Here’s a unique opportunity to cash in on Thailand sex’s trade and become your own pimp and you get a Thai Immigration visa with it to boot!

Drew Noyes protesting a British newspaper which suggested he and David Hanks were mafia connected

How could you turn down the opportunity to sit down with a whisky and coke 80 yards from the beach while Thai women tracked in from the provinces make money for you on their knees and backs!

But wait. It’s that Drew Noyes again so I guess there are. His novel approach of flogging off a ‘Gentle’s Man’ (sic) Club comes after we reported here that he has failed to sell it through agents.

So he had brought in the local Immigration Police to help out.  Is there a visa for pimping?  Surely not! But then Pattaya Police (all Thai authorities for that matter) officially deny there is an sex trade in the world’s most famous city for commercial sex – because it, er , would be against the law.

And no he is is not a lawyer. This is from his defunct Pattaya Times
his organ of extortion

No pimp does not appear to be on this list of jobs which foreigners cannot undertake in Thailand. : At least not on this list provided by the Labour Department. An earlier rather comical list had to be taken down off the next because people were laughing at the translations.  It was illegal for instance for foreigners to do a ‘paper hand job’.   Pimping of course does not exist in Thailand. If there were pimps they would of course be arrested.

Before you put that cash down for key money however it should be noted that (Catch 1) Noyes was accused of selling bars several times over to different people, when the fake lawyer, now convicted (Catch 2) of extortion was running bars known as the Lollipop and Zebra in this down market resort city.

Noyes dining with Pattaya judges

He has been accused of defrauding a ‘friend’ (Catch 3) out of funds he gave to invest in Pattaya’s entertainment business. In fact there is a #Drew Noyes victims’ list

‘No pimp!’ – Just a punter

And of course (Catch 4) that Immigration Visa is illegal and if Noyes can give it he can also take it away and you could find yourself paying through the nose to stay in business – and even be kicked out after you have paid your key money.

Interestingly Drew Noyes and Scottish Australian David Hanks sued this site after a poster here called them pimps.

Hanks, the former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne, capital of Australia’s Victoria, where brothels are legal. Defended himself by saying his ‘girls’ (Asian Hotties according to the ads) were all treated very well.   Noyes said it was a ‘stain on his character’.

Where was the court?  Pattaya of course.

Of course if you do buy the brothel in question you should know (Catch Five) it is off the beaten track, was finished over a year ago but Noyes was unable to own it and there is a recession on in the city due to the crisis of the  Chinese and Russian economies.   So you can put your cigar down now.

Oh and the key money is half what he paid for the place outright!


Thailand’s retiring police chief has accused the Immigration Department of being guilty of taking millions of baht in bribes every day in a remarkable meeting behind closed doors, Thai media is reporting. 

#Drew Noyes is currently in the United States between North Carolina and Atlantic City. He has joined the Google Group (Beautiful Russian Women) sound like a recruitment drive or he has gone off Thai women having left them all behind. He is due in court on November 25th. If he fails to turn up a warrant will be issued for his arrest.



  1. Aha……so is this why Brian Goonie is so cock sure Im going to be arrested by immigration?
    Unfortunately for your latest hot air, bluff and bollocks Bwian I was at Khon Kaen immigration all day Friday…..not an arrest warrent in sight…..

  2. Why does he focus on at-risk, marginalized women all the time? Is it because they're easy pickings?
    Easy to manipulate? Easy to screw over when necessary – in more ways than one?

    1. If he spent a bit of time in the gym instead of Dicking around with the crap he gets involved with, he may actually see 62.. or perhaps even 63.

      Tick Tick Tick..

    2. "Pimp and Punter" – Relocated to the good of US of A.
      Will still connive and "charm" suitably at-risk young women as necessary – to keep up the bovine facade of ersatz "respectability."
      I guess he won't cut his own nuts off – to spite that despicable piehole that spews out venomous drivel.

