect at the Lions Club…..
      Exit one old bloated criminal……….

  2. Everythiing about the justice system is odd – tanmedia. But this is quite normal. Although the judgment is read out in court – the printed version always comes much later.

  3. Nine children here, and what, two in USA? That borders on, well…. disgusting. Rather the actions of someone not responsible at all- having to constantly have offspring. Something to prove? Impregnating a woman really isn't that much of a feat, especially in Thailand.

    1. No they don't. But obviously Thailand allows those sentenced to prison to travel outside of the country before they serve their time. What's stopping him doing a runner and never returning? Perhaps that's the plan.

    2. Re: Both Noyes and Boonsu are on bail of 500,000 baht bail and will have had to put down a considerable top up to leave the country.

      Andrew, Is the information regarding how much extra bail money he had to put down available to the public or more importantly to the plaintiff (clinic). Is it possible to report the extra amount paid and the reaction from the plaintiff? Did the plaintiff petition the court regarding possible flight risk? If memory serves me right the plaintiff lawyers for one of the Brian Goldie cases where he was found guilty petitioned the court regarding flight risk.

  4. Like it or not, it is not at all unusual for people convicted in a Thai lower court to obtain ongoing bail, live a normal life, go abroad, do their own thing. Of course, a judge has to agree foreign travel and a bail supplement may need to be paid – financial peanuts to a well-heeled defendant. There have been countless farang cases over the years on this very site. To take two British examples: Paul Cryne was on bail for murder in Thailand and returned to UK where he committed a separate murder before flying back here as per his bail conditions. He was later extradited to UK. Kevin Quill, on a drugs charge in Thailand, went abroad several times whilst awaiting the verdict of the appeal court which in fact acquitted him. Tragically for him, the verdict was again reversed in the supreme court. Neither of these men jumped bail at any time. Those readers who expect someone's world to collapse because of a prison sentence in the Thai lower court simply don't understand the system here which takes many years to unfold, not weeks and months.

    1. Well I guess it all depends on the crime, however it does seem like a prison sentence in a lower court is not terribly binding. That are countless stories of tourists being banged up for misdemeanors such as cannabis possession, yet convicted extortionists and murderers are allowed to roam free. However, it does seem to be if you appeal your sentence, freedom is granted until the process is complete.

  5. Hi Barry, nice to hear from you. As far as your comment that "readers who expect someone's world to collapse because of a prison sentence in the Thai lower court simply don't understand the system", put me down on that "uninformed" list … lol. This particular case which I have been following closely has been both an education and a real eye opener. My confidence in the Thai judicial system is so low I can understand why Thais do not go to the police and circumvent the legal system wherever possible. Justice delayed is justice denied appears not to apply to Thailand.

    1. For Jay Simone: Thank you for your notification of a literal which has now being corrected. On the contrary we do allow opposing views on this site. We delete libels, twits and a'hole only and encourage them to go to Thaivisa. Stalk as you wish. We have high resilience levels.

  6. 'Justice delayed is justice denied' – Observer.

    Born in Thailand is justice denied – unless a 'hi so'.

    When I see what gets perped against f'langs (eg recent Brit retailer) I despair for any local victim of 'justice' who has absolutely no one to turn to.

  7. I give it 40/60 of Drew returning. It's been reported Drew and Kung had a productive visit at the US embassy and for the first time I'm assuming Drew is going on an overseas trip with the mother of several of his many children, rather than Naam.

    If I'm not mistaken, it was Naam that Drew brought with him to the US on a trip rather a few years back, rather than Kung, the mother of Drew's kids.

    I guess since Kung is smart enough to get Drew's assets put in her name, she now controls Drew's wallet and thus is traveling with Drew rather than Naam. It's funny how that works.

    Naam, if you read this, don't be sad. I'm sure the guy who you did that wedding photo spread with will be back to do another spread with you soon.

  8. As previously annoucned on this site, I have been at Sabai Lodge on Soi 2 in Pattaya since November 4th.

    I have yet to hear from con man and covicted extotionist Drew Water Noyes of Pattaya and his "powerful friends."

    When are they coming? I'm begining to feel a bit left out!

    I will be here until December 4th. I want to meet Drew Noyes and his poweful friends.

  9. I have a feeling, that someone of the Lions had the perception to realize that the Thai Lions Club Silom 310D (was) is led by a convicted criminal as their president. True Noise did not post any selfgratification pictures of him shaking hands with local dignities or roaring with the other Lions in choir. Probably he was told that he was not welcome OR … on contrary his reputation preceded him and he was invited by South Korean President to help him with the tension between North- and South Korea. So in case we see Noise shaking Hands with the North Korean guy (the one with the bad hair cut) we can expect him to add another achievement to his colourful CV.

  10. It's November 16th. I am still waiting for fake lawyer and con man Drew Walter Noyes of Pattaya and his "powerful friends" to show up at my hotel room.

    He wants an apology, right? He is only going to get his ass kicked here. Unless he shows up with his "powerful friends."

    Where are they? Again, I am feeling very left out. I want to meet Drew Walter Noyes, the fake Pattaya lawyer and his "powerful friends."

    Sabai Lodge, Soi 2, Pattaya.

  11. Another day is about to pass and I still haven't heard from fake lawyer, conman and convicted extortionist Drew Walter Noyes of Pattaya.

    Nor have I heard from his "powerful friends."

    I am really, REALLY starting to feel left out.

    Same address as above.

  12. I have 48 hours left at Sabai Lodge on Soi 2 in Pattaya.

    I still haven't heard from tough guy (pussy) Drew Walter Noyes or any of his "powerful" friends.

    Tick, tock, tick tock.

    Where are ya "tough guy?"

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