A fake British barrister but real convicted thief tried to do
a deal with the British Embassy to issue full travel documents to a British
career criminal who was being deported after serving time on drugs charges.

Brian Goudie, pretending to be a British lawyer entered into
discussions with Kate Dufall, from the British Embassy in Bangkok Consular
Section to get preferential treatment for Stephen Attwood from Birmingham, who
had contracted necrotising fasciitis, a flesh eating disease in Nong Plalai
And he promised Attwood, who was also caught with multiple passports, that he would be back in Thailand in
no time as ‘his team in Bangkok’ had ensured he was not on the blacklist.
Goudie’s reward was to be the title deeds for a condominium
Attwood owned in a View Talay complex in Pattaya on Thailand’s eastern seaboard.
The British authorities knew
of Attwood’s record in crime – and a member of the Embassy staff had even been
his prison officer on Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight and any progress Goudie was making was entirely in his imagination. Dufall was herself quite a seasoned operator.
But Goudie, meanwhile had pretended to Attwood that not only were the documents forthcoming but he had an ‘Immigration’ police group in Bangkok working for him, and was also separately dealing through Immigration officials in Pattaya – one named as Noppol.
But he reported that the Immigration officials were too greedy.
He passed on messages to Steve Attwood by sms. He claimed that Attwood had been taken off the blacklist and would be able to return to Thailand ‘No problem’.
He further promised Attwood that he would get medical treatment in the Immigration Detention Centre in Bangkok.

It is uncertain whether Dufall would have even known
who Goudie was because details about him were kept confidential by the Data
Protection Act. But she known done would she still have dealt with him?
Attwood survived his the disease after an amputation but was duly arrested on arrival in the UK on Europol
Warrants sought by Spanish Police for a series of offences in Spain. 
never got another apartment to the collection of properties he had got from
foreigners in Thailand in lieu of fees and that left him furious.
It appeared Attwood had only paid a deposit and did not own the condo in question.
Goudie was furious claiming he had been lied to and burned – and that the whole
business had cost him 300,000 baht.
In fact Goudie, born Brian Gerald James Goldie in Falkirk,
Scotland, on October 3 1967, was no stranger to police. 
A warrant had been
issued by Scottish Police against him for an alleged fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland and he had been later convicted in Australia of stealing
from his employers, a West Australia Mining company.
But Data Protection and Privacy Laws
have served to protect him, enabling him to continue as a fake barrister under
his new name Goudie with impunity.

He should not legally be in Thailand, as the
Immigration Act rules that people who have served time for serious offences can not. But immigration police have not acted on the matter.

He knew the British authorities would not be legally
able to confirm that he was formerly Brian Gerald James Goldie,
even though they issued his passports in both names.
And to this day they cannot reveal that fact – even though
it is now admitted by Goudie himself. 
But documents from the Perth District Court stamped by the Australian Embassy confirm this.
Similarly when it was revealed on this website not only Goldie’s
convictions but his prison discharge
report,  Goudie complained to the
Australian Embassy, and they were forced to act on a breach of privacy
Journalist Andrew Drummond however notified the Australian
authorities that the details were legally obtained of public record and had even been submitted
in a court of law in Thailand.
Goudie is currently suing this site under the Computer
Crimes Act – not for any statement printed – but for using photo-shopped
pictures lampooning him as a British barrister and a former officer in the
Royal Marines.
The British
Government and European Union have condemned the actions taken against Andrew
Drummond, (author of this site)  Alan Morison and Chutima Sudasathian of PhuketWan, and Andy Hall of
Finnwatch under the Computer Crimes Act – but the have taken no action against their own out of control Scotsman.
Just over two years ago Brian Goudie was a British barrister
who occasionally took on ‘pro bono’ cases out of the kindness of his heart, and
who seemed a godsend to Brits in Pattaya, Koh Samui and Hua Hin Thailand, who
thought they had a man of silk who could help them in their communities.
Today Brian Goudie is reduced to living in a bedsit turning up outside the
offices of a Pattaya real estate company with a bar-girl on the back of his hired motorbike
giving one fingered salutes to the occupants inside.
Just as in Australia where he gave the authorities the run
around for years – and was even awarded some AUS$20,000 for wrongful arrest –
life is again coming full circle on the man born Brian Gerald James Goldie, in
Falkirk on October 3 1967 – undone by his own greed.
In Australia he was undone when he forged cheques issued by a
West Australian Mining Company and made them out to his name.  One perhaps could not imagine a more stupid
crime. He had written his own prison sentence – which turned out to be six
But it was fighting the Australian Administrative Appeals
Commission for the right to stay in Australia, which described him in a ruling
as ‘not a person of good character’ that he decided that life at the bar was
going to be his chosen profession – and he faked his own law degree.
Having served his time Goldie fled the last AAT hearing
which undoubtedly would have had him thrown out of the country…but in any case
he cannot go back. 
And today the only reason,  it
seems, he has not fled Thailand, is his hope of regaining control the premises
of a pub and 14 roomed guest house in Jomtien, which he named the ‘Jaggie
Thistle’ and also perhaps his addiction to sex.(right)
With the money from that he hopes he can pay off a Mrs
Barbara Fanelli Miller,76, from Madison, Wisconsin, who has taken civil and
criminal actions against him accusing him of posing as a lawyer and cheating
him of 7.9 million baht to defend her son, through his pseudo legal company
Alba Laws Ltd.
Douglas – deported and jailed
In Koh Samui Goudie sought out people with property with
legal problems. He would take property in lieu of his legal fees which he
charged at 50,000 baht a day. ..the days soon added up.

