Changes at Andrew Drummond Dot Com

After a short experiment with Google+ I have changed back to the former system of ‘comments’ on stories here.

This is in the main because Google+ puts them straight into the system and I am not able to field libels.  It has not presented any problems but could do so if left unchecked.

Thank you for your attention and support.

2 thoughts on “Changes at Andrew Drummond Dot Com

  1. Agree! Also you couldnt see on your main page how many comments a story was getting and thus how hot a topic it was.
    So good – all for the change back

  2. I too, thought the consistent 0 comment was not good for your site..
    Google really seems to be invading all aspects of my G mail. Could it be Googlies, and not zombies that pop media should teach us to be afraid of ?

    Actually it's the capcha thing I hate, I cannot ever read it.

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