‘I’m just a sweetie really’ – The terror of Pattaya Police reforms


In with the new reformed Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward

Today comes the not unexpected news that Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward – who has been besieging Pattaya Police station and accusing officers of attempting to fit him up with drugs  and stealing a fortune in gold from his apartment, has mellowed…..  Police and Sharky have kissed and made up as predicted.

Seemingly as part of the brokered deal he is now working out of  Bobby’s Bar and Hotel in Thappraya Road, Jomtien, owned by a wealthy Thai businessman – and from my understanding police also have an interest there too.

On his Facebook page he announces: “Part of my new role as a reformed less aggressive Pattaya citizen will be helping out you guys who find yourselves in trouble while in Pattaya.  If you have any kind of drama while here in Pattaya, contact me here on Facebook. Or just call into Bobby’s Bar and Hotel on Thappraya Road in Jomtien.. Have a beer and say hello.

But maybe one should not ask him for a loan. He has been advised to funnel his aggression elsewhere, otherwise he faced ‘deportation or death, or both’.

This is what is known as a Thai deal. How exactly it is going to work out I cannot be sure. But Sharky’s expertise is in getting money back from borrowers,  and of course he used to run Shark Financial Services in Queensland, which the authorities closed down, perhaps because he is alleged to have ‘inflicted very substantial financial and psychological detriment on borrowers.”

It seems Sharky is very happy with the new arrangement – and Pattaya needs problem solvers with muscle. Watching this one with interest.

Below – Out with the old Sharky

16 thoughts on “‘I’m just a sweetie really’ – The terror of Pattaya Police reforms

  1. Odd…he's been vocal before how he hates bars and being around drunks…no word on the return of his cash and gold but he's not mentioning it anymore…

  2. He's obviously playing it the Thai way, Tim. Seems to understand face and how to get round it. Playing the game that way at least puts the police in the spotlight while giving him some cover.

  3. Not sure what he's smiling about. He lost a lot of money and was totally owned by the police. Now the police got him to agree to shut up but still no gold and cash. To me, that's owned.

    1. I don't think that getting the green light to act as a sort of citizens advice bureau, is being owned. I would imagine that he is now in the position whereby he can assist and advise those in need, in all manor of ways.

      I am quite sure that the people whom he might help in the future, will be eternally grateful, and will no doubt feel that a small donation to the Shark's gold replacement fund might be in order. It will no doubt work out cheaper than a lawyer, and more than likely with better results.

      Mattowensrees is correct when he says that this guy understands face. It looks like he also understands that by making the situation high profile, and letting a lot of people know, it means that if something should happen to him, that the recent events may have had something to do with it. Therefore, his best method of defense is offense tactic, has worked well for him on this occasion.

      The end result is that he's not banged up, not in the infirmary, not deported and has got himself a nice little number as a fixer. I wouldn't really call that owned, I would call being owned, doing nothing about it and accepting it, as most people in Pattaya would probably do.

  4. Getting back the gold and cash was never in the cards! The grin on his face is that the "influential Thais" have given him an opportunity to earn his money back and then some! When it comes to Sharky it always about the money. Don't let the other stuff he says side track you. This is based on some of my brief conversations I had with him some while back.

  5. He could fill a niche in Pattaya and be good to the local rich people and the troubled tourists. If he had an alliance with the other Kiwi (martial artist), it would be outrageous. No need for tourist police anymore.

  6. As always, this makes no sense, so I will be following with interest for entertainment purposes.

    If he has so much money, why would he want to work in a bar?

    I don't believe his new found friend is a "powerful Thai businessman," but it's Niels Colov. Am I wrong?

    This sounds like a kiss-kiss to quietly return his money and gold. Amazing Thailand.

    BTW, still waiting on Drew Noyes and his powerful friends to visit me at Sabai Lodge. Only a few days left. LOL.

  7. He must really need the money if he has taken that Job and needs to rent out his condo. He has not replaced trademark gold that he was never seen without since it was stolen. Looks like he has really fallen on hard times.

    1. This was a theory I had… Money Run out, go out in a blaze of glory, keep up his face… Of course nobody believes he actually runs 500 beach road prostitutes!

  8. Shark Financial Services (Thailand) Co. Ltd.??? He's caught the attention of the police and wealthy/influential Thai businessmen who may be impressed with his past… could this be a new partnership operating with impunity? Could Sharky be the new mediator? It sounds awful scary to me!

  9. Yep, the more I chat with folks around Pattaya, the more I believe this (mentally) poor guy has done himself in.

    I believe more than ever that his "savior" was Niels Colov. There is money to be made off of the poor freak.

    This is probably even far worse than seeking help from convicted Pattaya criminals and fake Pattaya lawyers like Drew Walter Noyes, Brian Goudie, Brian Goldie aand Brian Boru.

    Sometimes even mental cripples can fight their way out of difficulties with help. Choosing the right help is what matters.

  10. Its also good to see that Thailand is going through with the policy of respectable tie and suit type personnel. Looking forward to seein Sharky with his top hat and tails, with his working visa tucked nicely in the top pocket readily available for inspection

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