Drew Noyes, the fake American lawyer convicted of extortion while running a newspaper in the Thai resort of Pattaya today failed to surrender to bail which was granted to him to take his children to the United States.

#DrewNoyes, who is appealing a two year jail sentence for attempting to extort Michael Goulet of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien out of 7 million Thai baht – on pain of a police raid and bad publicity in his Pattaya Times newspaper – is due to hear the result of his appeal next Friday.

Another hearing will be heard at Pattaya Court tomorrow which his lawyer had been ordered to attend.

Noyes’ lawyer is expected to claim that he has had difficulty settling his children in the United States. He is reported to have successfully moved three of his four children by his first marriage to Nittaya Chaisit.


The fourth, a daughter is reported to have runaway to Bangkok– and today he tweeted that two other children by his common-law wife Wanrapa Boonsu (also convicted and sentenced to two years in jail for extortion) were ‘now international’.

But that still leaves four children behind in Thailand. One by Nittaya, one by Wanrapa, one by Anchalee, a former worker as his One Stop Service Centre – and one allegedly by Nittaya’s niece.

Noyes and Wanrapa under arrest

It’s speculated that Noyes will not appear next week when, if not issued tomorrow, a warrant of arrest will be signed.  The court will delay the hearing of the verdict for a month.

If the Appeal court confirms his guilt he is not expected to return.

Noyes and Wanrapa dining with judges in Pattaya

Noyes was exposed in the United States for alleged property and share fraud and sexual harassment by the Wilmington Morning Star.  He arrived in Thailand pretending to be a lawyer and financial expert and by royal proclamation had come to help the Bank of Thailand and the country out of a financial crisis.

He had told Pattaya Court he had never been to jail and was never going to jail.
Comment: He was using a little poetic licence there

With military at Bangkok airport


  1. With his "contacts" in the Royal Family – perhaps Noyes could become an official advisor for the Kingdom.

    Then he could get back at his enemies – in style.

    It must be a looooooong list indeed.


    Psychopaths Anonymous

  2. Don't expect to read this fabulous piece if news on Thaivisa or in the local Thai press.

    Thank you Andrew for reporting on this and other stories that the media in Thailand will not touch.

  3. I see the bloated one is saying on his fb page that Khun Rose is now filing cases against Ally and Andrew.
    Putting aside the issue of Khun Rose posting comments on the internet critical of a court ruling (which I believe is against the law in Thailand) and that she did so having been an appointed agent of the court.

    There remains two obvious conclusions to be drawn:

    The bloated one, like the wee scrote is happy to put women in the firing line to face the courts on his behalf.

    This will be demonstrated again next week by the second conclusion to be drawn, that the bloated one is clearly not intending to return to face the court side by side with his co-convicted 'wife'.

    If the bloated one was returning to Thailand next week, he'd be in a position to file cases himself – but of course on what grounds?

    Publishing stories about the bloated one being convicted of serious crimes? – Despite hard evidence that people have been spreading the news of his conviction, the bloated one brings no charges against those who post these reports on the internet.

    His ego can, it seems, withstand being called a convicted extortionist. He does not file charges on this matter.

    What his ego can't stand and what he does file charges over is people lampooning him with photoshopped pictures.

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