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That was a week that was. First my apologies to all readers here who probably felt they have had a surfeit of Noyes, Goudie, Hanks, and Wanrapa Boonsu. I certainly have. Nevertheless it was a good week.

Drew Noyes announced to the court however that he was taking another 41 cases about me. I hope they are about what I have written rather than what posters on my site have said.

(But first for people looking at this site for the first time this is a story about a British journalist fighting foreigners with a special agenda in Thailand who are trying to defend their own turf)

Actually there were some hilarious moments in the Pattaya Provincial Court – For instance in an outburst in court – not recorded by the judge because it was not his turn to speak he announced:

Shown this picture in court Wanrapa Boonsu  whom he describes as his
wife could not recognise Drew Noyes. But then again she said she does
not live with him and  she said she does not know with whom he lives.
 How come I do?

 “I have spoken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I have spoken to the PRD,the Crime Suppression Police and the Department of Special Investigations are investigating Drummond* and I can tell you this – his film (Men in Suits and Influential People) was made illegally. He has broken the law!”

* I think he might mean himself here!

David ‘Baby Face’ Hanks

That was when we submitted the mini-doc into evidence in the court.

From my point of view it was an answer to Noyes always submitting a photo file of himself pictured with The US Ambassador, Mayor of Pattaya, and Head of Immigration (Region 2) Head of the CSD etc.

Then he had an outburst against the SUN newspaper in the UK.

“It’s a paper for the lo-so,” he said. “It just lies. The stories are all lies”.  

Well I am not going to fight the SUN’s battle – but basically they adapted a court report I sent them to suit their own style.

He was referring to a court report quoting Dr Michel Goulet of the Thonglor Clinic, who said Hanks came to be a patient at his clinic and while there told him that he ran a brothel in Melbourne and that he knew Chinese mafia – and that his boss Drew Noyes (whom Goulet said appeared to be mafia) wanted to talk to him if he wished to continue a successful business.”

Out of spite Hanks and Noyes are now apparently suing the Thonglor clinic for running an illegal business.  It’s of course not an illegal business – but they will find that out in court.

They will also find out that this would be matter for police and consumer protection – not them. But let’s wait for them to learn.

Then again:

 “I have a journalism degree. I owned a newspaper – what has Drummond done.”

Well (1) I have written a news story? and (2)The Pattaya Times was a newspaper?

Outside the court Noyes was apoplectic.

 “I bet your business is bad isn’t it – I have written to all the editors in Fleet Street! Wait till my lawyer gets you under cross-examination then I’ll find out exactly how much you earn.”

As I worked in Fleet Street for 12 years before serving Fleet Street from Asia for over 25 years I do not think any editor is going to care what some sociopath from New Hampshire is going to say.

But actually I am quite looking forward to this cross examination.

His last cross examination only served to bring out more stuff on Noyes. And his lawyer has ditched him. This, he says, is his last case. He may not go in with all guns blazing.

 “I’m suing you in Koh Samui!” (and Chiang Mai apparently) You’re going to have some real problems down there.”

Walter ‘Whacky’ Douglas

Then we have the grand entrance of David Hanks also announcing that I have real problems in Koh Samui saying: ‘Walter sends you his regards’. 

Walter ‘Whacky’ Douglas ‘The Tartan Pimpernel’ once wanted by several international police forces for alleged drugs trafficking and described as one of Britain’s richest, was the subject of an interview I did a week or so back.
Hanks held out his mobile phone. On it was a long sms stating that I had never interviewed Whacky and had run from his Dreamers Beach Club in Koh Samui without paying the bill.
I could not however see who wrote the sms. But funnily enough I had heard that story before and got back to Whacky to ask about it. 
He denied issuing any threats. He obviously did not deny to me the interview had taken place – as of course he was there. But it’s possible he may have denied it to other people or his partners.
But the point is how can anyone be so stupid as to think a journalist with over forty years’ experience would walk in on a once very famous ‘wanted alleged drugs trafficker’ without making preparations (a) for evidential purposes and (b) for his own safety.
And I ran away without paying my bill?  Well there are two flaws there. Has anyone ever forgotten to pay a bill in Thailand and NOT been chased down the road? And if you refuse to pay a bar bill in Thailand what happens to you? I think the answer to that is you get the sh*t beaten out of you.
The second point it that of course I paid my bills and kept the receipts because the newspaper was paying my expenses. There was absolutely no need to run away. 
Whacky did however stand me two Heinekens – not enough to classify me as corrupt under the new UK Bribery Act. I have all sorts of bills incurred in searching for ‘Whacky’ whom Brian Goudie claims to be best mates with.
So there we have it. And once again to all those special people who have helped me – thank you so much.


  1. There once was a boy named Drew
    Who lived in a fantasy world known by few
    He fled to Thailand to start anew
    And concocted a resume that makes you spew
    A dodgy lawyer he quickly became
    A cunning student of this game
    He cheated, defrauded and lied
    I’m Thailand’s most trustworthy American he cried
    Nobody cares if he’s straight or gay
    All we want is to see him pay
    For we all know he is a shameless crook
    But now he’s exposed he wants to sook
    Now his time is coming to an end
    It perfectly clear he’s around the bend
    The problem now for poor old Drew
    Is his bullshit is now believed by few
    His only option is a moonlight flick
    The only avenue of escape for this shady prick
    If not he’ll wear a ball and chain
    A fitting reward for his victims pain

  2. And I thought I would miss the soap opera culture of Britain (NOT). It's definitely true that fact IS stranger than fiction. I still cannot believe, that the judicial system in Thailand is still allowing all these farces to go on. Do they not have a computer system that flags up people who sue on a regular basis? Don't they have a system that flags up people who constantly lose cases. Don't they have a system that shows up people who make frivolous and downright false claims?
    Having just read through my post checking for spelling mistakes, it suddenly struck me.
    ''Of course they don't This Is Thailand''

  3. They claimed you ran away from paying a bar bill…..they claimed I'd threatened to assassinate Hilary Clinton….that's the immoral, unethical scum you're fighting Andrew….

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