‘I’m Going To Kill You Both. I’m Going To Kill You’ – Angry Scot on the streets of Pattaya

Property fraud went wrong. Fraudster furious over being robbed of the proceeds.

A police complaint was lodged by the Russian owner of a property business in the Thai resort of Pattaya early today against an emotional Scotsman who arrived at the business late last night  shouting ‘I am going to kill you both’ at the Russian and his Thai manager.

After dismounting his hired motorcycle, on which he had apparently been touring bars, the emotional Scot repeatedly demanded: “I want my five million baht’ and made threats. He left after some pushing and shoving when the Russian businessman called police.

The Russian estate agent then made a formal complaint at the main Pattaya Police station and was advised to call them if the Scot re-appeared.


In fact it later transpired that the Scotsman had not had any dealings whatsoever with the Russian real estate company but was angry with the Russian’s assistant who had worked as his assistant in a law company called Alba Laws which he had registered with the Department of Business Development.

The Scot had also appointed his woman managing director of  another company he had acquired called ‘Jimmi International’ and he has been unable to remove her.

Unable to control his rage he had gone to demand control of his company back, and the cash. His assistant had taken over this company and allegedly removed a lot of fixtures and fittings. He himself had only a one per cent share in the company.

His fury must have been compounded because he had acquired his previous company he said ‘fairly and squarely’ on the death of a Briton from Northern Ireland named Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday.

Jaggie Thistle

This ‘fair and square’ deal however was however a ‘fair and square Pattaya deal’ and such deals are judged on other criteria, such as ‘Can I get away with it?’.

Halliday was a well-known Ulster drugs trafficker. He died of necrotising fasciitis a flesh eating disease acquired while he was in Pattaya’s Nong Plalai Prison serving time for assault.

Halliday thought the Scotsman was a real lawyer – and signed a POA to conduct his legal affairs and pay his hospital bill.

The Scotsman used the POA to acquire Halliday’s business on his death. That included an apartment and 14 roomed guest house The Blarney Stone which the Scot renamed the ‘Jaggie Thistle’. 

As of course the business and properties were brought with the proceeds of drugs trafficking it was of course also subject to Pattaya’s –  ‘Aye, it’s a fair game’ rules.

This business, called Jimmi International, however was now frozen, due to court action against the Scotsman for allegedly cheating an American woman out of almost US$250,000 posing as a lawyer, which he is not.

Brian Goudie/Goldie

If he does not get the cash back – he goes to jail. A Thai legal company Sukhothai International Law is seeking judgment on behalf of Barbara Fanelli Miller, of Madison, Wisconsin.

His problem is because he cannot sell some land he acquired in Koh Samui, from another client and which he has been touting as Ban Kao Bay Residences. This maybe because there are no residences there to buy and that he has sold most already to a Pattaya businessman.

The Russian later named the man as Brian Gerald James Goldie, now #BrianGoldie, born on October 3 1967 in Falkirk, Scotland.

His assistant said: “#BrianGoudie was out of control with rage. I do not know why. It’s not as if it was really his business he had lost in the first place. He cheated out of a man on his death bed by saying ‘Sign This’.

‘Jimmy would have thought he was signing to have his hospital bill paid, that is if he was conscious at all. He made me pay the penalty and get convicted for running the bar without a licence, which he had never applied for.”

Andrew Drummond, also a Scot and owner of this site, and a journalist who has been following the rise and fall of Goudie said: “This is a landmark moment. I have not heard of him being this crazed since Scotland lost the independence vote and Stenhousemuir were relegated.”

Briton Andy Mathews who helped Goudie re-decorate the ‘Jaggie Thistle’ said: “Goudie is welcome to come to my office to settle the remainder of the US$10,000 I leant him. In fact I’d be happy to send a private car to pick him up.”

Goudie has been kicking around Soi Bokeaw and has stated at the Siam View Residence 1,339 baht on Agoda –  but only for a short time. Reportedly just conned another punter out of 100,000 baht.

He is now reporting on his casewatchasia.blogspot.com that the Russian is going to be charge as an accomplice to the dastardly deeds committing against him.

UPDATE: Since the incident above Goudie has shown some impatience in waiting for police to take action on his complaints. He has taken to riding his hired motorycle with Thai girl riding pillion past the offices of his former assistant – stopping and giving a one fingered salute. The last time was yesterday at 4.45pm.

21 thoughts on “‘I’m Going To Kill You Both. I’m Going To Kill You’ – Angry Scot on the streets of Pattaya

  1. An early Christmas present for anybody who has had, unfortunately, dealings with this toad….
    Now…what good news can Santa tell me about Drew (I'm a bloated old criminal) Noyse?
    Dam, wish Id been there and me being in Pattaya to, currently staying at the Hilton….want to pay me a visit Bam Pot and Bloated Old Criminal??

