A retired United States Marine, who was gunned down after having a dispute with a fugitive Briton on the run from a drugs trial in Sheffield has died in Bangkok after being paralysed for six years.

Biff Whiting, 72, had been in dispute with Darren Oxley, 48, who fled a Sheffield Crown Court in 2001 and turned up in  Hua Hin in Thailand where he started a property company and built his own seaside mansion.

Oxley Mansion

After Whiting took legal action against Oxley, his wife and his company Oxley Homes his car was firebombed.   And shortly afterwards he was gunned down at his front door in October 2008. He took six bullets and one lodged in his spine.

Oxley outside the Whitring’s home in Hua Hin

Although the Thai Prime Minister at the time Abhisit Vejjajiva ordered a speedy investigation it took six years to get the case to trial. No charges were brought against Oxley, who frequently entertained police and civic officals in his mansion.

But last year his wife Janpen Oxley was jailed for life as was the Thai gunman for conspiracy to murder.

But even local English language forums were scared to print the judgment,

The court heard that payments had been tracked from Janpen’s account to the gunman’s team.

Mrs Oxley still however still not served a day in prison. She is appealing the verdict/

Before he died Donald ‘Biff’ Whiting was severely critical of the British authorities for not seeking extradition for Oxley.  The gunman had written to him from jail asking for forgiveness.

Janpen Oxley

“I had never spoken to Janpen Oxley ever. My row was with Oxley and I had complained on the internet about his shoddy services. Why are people like Darren Oxley allowed to wander freely.”

In 2001 nine of Oxley’s associates were jailed for a total of 60 years at Sheffield Crown Court for dealing drugs in clubs like the town’s ‘Republic’.

In the court it was claimed Oxley was the ringleader of the operation and his crew had “lived in fear” of him. He was described as “violent” and “not a man you mess with” who had made considerable amounts of money.

But Oxley, now 46, who stood in the dock with them, was now nowhere to be seen when it came to judgment and sentencing.

A bench warrant was issued for his arrest but never acted on.

Attempts were made shortly after the shooting under the Freedom of Information act after South Yorkshire Police declined to comment. They were dismissed as the case was ‘an ongoing operational police matter’.

Whiting’s widow Dolly Samson, an educator commented:

Sunday Mirror (by the author)

Yesterday, my husband of 30 years passed away peacefully in his sleep. 

He had been fighting for 7 years the indignities and dependencies of paralysis as well as a year of throat cancer. 

The radiation treatment devastated his body. This morning we had the temple service and cremation, and he’s now in a much happier place, heading to tranquil destinations. 

Biff (or Donald as you may know him) is the King of My Heart, the Wind beneath My Wings, and my best friend. 

I miss him terribly, but I am relieved to see his suffering – which he endured with stoicism and good humor – come to an end. 

I’ve got a terrific support team of four lovely Thai women – Ae, Biff’s nurse who’s tended to him for nearly 7 years; Goong, his night nurse; Daisy, a former maid and friend; and Fon, Ae’s niece and current maid.

Oxley – passport photo

Their job titles don’t begin to describe the grace, the dedication, and the love they’ve shown Biff in caring for him. We could not have made this journey without them. 

Thanks to everybody for your condolences and good wishes. Biff is now walking to his new destination.


  1. It's cases like this that make Thailand look like a fourth world corrupt cesspit. How a person convicted of murder walks free on appeal on a murder blue is beyond comprehension. Just a corrupt system where justice is a bought and sold. Then people wonder why the country is awash with drugs. Bent bastards in uniform.

  2. This should be posted on all US military websites, veteran websites, Armed forces websites so that current and ex marines can deliver some justice on this rat Oxley. I swear, if I was a wealthy man I would be postings bounties on this guy's scalp and well as the unholy trio of Noyes, Goudie and Hanks. 'Semper Fidelis' is the Marine's motto so let's see some loyalty to this fallen marine and hopefully some marine with some clout can carve that motto on Oxley's rotting corpse.

  3. UK passport office cancelled my 1 year old son's passport over a nationality issue, why can't they do the same to scumbags like Oxley? UK today= international joke.

  4. The poms follow a long tradition of sending their scumbags to other countries. 'Aussie' Joe Bugner comes to mind. It seems to be a case of "not our problem now." Oxley obviously grassed on people and was told to disappear. His whole crew get's nicked but he walks? Cheese-eater for sure.

  5. Rather strange comment. We're not exactly still in the 19th century you know! Poms have to apply for visas to reside in countries other than their own, including Australia, and those countries can (and do) refuse residential visas unless very stringent conditions are met.
    The Thais have let Oxley in & let him stay, it would seem thanks to all his corrupt connections with officialdom.
    Don't just blame "the Poms" for this situation.

    1. The question is. Why did the British government allow this dangerous lunatic to leave if he was a major criminal?? They have allowed this man to roam free to kill or maim others. Why wasn't he locked up with the rest of the firm. This is an issue of public importance as we've seen. How many other Oxley's are free in Thailand? A guy ends up in a wheelchair over a property dispute? What sort of a nutter is this guy? They all seem to have Thai police mates. Gives an insight into how corrupt it is here.

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