Thai Court Dismisses Injuction To Close Down This Website

Pattaya Newspaper Publishers AskedTo Return To Witness Box.
May 3 2012
The Pattaya Court, Tuesday, dismissed an injunction by Pattaya Times publisher Drew Walter Noyes to close down the website as it breached proper procedures.

And a court has set Saturday May 26th to re-open a libel case after witnesses Drew Noyes, Niels Colov and Wanrapa Boonsu gave evidence unknown to both the defendant – Andrew Drummond – and his legal team.

A prior hearing was actually held in Pattaya while coincidentally Drummond was at the Criminal Court in Bangkok to give evidence in two suits against Noyes, 56, a U.S. citzen.

Noyes, Colov, and Wanrapa Boonsu are due to be cross-examined on their statements on Saturday after 1 p.m if reconciliation cannot be reached.

Lawyers for Drummond says reconciliation was unlikely so the court had already requested the witnesses to be present. The court case was adjourned to allow Mr. Colov to return from abroad.

Niels Colov & Drew Noyes in Thai Polo Club t-shirt in training in Angeles City, Philippines
 Meanwhile Drew Noyes has put in a new petition for an injunction to close down this website.

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  1. Keep up the good work Andrew, these people can't hide from the truth forever,Hopefully their own folly will cause their eventual downfall. The Thai authorities are sure to wake up one day and realise what a laughing stock these people are trying to make of their legal system.

  2. Wonderful news Andrew, so I understand the first injunction is dismissed and after the case he applies for a second injunction ? Talk about wasting the courts time.

  3. Newbie, point taken. I guess my elation at Andrew's Forum being able to continue made me forget the exact legal details which lead to the dismissal. You are right regarding the unfortunate victims of these alleged wrongdoers. Many are new arrivals on Thai shores, who not knowing 'the Thai way' are easy prey for those who claim to be 'experts'. Sadly as readers of this Forum know only too well thanks to AD, the only thing some alleged wrongdoers featured here appear to be 'expert' in is criminality.

  4. To Sage N. Onion, in a way yes, but money screams louder than words around here. One way is to identify their real or perceived "powerful" backers and see who they "lick", then relentlessly keep on putting pressure and exposing stories. Translation in Thai will be very helpful, spreading the word is mandatory. Then his Thai backers, if any, will not pursue, after all he is a foreigner without any serious money and keeping their face is of paramount importance. All information should be send to chambers of commerce, Rotary Clubs, anywhere where business people gather. Pattaya is saturated, everybody one way or another knows about the pretenders and their scams. We should even consider nearby provinces if you ask me. Write to all Rotary Clubs in Thailand, a mass mailing will have the effect of "did you hear this?" That is what is needed to stop cancer from growing, call it radiation treatment. They will never stop their nefarious activities by them selves, they are convinced everybody has it by the wrong end, the are convinced its all a set-up, they are good meaning people, that's how Psychopaths experience this.

  5. I agree Avid. Looks like AD's changes to the site will accommodate information (due diligence)for the new arrivals to these shores and stop them getting fleeced (and much of the shearing as AD is showing is from fellow farangs). Great move AD

  6. I'll say it again,..That polo shirt should have a number 2 with all the ka-ka he spouts. Unless,.. yes that's it ! Thorough sheer con-alchemy he has contrived a new excrement with the consistency of liquid trots, # 3

  7. The Courts, and in fact, the entire Judicial System should be applauded for seeing through the facade put before them. ====================================
    People become more arrogant, when, in their past, they deviously avoid fulfilling a judicial decision and are not actively pursued. This seems to be the situation. If allowed to continue on this path, these people will think they are invincible and above the law. ====================================
    Some people would think nothing of demeaning a Judicial System that they blatantly have no respect for. They manipulate or distort events and distract respectable members of the government by their clandestine presentations. ====================================
    Attorneys are well versed in the proper procedures to be followed in presenting cases for Court consideration. It appears those procedures were intentionally not followed. Knowing of Andrews need to be at Criminal Court in Bangkok on the same day, it seems, they took advantage of the situation. The accused (the monitor of this site) was not notified and therefore could not supply representation in his own behalf or the behalf of this site. It could be concluded that Andrews presence (and “arguments”) was not wanted at the Court in Pattaya for fear that the court would throw out such unsubstantiated allegations. Again, if the defense was intentionally not notified only the accusers stood in court. Some people would call this a good strategy, others would see it for what it truly is,… perverse manipulation. =================================== 
    To make accusations without giving the accused his legal right to face his accuser can be considered cowardly in-and-of-itself; however to involve a Country’s Legal System in such an act is underhanded, inexcusable and contemptuous.

  8. More fiery discussions at this mornings expat meeting regarding Drew Noyes, his best friend, alleged child rapist, Brian Wright and what they were up to in the upstairs room of the bar in the Jomtien complex. These 2 have real problems.

  9. I too have knowledge of Drew Noyes and Brian Wrights 'habits'. They never tried to even hide it before. It was something Drew would often brag about.