  2. I sent Bwian a few messages last night, reminding him about his failure to be a responsible citizen. He posts my test post and then answers by telling me the U.S and Australian police are after me. I don't believe they have jurisdiction in Thailand. Who'd be frightened of old custard arms Brian? The closest he's probably come to a real fight is arguing with some aged pensioner about the queue at his window whilst working as a bank teller, the only real job he had before his deviant urge to steal other's money set in.

  3. Tommy
    We've seen how the Bam Pot fights…..he borrows cash from a "friend", then he refuses to pay it back, waits till the unfortunate goes around to see why and then calls the cops on him and prosecutes him for trespass, utter coward.
    I too have been sending the old Bam messages but he wont post mine……asking too many questions about his bullying and harassment of a young lady called "Nang" and his failure to post a story on his "A Jock Nut Case out of control in Asia" site about the Old bloated Criminal being convicted in a Thai court of extortion……its marque of the crook I feel……..

    1. Yes, we've yet to see back himself up yet. He claims we're all cowards but if you challenged him to pistols at dawn he'd either shoot you in the back or turn up with his copper mates and have you arrested whilst he flees. On past form all we've seen him do is prey on the elderly, the dying or women. Hardly the last of the knuckle-men our Bwian.

  4. Looking at all of the crazy con men it appears they use the courts as some sort of mechanism to tie up others capital and then let cases run for years.

    I seem to recall Thaksin used the same method to silence his critics. I rarely hear of anyone serving jail time over these cases?

  5. Just noticed that Goldie has Bryan Wrights conviction on the blogspot which may signal a cooling of his friendship with Noyes…

  6. What is Goudie's "pay up or else" date? I'm guessing the histronics will only get worse as the date gets nearer.

    If I was Nang, I'd be right worried. There's no telling how desperate Goudie will get as his jail sentence gets closer to being invoked. If might be a good time to go visit people or places Goudie doesn't know about until he's imprisoned. Perhaps the police could be convinced that getting Goudie off the street would make the public safer. After all, didn't Goudie post pictures of a gun he had bought?

    I hope the Russian friend of Nang's opens a case of assault against Goudie. It would be nice to see the shoe on the other foot.

    1. We're talking about Bwian here, not a former member of Spetsnaz. The only gun he has would be his water pistol left over from last years Songkran. He's a former Scottish bank teller not Andy McNab.

  7. What are we going to do for entertainment when these idiots are finally locked up?

    I know that is years away, because it's Thailand, but it will happen.

    It appears in AD's article above that the idiot Brian Goudie, aka, Brian Goldie, aka, Brian Boru was drunk, and he blew it again.

    Noyes is now VERY obviously a mental case. The more he loses his sanity, the more entertaining he becomes. Check out his Facebook page. You don't have to be an expert on mental illness to realize that he has gone over the edge mentally.

    But, when they go away, what will entertain us?

  8. I honestly feel the net is closing in on the bampot.
    Andrew, I know Noise is currently on bail following his conviction. When will that appeal be heard in Court?

    1. Yes indeed, it seems Bwian in his guise as an imaginary lawyer is now taking on cases pro-bono. If running true to form it was probably he himself who snitched out this Russian guy. Either that or it is a lame attempt to curry favour with some fellow scumbags. I'm predicting big trouble for Brian around March 31 but the way he is going he won't make it to that time. Sounds like he is getting a bit desperate, his options are running out. I'll just put my feet up, pour a cold refreshment and watch his slow but sure descent towards total self-destruction.

  9. He seems to be being spotted everywhere in Pattaya. Had one report of him entering the Siam View Guesthouse in one of the back roads off Pattaya 2nd Road with someone who was not his wife

    1. Well true to form the snivelling cowardly Brian Gerald Goldie/Goudie/boru was hiding under a rock so much for "anytime any place"
      Old custard arms you really showed yourself up as the custard armed flabby belly and donkeys arse you are.
      I was bang outside the irish bar with a mini bus and driver and ring all booked and you wasted my time and money again like everyone said you would.
      i was there 7.30-8.30 so 30 minutes either side i did see a couple or watchers eager to see if you showed you cowardly reptile.

  10. Well I did cordially invite the Bam and the Bloated Old Criminal (Drew Noyse) to join me around the pool at the Hilton for an evening of "festive frolics" well bugger me they never showed…..well that's fakes, frauds and convicts for you….absolutely no manners what so ever…..
    Now I have to negotiate immigration when I leave Thailand on Friday…I seem to remember the Bloated old Criminal (Drew Noyse) stating I was going to be arrested…..

    1. I think you'd be in more danger from an angry Thai grandmother armed with her som-tum pestle or a Pattaya katoey with her fake Louis Vuitton handbag. Brian couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding or punch his way out of a wet paper bag. He's about as hard as a blancmange.

  11. A little bird told me poor old Bwian's new girlfriend dumped him last Saturday when it became apparent what a filthy rotten and despicable individual he was …………..i'm wondering if this current rejection fuelled his little hissy fit in Pattaya.I see he still has her photo's up on his FB but her name has disappeared due to the fact she unfriended him 😉 I'm sure when his money runs out he will be all alone in this world and Karma would have done its job.

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