He boasted that he was a friend of former Premier Thaksin Shinawatra and when he went to see him in Dubai he was always met by a chaufeur and limousine.

He said he had top contacts in the Land Office in Bangkok and a group of Brits were tricked into sending some 20 million baht to his HSBC account in Hong Kong on the promise of permission to build a resort in a protected area.

He also associated with ‘tasty’ foreigners including Scot Walter
Whacky Douglas, who was deported from the island last year on a charge of
travelling under a false passport. 
Douglas is associated with but has never been convicted of some of the
largest drugs deals in British criminal history.
That’s Pattaya Police he is
talking about
He took a 6 million baht condo from  Briton John Jepson who had been
duped in the property business in lieu of fees to represent him. 
But when Jepson found out he was a fraud he was was
ordered to return everything last summer…on pain of imprisonment.
Clearly live and fit foreigners could actually fight back so
it was in Pattaya, that he began picking victims who were extremely vulnerable,
and could not fight back.

They included
a British magistrate who had been robbed of his own company by Thais, and of
course Mrs Miller, whose son was up on charges of child sexual abuse (A retrial
has now been ordered).

He promised Mrs. Miller he could get her son out of jail by
whatever route – but clearly that meant corrupt payments – and she handed over
nearly US$300,000 which he pocketed.  It
appears that his knowledge of Thai could get him into meetings with the right
officials – but eventually no police would deal with him except those based in Dongtan Police whom he claims will take action against the former assistant to whom he gives a daily one figured salute.
Above – a former friend of Goudie writes to a pal being pursued by Goudie
While pocketing Miller’s cash, he continued to scour Brits in Nong Plalai jail and that
is where he thought he had hit the jackpot.
First there was Jimmy Doc Halliday, an Ulster drugs trafficker
from Belfast, who was in prison after getting involved in a brawl and who was
suffering, like Attwood, from the flesh eating disease necrotising fasciitis.
He got him out of prison for treatment allegedly promising
Jimmy he was going home and allegedly got Jimmy, almost comatose, to thumbprint a Power
of Attorney. 
Present on the occasion it is alleged was a Pattaya volunteer
policeman John MacDonald – a well-known former bar owner in Glasgow.
Halliday died and that is how Goudie acquired two apartments
and the Jaggie Thistle – even though Halliday had made a will in favour of his
children and a promisory note in favour of his Thai girlfriend.
The first apartment was sold. The second apartment is now
occupied by Macdonald and the company Jimmi International which owns the Jaggie
Thistle is now the subject of a major legal battle – and his former assistance appears to hold the trump card.

Goudie sued Andrew Drummond in the Thai courts over this story – The case was dismissed

In his battle with this woman video taken on his smart phone of her providing oral sex to him has been widely distributed on the internet. When Goudie takes revenge he does not do it in small measures.

A recent bid by Brian Goudie to squeeze some US$7 million out of American Bill Monson, the former partner of Thaksin Shinawatra who went into business with the former Premier 30 years ago losing his fortune – was foiled after this website was alerted.

