Sham lawyer Brian Goudie – also known as Brian Goldie – is due
to appear in court tomorrow to surrender to bail on charges of defrauding an
American woman out of US$300,000.

This comes just ten days after he surrendered a pick-up
truck he had taken from the woman’s son, whom he promised to defend and get out
of Thailand on charges of child sexual abuse.  
Her son Gregory Miller was later jailed for 39 years.
Lawyers for Mrs. Barbara Fannelli Miller said they will ask
for bail commensurate with the offence and seek assurances that the Immigration
Department will not let him leave the country before the trial is concluded. He had falsely claimed to be a barrister and a former officer in the Royal Marines.
The judges at Pattaya Provincial Court have accepted the case against Goudie, 47, from Falkirk, Scotland.
He is also being pursued in the civil court.
Goudie has been issued with two British passports, the
details of both are with lawyers.
Again on February 18th Goudie, faces trial in
another case brought by Briton John Jepson, who also alleges that Goudie acted under
false pretences posing as a British barrister and former officer of the Royal
Marines, in order to take him on as a client.
Goudie, who was caught recorded on video saying ‘I am making money like there is no tomorrow’,  has already paid bail of 100,000 baht in that case.

Goudie was jailed in Australia for six years for stealing
AUS$400,000 from his employers – a mining company in Western Australia. 
he had been the subject of an arrest warrant issued by Scottish police in 1994
for an alleged fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland. But that case timed out
while he was still in Australia after he refused to return to answer the


  1. Will the Bam Pot Walt be representing himself?
    Better have him frisked for his plastic lady gun before he enters the court though……

  2. I wonder which passport he will surrender ? What is the legality of holding two UK passports under different identities, does anyone know ?… If you are thinking of answering Bwian cum 'more-shifty-than-smart' please don't bother… I hold you in utter contempt..

  3. I am pretty sure this trial will be the prelude to the following trials on these "Serial Scammers" of this town and Kingdom. Public opinion, which has been recorded through inumerous letters that appeared continuously as reports of the "Fake Barrister" were being presented on Andrew Drummond's very substantiated accounts of this criminal's past and present life of misdeeds. No Judge in his clear state of mind will ignore the harm, drama and misery caused by these perverts on people's lives.Let us all systematicaly express our antagonism to such people and their acts to reinforce and make sure such idiots are sent away forever from our middle. I just heard that the Mayor of Pattaya has been wise and distanced himself completely from Drew Walter Noyes so that any claims by the Master Crook of Pattaya on being his advisor and counselor is pure bullshit.

  4. If I was Brian I would be paying attention to my health. People should not be worried about him getting away with anything. People forget but karma never forgets, it can't as it is a law like gravity. For every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. That is why the bible says 'an eye for an eye.' You'll 'reap what you have sown.' Our problem is we can't see the whole picture, we see parts so must be patient as in the end all gets sorted in time. Poor Brian seems incapable of showing remorse or admitting wrong doing. Two traits that reveal he is psychologically damaged and mentally ill. He's probably beyond reform now. The karma he has created can only end up one way. Badly.

  5. No comments on these subjects from Mr Kenyon. Could it be they do not need the Embassy help as they never really created their own downfall ( The one who did will get his knighthood) and obviously don't need funding and are not UK scroungers. Amazing that people who have fallen on their luck by scamsters get kicked harder than the scamsters themselves. May I add for Embassy feedback that people who fall victim to these people should be wary of the Embassy advice of trying to get a police report!!!!!!

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