Two Scotsmen, one a former brothel owner and the second a phony lawyer, fled the premises of Koh Samui Provincial Court today, failing to bring charges of criminal libel and against a British journalist.

David Hanks, 65, from Girvan and Brian Goudie, 46, from Falkirk, who arrived without a Thai lawyer, hastily left after spotting the legal team representing Bangkok based British journalist Andrew Drummond.

Later a lawyer called the court on their behalf asking for a postponement of proceedings.  The request was denied. The case was dismissed.

David ‘Babyface’ Hanks

Brian Goudie, who has been operating in Thailand pretending to be a British barrister, had turned up to represent David Hanks, who had accused Andrew Drummond of libeling him on his website and in the ‘Scottish Sun’ newspaper referring to him as a ‘mafia’ character known as ‘Babyface’, who worked for an American boss called Drew Noyes, who has been charged with extortion offences in the Thai resort of Pattaya.

Andrew Drummond, from Edinburgh, who has been a journalist in Thailand for over 20 years, and specializes in foreign and transnational crime, was not required to attend the court.

He said today: “Had the case been accepted and I had to give testimony, I would have merely replied that I was reporting court proceedings.”

Brian Goudie – jailed in Australia under the name Goldie

Earlier this year Canadian Dr. Michel Goulet told Pattaya Provincial Court that David Hanks had checked into his Thonglor Clinic in March 2012 for facial treatment.

While at the clinic Hanks had approached him and told him he ran a sex business in Melbourne and knew the Chinese mafia and that Goulet ought to see his boss in Pattaya, an American called Drew Walter Noyes, 58.

Michel Goulet identifies Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu on their arrest for extortion

At a meeting Noyes told Goulet that he needed to pay 7 million Thai baht (£135,527) to stop a police raid on his premises, where illegal substances would be found and he could be subsequent to bad publicity. Noyes then owned  ‘The Pattaya Times’ – which has since crashed. Goulet described both Hanks and Noyes as ‘mafia’ figures and he said Hanks made him scared for his own safety.

Drummond reported the case and also sent copy to Scotland as Hanks had been born and brought up in Girvan and attended Girvan Academy.

Goudie, from Falkirk, who was jailed in Australia for six years for the theft from a West Australian Mining Company – under his former name Brian Goldie – has also brought three cases against Andrew Drummond for libel. One has already been dismissed.

Fake barrister

He did not turn up for the second case, instead choosing David Hanks to represent him. This related to an exposé of Goudie’s activities as a fake barrister in an article in the Scottish ‘Sunday Mail’.

Andrew Drummond in the garden
of his 2000 baht pcm room in Bangkok

Goudie has to present his own case against Drummond in Koh Samui tomorrow. It was expected that he would chose David Hanks to represent him again – but now he may have to go into the witness box himself.

Bottomless shorts

Goudie alleges that Andrew Drummond caused him to be the subject of ridicule after publishing a photo-shopped picture of him in a gay parade wearing bottmmless or backless shorts.

Drummond is contesting the case. “The photoshopped picture was not mine and I was merely reporting a dispute about the picture. I did not get the impression that Goudie was gay by this picture. I know he is not. My interpretation was that the picture showed a person of no substance. Mr. Goudie must be fully aware of the Scottish expression ‘all fur coat and nae knickers’.

Yesterday (Monday) American Drew Noyes failed to turn up at Koh Samui court to press libel charges against a British electrical engineer. However Goudie, who was allowed to represented Noyes admitted that he did not know who the man was or where he lived.  A judge ordered him to find an address and identify the defendant or that case would also be dismissed.

Goudie exposed
Phony Royal Marine

Brian Goudie has been ordered to answer bail in Pattaya Provincial Court on a charge of cheating a 75-year-old woman out of US$300,000.  It’s alleged he had promised her that as a barrister and an officer and a gentleman (He claimed he had been a Captain in the Royal Marines) he could get her son out of jail where he was awaiting trial on child sex abuse charges.

Money lending

David Hanks had been charged with running an illegal money lending business in the seamy resort charging Russians at the rate of 60% per cent a month.


And Drew Noyes, from New Hampshire, has been accused,

together with his common law Thai wife with the attempted extortion of the Pattaya Clinic. Thai Police set up a sting and pounced as Michel Goulet handed over the first installment.

Added Drummond:  “Actually what these people are doing is trying to break me financially but thanks to tremendous public support I have managed to keep my head above the parapet and defend myself.

“So far eight cases against me have been dismissed and I expect six further cases to go the same way. They are trying to turn the Thai courts into a three ringed circus.”

Photoshopped Brian Goudie – centre with sideburns – to his right Drew Noyes with sunglasses on a string
STOP THE PRESS Update 27-11-13

On his website Goudie claims today he did not flee the court. He could not find the court room. He claims to have made a petition to have the case re-opened. And that I am facing back to back cases today. Not possible I am afraid say mys my legal team. He can indeed appeal, but he has to go through the normal process – and use a lawyer. He claims: ‘The court accepted the case was far too serious to be disposed of in the circumstances’ is pure Goudie pap. The court has not even looked at the case.Of course his only readers are the ones we refer from here and he has closed comments.
The dream team – Hanks – a canny lawyer – and Goudie. If they did not go to the court how could
they flee it?