      What a loser. Carry on Noyes – it looks good on yah. What, you don't fancy Black women? No need to import the Russians – unless you're opening a "massage parlour" perchance, in the southern state, and nee suitable "exotica."

      What an inveterate LOSER you are Noyes. Have you got your Confederate flag out yet Noyes?

      I'd love to spend a minute with you behind closed doors – my 30 years of hard work in the gym would leave you speechless..I've got a lot of pent-up RAGE to share with those of your ilk..


  3. I'm still reeling…….
    So according to the Pattaya court.
    Can run a brothel in Australia….not a pimp
    Trying to flog a club with short time rooms that you own and intended to operate before fleeing…….not a pimp.
    So enlighten me……when in Thailand is a pimp a pimp?
    Of course I'm still confused how a case can be taken in Thailand where the trial is conducted in Thai and the comments were posted in English…..and of course we have to consider the errrrr doubtful integrity of of some of the translators…………

  4. Surely there exists enough evidence of Noyes's illegal activities in the USA, albeit going back a long way, for him to be arrested by law enforcement agencies in the States?
    Are there not outstanding warrants in existence for his arrest in that country?

  5. Andrew, the rational tone that comments to your site always used to demonstrate is now gradually being replaced by vitriol and mindless threats reminiscent of members of a popular Thailand forum. I appreciate that some people are upset by the villains you feature and events that you report on but the pumped-up rage of some regular commentators is becoming tedious and irritating. It can't be doing you own credibility much good, surely?

    1. I'm irritated that the only time you come on here Bob is to whine and whinge. There are people who post here who are trying to bring these people to justice and protect the public. This isn't a game of cricket being played by gentlemen. It's a fight to shine light on the scumbags that prey on innocent people. If these people's deeds and abuse of the courts and libel laws don't outrage you enough then perhaps a gardening or lawn bowls site would be preferable for you. What do you suggest we do Bob? Invite Drew and Brian around for a chat about their behaviour? Don't read the comments if they irritate you, it's easy.

    2. "Sorry" Bob – in that vein I'll give you what you want and stop commentating RIGHT NOW.
      Even though I was ripped off for 90% of my life savings!
      At least one of us is happy. Have a nice day BOB. OVER AND OUT

    3. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment, I donated money to the site because of its credibility, sadly this seems to have lost its shine.

    4. Ally, I wasn't referring to you.

      Tommy Weapon, the same sentiment that you're projecting to me also applies to you, if you don't like my comments then you don't have to read them.

      D. Farang, I'm aware of your what happened to you, we all are, and I sympathise but mindless threats to someone who didn't rip you off just lowers this site to the level of ThaiVisa. If I misunderstood and it was Noyes and Co who defrauded you then I'll take back my comments to you. And if you choose to misinterpret what I said that is your privilege.

    5. Hey Bob, It wasn't Mr. Noyes that ripped me off, and I understand where you are coming from actually. It behooves people to be calm and rational – and not be given to "Thai-Visa-like" expressions of well.. Thai Visa NESS – myself included.

      Believe or not, I get it, and even take advice a fair bit of the time, including this time.

      Look, we are all on the same page in terms of wishing justice to be doled out at some point, to those who hide behind the fact that it rarely does come to them.

      Financial fraud comes just after foreigner on foreigner crimes in LOS in terms of importance, or lack thereof ( slight "TV 'ism" here – oops), in other words, most perps do get away scot free. They bank on it, and in the majority of cases they cash in and stay cashed in for the DURATION..

      That's perhaps why a few of us get a tad frustrated from time to time and 'devolve' into the gutter language of Thai Visa. It doesn't make it right though – I get that.

      Why some folks like me devolve to that lowest-common-denominator-state of attack-journalism on occasion is a matter of an essay, and moreover, is a topic too pedant to tackle anyway, on this respectable venue.

      So I agree, let us shake free of the gutter. I can only change myself though..LOL


    6. Bob
      No worries… comments were more directed towards D……..he cuts about 75% of my posts…..for right or wrong 😉

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