Rogue’s Gallery is ruining business of fake lawyer and fake Royal Marines Office’


Phoney officer and a gentleman Brian Goudie is suing British journalist Andrew Drummond again for criminal libel and libel under the Computer Crime Act. This time he claims that photo-shopped pictures of him in amusing situations has damaged his credible legal business.

The pictures some of which people have adopted as their Facebook profile show him in among other things, a wig and gown and a Royal Marines uniform – after he claimed both to be a Royal Marines Captain and Barrister-at-law.

He has announced on his website that Andrew Drummond could go to jail for three years on each picture, er; that’s his legal opinion.

Goudie, better known in Australia as convict Brian Goldie, from Falkirk, Scotland, has taken four cases against Drummond in the Pattaya Provincial Court. Two have already been dismissed.  The next is scheduled for November 6th.

Goudie will not be there.  He has asked fellow Scot David Hanks, former proprietor of the Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne, to stand in for him and refuse to answer questions about him as a career con-man under the name Brian Goldie.

Drummond will also not be there as he will be at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand on a panel with Supinya Klanyarong and Dr.Wyn Ellis discussing libel and the Computer Crime Act.

If you want to go you should book early. This will also be a wonderful opportunity to meet the legendary Drew Noyes who has booked a table for three and who hopefully will be heckling throughout the programme.

Goudie is currently in the Pattaya Courts for falsely pretending to be a lawyer, and also, while falsely pretending to be a lawyer, he defrauded a 75-year-old American woman out of US$300,000 which she paid him to get her son out of jail where he was awaiting trial on child sex abuse charges.

Left and below is the story in the Sunday Mail Brian Goudie will not sue over, as he will be told to get on a bus, and below that are some of the photo-shopped pictures of the wee bampot.

Three years!

Six years – there were two of these!
Three years!
Three years!
Three years

Three years!

Sounds like Drummond is going to get life!
And finally – Can these guys sue too?
Former Thai PM Abhisit Vejjajiva as Adolf Hitler
Abhisit in nappy

Thaksin jail

Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra as Hitler

Below: The film ‘Men in Suits and Influential People’ will be shown at 6.15 pm before
the start of the programme. 

From the FCCT bulletin – actually the film ‘Men in Suits and Influential People’  will be
shown at 6.15 pm prior to the panel discussion.


  1. Yes,have heard knobhead Noyes and the Botox Kid talking loudly about your potential imminent 3 and a half to five year jail term,spoken loudly of course.
    All these creatures are doing by publicising their intentions is advertising their up and coming whereabouts,so easy to accost them

  2. Lol…Noise has booked a table for three. I don't think he's capable of sitting quietly listening to others ridicule his capers…I can imagine he'll throw a tantrum or engage in some amateurish heckling.

    Hopefully there'll be some video…

  3. Hello Andrew i have been reading your blog with much amazement. I also live in Thailand though fortunately I do not come across such rogues as Noyes and Goldie. However one thing does agitate me; Can Noyes and Goldie or whoever keep continually raise civil court cases against you? Surely the courts will see these as vexatious and predatory charges?
    .However the courts are thankfully finding in your favour,but what do the Noyes and Co have to lose, do they have to pay the legal costs?

  4. Dam I've got to go there….just had another rant from the Noisy 1 accusing me of yet more drugs dealing activities (trust me if I had drugs they'd be for personal consumption…..;-) ) and stating he wants to see me in Samui on the 25th……..WHY???? Does he fancy me????

  5. Ha ha ha These pictures are brilliant and the voodoo dolls of A.D must be full of little pricks by now. Talking of little pricks (forgive the pun, no harm intended ), keep up the NOYES. Your site is made of great stuff. Hopefully these reprobates (does that warrant a court case for libel ) will soon be on their horses out of town. Ive been in Thailand a few years and haven't seen anyone with balls big enough to face up to what happens here. The good thing is that it is now starting to do the rounds in UK about the gruesome twosome and the donkey. Keep up the good work. W.T.

  6. Hi have anther question; why would the police and so called 'influential' people associate with these chancers? I mean surely there must be questions being asked by Thai officials and the local media as to why they are being seen associating with such dubious foriegners?.

  7. Good question. It may be generalising but in my experience:

    1. These dubious foreigners are no more dubious than a lot of Thai figures.

    2. There is a language barrier and hence Thais tend to judge your social position as a foreigner by appearances, not by how you speak or what you say. They have trouble placing a suited foreigner in their social position so usually treat them with some deference. This would not be the case if you were an uneducated man from Isaan, no matter how smart your tie.

    3. If you want to get on in Thailand dress smartly, keep your hair cut, never be seen in the 20 year old Toyota you actually own and never, ever, be seen with a low class prostitute. And smile, smile, smile.

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