  1. Did Goudie and Hanks scream "Run Away! Run Away!" like the brave knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

    It does give you a laugh after BG's stirring call to arms on his facebook page.

  2. I would think that Sam will be happy of your coverage of other news. But Sam has it wrong.
    This site is the only news service covering these types that cause so much destruction. Sam was concerned that nobody really seemed to care enough to write in about the kiddy fiddler. Well Sam there is a lot more that goes on that Andrew can not report on due to legalities. Al Capone was a mafia head, but ended up in prison due to unpaid taxes. If you can't put em away for kiddy fiddling you can always get em on something else.
    For instance there is one person that is an avid reader of this site, who for legal reasons, we shall use a made up name. Lets call this person "Stan Evans."
    Stan is a kiddy fiddler and a serial rapist. Stan arrived in Thailand some 16 years ago. In his home country Stan had been in all sorts of trouble with the law and often it was because he could be described as a sexual predator. He had sacked a worker for not providing oral sex and raped another girl in San Diego. The girl initially went to police but due to a lack of evidence and threats from Stan the case never proceeded. Other women were attacked over the years but Stan changed states a lot and he escaped prosecution most of the time, but assaults on a female were recorded.
    Stan married in his home country and his wife reported to police that he had beaten her on numerous occasions and spat in her face.
    When Stan arrived in Thailand he went straight into the bar business in Pattaya. Stan was in his element. During interviews it was expected the girl would try out for Stan in a little room with no windows, free of charge, and basically whenever he got the urge. With Stan, that was often. Around payday Stan would know the girls would service him as they knew they wouldn't be paid unless they did.
    Stan also set up a internet business where he would get under aged prostitutes to perform degrading sex acts for customers all over the world, but especially from his home country. Stan also helped himself to these girls. By this stage Stan had got to know a few corrupt policeman who he had paid tea money to, to operate his illegal business, so if any of these girls who he raped complained he would threaten them by saying he was friends with the police and influential people.
    Stan remarried in Thailand and used to show his crying wife videos of himself raping girls from his bar. He also beat this wife.

  3. Stan loves school holidays. He knows to look out with the girls from government schools who are required to have their hair cut in a short bob style. He frequented a bar in Jomtien and was amongst their most frequent customers. He liked to drink Black and Coke. This bar has since been closed down for underage prostitution.
    Stan got out of the bar business and re invented himself as a trustworthy businessman. He hired a driver. I won't tell you how many girls and women the driver told me Stan raped over the years because you simply wouldn't believe it. But I believe him. Like in his bar business, around pay day Stan would hit on the staff often taking them to an isolated place like a nearby empty condo and rape them.
    Stan would use his old tactic of threatening to use his influential friends and most of the time the girl would just try to forget it and move on. Rape prosecutions are not often successful in Thailand and Stan knows this. One time a 14 year old girl told her family. Stan used the old tactics but in the end did end up paying the girl's family but charges were never made. These are not isolated instances, Stan is sick.
    Stan reading this will know I am referring to him. But he will feel absolutely not one bit of remorse for any of it. Stan is a sociopath so has no feelings. Stan lives with a Pattaya bar girl.
    Stan also did everything he could to help out a close friend recently. His friend ran a children's charity was charged for kiddy fiddling. Stan used the same old tactics of dropping names of influential friends. Of course Stan was compensated for his help and may of even overcharged.
    Stan knows where I live so can come and see me if he has a problem. He won't though because he knows I know too much and is basically a coward.
    So Sam please do not criticize Andrew for his great job. We must support each other and especially Andrew to remove this serial predator Stan Evans. The political situation is well covered else where and Andrew covering it doesn't make one bit of difference. This has been going on for 40 years and hopefully the end is near.
    I also plead that everyone who can, please support Andrew financially as he is doing a job that the police should be doing.
    Crimes can be swept under the table with money in Thailand, but if they become too public, it makes it very hard. Stan knows this as I am sure I saw him at the recent FCCT meeting in Bangkok where this issue was discussed.

  4. How is it these foreigners are acting as lawyers? Is this not a forbidden occupation ?

    By the way, in Texas the saying is, .." all hat and no cattle."

  5. In general it is a reserved occupation for Thai nationals only who must have a local LLB and pass the Law Council exam and have been issued a licence.

    There are some very good foreign lawyers in Thailand who work as "managers" of law firms, often for international firms fighting transnational matters, but for routine cases you would not use them if you had any sense, you just pay for two lawyers instead of one.

    The Stooges do not fall into this category, they are not lawyers foreign or otherwise, despite DN claiming that a lawyer is someone who is interested in law and that he has been to a number of seminars.

    I am interested in money but that does not make me a banker.

    1. So how is they are representing one another, apparently in these court rooms-? Well, I see Mr Whatever his name has been refused permission yesterday to represent the other Mr Whowazzat in the Samui courtroom. But haven't they been doing so?

  6. It's extraordinary that GOLDIE attempted to taunt people into going to Samui and Bagkok to confront him, now as we see when he is confronted by a legal team, fronted by a lady, he flees…….its very cowardly……..but typical.
    Remember the unfortunate Mr Matthews who confronted the "Mouth of the South" in Pattaya and ended up being sued for trespass and defamation……?
    The Bam Pots, Dopeys and the Flab and Blabs bluffs are easily called. However my advice is play the game on your terms and don't fall into their trap….

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