But the attempt was buffoon like in its operation, recalls Mike Mitchell, Monson’s close friend. Goudie had recruited another infamous American Drew Noyes to the scheme as well as Australian Scot David Hanks,66, from Girvan, former owner of the Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Victoria.

Goudie and Hanks took Mitchell around short-times bars in Pattaya’s infamous Soi 6 boasting they could outwit Thailand’s legal system. Bill Monson was too long in the tooth not to see through the scam.

History will show Goudie will run.

That is what he did after the alleged fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland; that is what he did when officials caught him forging cheques.

He was arrested in Victoria under a different name.

And that is what he did before the Australian authoritities were finally going to give him the boot when he came out of Hakea Prison in West Australia – Prisoner 0000274.

Thailand with its disfunctional justice system had become his ideal playground, as it is for a large number of foreign criminals, who also found they could come back under a different name….but he had decided to play the ‘big man’ – as he liked to be called.

With a bit of cash and a lot of bull, he reckoned, he could stay out of jail forever.  It has worked for him for quite a while.

Currently apart from running around on a hire motorcycle in Pattaya Brian Goudie runs a Google+ site dedicated to saying the author of this site is a criminal – His site includes a video of a former girlfriend with a wedding march soundtrack. A wedding is not on the cards. The link is here


  1. Bwian has instructed me to translate a number of insults directed to Sam he has posted in the Thai language on his blog. Well, they are so cringe worthy it is embarrassing. Firstly he calls him an 'animal' then a 'monitor lizard' which are common insults used by Thai bogans and people with no education.

    The next ones are insults I've only ever heard used by bar girls or katoeys. I'm guessing he has asked some bar girl to write them for him. They are just terms nobody his age or sex would use without making a total fool of himself.

    I mean Sam would be so devastated to be said to have a face like a 'buffalo's vagina.' LOL. This is just so childish, these insults sound stupid when translated into English. Most Thai people would just laugh at him for using these terms. They'd know immediately he has been hanging around with uneducated bar girls from Isarn.

    All it does is show he doesn't really understand the language or the culture. His blog just reveals his growing desperation as the house of cards that is the life of Brian Gerald Goldie unravels.

  2. Indeed unravelling evident by the recordings where he hides behind his bar katoey and blusters into a rage and vomits insults and threats.All acts of a coward and truly desperate individual.

  3. We can now add sex addict to Bwians long long list of personality defects. Thief, fraudster, fugitive, immigration cheat, spouse abuser, deadbeat parent, snitch, defamer, perjurer, fake lawyer, fake soldier and so on and so on.

    He now claims Sam and my dear self are wanted for sex crimes against children. No Bwian we are not, this is just more of your pathetic lies. Ian Tracy isn't a pedo either, he's a guy you snitched on and got jailed as he was telling people what a filthy lying toe-rag and cheat you are.

    Bwian, nobody believes your lies, your just a career deadbeat. A deviant incapable of telling the truth, a twisted individual who has lied so much for so long you don't even know what the truth is anymore. Your finished, your days of snitching and defrauding are over, the whole expat community knows what a skunk you are. Your truly a pathetic, vile, little man with a big chip on your shoulder.

  4. Oh the irony of it!! A convicted criminal and fraudster (Goldie/Goudie) attempts a fraud on another criminal (Attwood) and gets…. defrauded!! LOL. 🙂
    And now the fraudster (Goldie/Goudie) is bitching about it claiming that he had been lied to and had been burned.
    But I tell you what Brian, I'll help you get your money from Attwood, and it won't cost you a penny. Are you up for it? I'll need some upfront expense money first and you can send it to me via Western Union. Send me an email and I'll get things moving…

  5. Like the "Brian Lawyer" mobile messages: "and on a plane as sooM as", "I need help Mot ridicule". I think Bwian, our esteemed lawyer, Meeds help when typing messages. Just a suggestion Bwian! Just a suggestion!

  6. Bwian in Scotland- thief, fraudster, liar, fugitive.
    Bwian in Australia- thief, fraudster, liar, immigration cheat, spouse abuser, booted out for being a bad
    Bwian in Thailand- thief, liar, fraudster, perjurer, vexatious litigant, fake blogger, fake lawyer, fake soldier.

    Is it just me or does anybody else spot a pattern?? A life-long career deadbeat and parasite.

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