Pic: Brian’s ‘I’m evil’ sms to a client

Brian Goudie, the fake Scottish lawyer, who has become a sort of self-confessed ‘Dr. Evil’ has announced on his pseudo legal website CasewatchAsia that his company Alba Laws and his former assistant Sukanya Worakham are suing the lawyer, who put him in jail.

In a rather weak attempt to cover up that he was found guilty, while the company and his assistant Sukanya were found not guilty – because of course she knew little of his nefarious activities, he claims lawyers are no suing for making false charges.

He adds that the case had been taken against Alba Laws and Sukanya by the mother of a paedophile who committed suicide, he claims, after being sentenced to 38 years for child sexual abuse.

In fact they were all, especially Goudie, being prosecuted by a 78-year-old woman Barbara Fanelli Miller on behalf of herself because Goudie had cheated her out of some US$300,000 –  even pocketing the cash Mrs. Miller had put in for her son’s bail.  

And her son did not commit suicide.  He died of a heart condition for which the mother had tried to get him treated ,which was why bail was so important, There is no treatment in Nong Plalai prison.

Although Miller is recorded as having died in hospital,that is how prison authorities cover up monthly deaths in Thailand’s inhumane and brutal penal system which Embassies say so little about.

Further there remains serious doubt about his guilt and his case is one of several high profile cases which have been brought into question including a major miscarriage of justice featured in the Bangkok Post last weekend.

Peeky wally and out of jail with Oui
Jirapun his latest assistant

Goudie then wrote: 

“Worakham was found not guilty on 22nd September after a two year campaign of #internetharrassment spearheaded by a convicted criminal and wanted fugitive had already as good as convicted her on the internet. 

“Worakham had featured on the web site of Andrew Drummond, who is now on the run with seven outstanding arrest warrants.

Goudie of course knows about internet harassment which is of course the purpose of CasewatchAsia.


But there is very little evidence of any campaign of harassment as I have only mentioned her twice – the first time when she had to go to jail because he never gave her the bail money, and the second time recently  when she told the Bankruptcy Court that she had no money and knew little about Alba Laws even though technically she was the boss.  She has been so insignificant that I have not even published a photo of her.

Goudie added:

“A third defendant, Brian Goudie has already lodged documents with Pattaya Court and officers of the Anti-Corruption squad following irregularities being revealed in Court files. Goudie and Worakham were jointly charged and lawyers say it is impossible to convict one party and dismiss against the others.”

Well I do not know what the anti-corruption squad is. But they certainly won’t be champing at the bit on this case.

Sounds a bit like his claims that ‘the Australian authorities want to track Drummond down and bring criminal charges’  – after I exposed and published his criminal record in Australia or that Drummond is a ‘convicted criminal and wanted fugitive”.

Seems a libel case of accusinfgGoudie
of being a fake lawyer has past its sell by
Goudie does not understand of course that he is being played at his own game.  
As none of the charges brought by him, (not any authority,)would merit even a civil case in the UK – such as publishing this photo-shopped picture of Goudie as a barrister – I was given the opportunity to sit this one out while getting my children into a good school in the UK. 
All I need to do is sit,wait,  and perhaps down a few beers as either Goudie goes to jail or does a runner…and the same goes for Drew Noyes, against whom the clock is rather ticking fast.
I do have to admit though, as a journalist covering crime for some 25 years here,  it remains difficult to find a low life of a sleazier nature than Goudie who has spent his life preying on people who cannot defend themselves. I can’t find a redeeming quality like an element of charm.  Neither can his victims.
I suspect a television programme made about him ‘Swindler Scot, Brian Goldie’ would have sold better world-wide had he actually been successful.
A dispatch from ‘The Flying Sporran’ – ‘on the run’.


  1. That blog must be some kind of mental therapy for this dimwit.

    The only any portion of it is ever read is when it is quoted on this site. I've never seen it and I doubt that more than a few dozen others have.

    Complete waste of time and bandwidth.

  2. Well the question remains, if the protagonist has been "pardoned", then no conviction exists, doesn't it? If the protagonist has been released on compassionate grounds, I think the conviction would stand. However, suing a lawyer and challenging the authority of a Thai court seems like the protagonist suggests that the protagonist is living in a fantasy, Somehow, I cannot see this ending well.

    1. Well I'm not sure what you would call it. If someone has been released from prison after being sentenced, that suggests to me "early parole" or being "pardoned" from imprisonment. I cannot see how anyone can be "released on bail" after being sentenced.

    2. OK, I am not a legal expert, but I guess that means the decision to sentence someone despite being convicted means that any custodial sentence can be changed accordingly if the person decides to appeal. This might be peculiar to the Thai legal system or common across different legal systems. I guess it all depends on the judge's discretion. In this case, I would think that at the very least he would need to surrender his passport and report to the police on a regular basis.

    3. I agree that the whole business seems very strange.
      It cannot be the norm in many jurisdictions that a defendant is found guilty in a criminal trial, then sentenced, then actually imprisoned – and THEN released on bail on very tenuous grounds.
      The norm is for a Judge to release a defendant who has been found guilty, on Court bail, pending an appeal – IF the Judge is so disposed.
      He certainly wouldn't imprison him and then release on bail some short time afterwards.
      But then again – this is Thailand – a.k.a. Never Never Land.

  3. Goonie will be going back to the "big house"….its just a matter of court cases ans warrents. He won a temporary reprieve, nothing more. Hope hes dining on filet mignon and champagne msking the most of it cos fish head soup and rice is on the menu soon Goonie.

  4. Drew posted several days ago that he was en route back to Thailand but he seems to have not reached there yet….but at least he still had access to his mad Facebook page…I can only wonder what the 'normal' people on his fb friends make of his paranoid postings.. He's not a well man

    1. The fact he has moved most of his offspring to the USA suggests his plans are not for a future in Thailand. He must have made enough to retire?

    2. I think Drew is more of a spender than a saver…. I doubt he has managed to squirrel away much, if any, of his ill gotten gains…

  5. Be careful out there Andrew, the wee scrote has now asking his 60 Facebook friends to help capture you.

    If he has any luck in that regard, perhaps he could hand you over to the court when he himself appears for his next case as defendant.

  6. The wee scrote plastering his fb page with calls to stop cyber bullying is surely a sick joke. Brian Goudie, soon to face the courts as defendent in a case of revenge porn that could see him returned to prison with more time to serve on top of his recent conviction and imprisonment.

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