  10. Police General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart, Commander of the Crime Suppression Division ordered this site to be closed down a year ago, according to Drew Noyes and the Pattaya Times. But it is actually getting bigger and better with more readers daily. Drew was lying again. Meanwhile, with immigration and the Land registry office refusing Drew Noyes’ clients, perhaps this is aimed at closing down Drew Noyes instead. Drew continues to mislead his clients telling them they can buy property using his loopholes. ONLY THAIS CAN BUY PROPERTY IN THAILAND. Gettid? Drew will tell you anything to get his hands on your money. He will even tell you he is a lawyer, a doctor, a journalist, father of the year, an expert etc. etc. and family man. Whatever he thinks will work on his next victim. Drew told Andrew that he would use his ‘influential friends’ to close down this website. It never happened. Was this because Andrew has more influential friends or was it because Drew doesn’t have any friends, let alone influential friends?

  11. Congrats on the new look site AD, not quite sure what the "due diligence" reference implies, but then, I never was a very sharp tool in a "rusty" shed.
    The Drew Noyes application #2 to close down this site is obviously doomed to failure, but once again identifies his arrogance and determination to continue his activity in spite of all the "writings on the wall". Surely this man, in his quiet moments alone, must see that he is on a highway to nowhere in Pattaya.

  12. If I was Manny Pacuiao, I'd sue for misrepresentation, and illegal use of his image by these two clowns.
    I'm serious.

  13. Mr Elphick, 'I was never a very sharp tool', that would perhaps account for your excellent 'blunt' speaking. Though you certainly appear to have the 'edge' on two alleged wrongdoers. Not sure Drew, ever gets to see the 'writing on the wall' as he swiftly 'papers over any cracks' that regular appear in his den of iniquity. That I guess is one good use for the large amount of unsold copies of the Pattaya Times that are surely returned to him. Mr Noyes on a 'highway to nowhere', unfortunately for him, more likely a 'highway to hell'.

  14. Well, that certainly finishes off a terrible week for Drew Noyes. The fact that he can not even sort out his own legal woes shows how incompetent he and his crack, fake legal office are. A warning to others that he simply doesn't have a clue. And why would he. He is NOT a lawyer and he can not understand or speak Thai. A bit like going to a Chinaman in America for legal advice when the Chinaman is not a lawyer and can not speak English. It would be rediculous to do that as it is rediculous to use Drew Noyes as a lawyer in Thailand. No Thais would use this fake American lawyer. And neither should foreigners. By taking this away from him it prevents him from 'upselling' with fake shares, useless advertising and business ideas that he knows will fail, but where he makes money setting them up. Looks like the end is near.

  15. AVID READER:: thanks for your always humorous comments to my entries here, I sincerely like them.
    I, like Andrew, have much more to give up about these two characters, but legal constraints don't allow for them to published here. I will be returning to Thailand soon, and like AD, I will be "fronting" certain people in Pattaya regarding issues that I have knowledge of, associated with the two principals of this (these) threads. I can assure you, my contribution will in the future, be explosive. On an other issue, the new look and general easier access to this forum is greatly appreciated .

  16. If anybody is involved with "LinkedIn" I suggest you (as I have) send a communication to the administrators of this network, advising them of Drew Noyes current and past circumstances. He is STILL promoting himself as a THAI LAWER on this site and continues sending requests for "links" to him. As I've said before, the only way to kill a snake is to cut off it's head.

  17. Why has Keith got a mini Avatar and I havn't.. Disgusted, never coming back! bye

  18. Oops. Regarding the " mini avatar" AD has obviously done his homework and found one of mine, it's quite simple to do, but you DO have to create one. Please come back Lee, we'll miss you, avatar or not.

  19. I think AD should allocate us all with one….based on his perceptions….and a wild guess….3 guesses what Jeffrey might get ??

  20. Guys like Drew Noyes have gotten away with a lot of peoples money thru his devious business deals but inevitably his time will come when someone will do to him what he has done to others. There's enough info on the net now to make him hemorrhage — translated into Thai and sent to certain Bangkok officials is only a matter of time??? so if he's reading this he should worry cause I would if I was in his shoes.

  21. To: Andrew Drummond,
    Dear Andrew Drummond,
    I am puzzled as to what your "reason" is to keep on attacking me with various false allegations on your website.
    I once took the time to explain in details why your allegations were false, but you disregarded my explanation, and just kept repeating again and again the same falsehoods.
    What is your real "reason" for defaming me – I wonder?
    Niels Colov

  22. Once again please state which are the false allegations Mr. Colov and they will be corrected. You keep saying there are false allegations but actually avoid stating what they are. Your last letter I published in full, but it did seem to contain some major contradictions. I have personally corrected two errors on fact you pointed out and will correct future errors and if necessary publicly apologise here. Are you disputing the stated history in Denmark, and subsequent sentence in court? You have stated that your history in Denmark has been reported innaccurately but this is taken from court records. If it is not that – or your associations, please specify what the innaccuracies are. Thank you for taking your time to read this. But, despite your claim, you have not as yet given an explanation as such.
    I have absolutely no reason to attack you. We have no history together. But I have received a number of complaints, and continue to receive them. There are public interest issues involved here. I am interested in Pattaya becoming a safer place to live for foreigners. I am aware of course that you have issued threats against a Danish-Thai website manager and of course would like to deal with all issues. And of course you have a full right to reply.

  23. Drew Noyes has a snowball's chance in hell to shut down Drummond's website!
    Defamation? No way! It is the pure truth!
    Libel? No way. Drummond exercise his right to warn his readers about Mr. Noyes, and that is perfectly legal in Thailand!

  24. I recently gave evidence in Pattaya Court, first time ever that I was called to do so. Because I was confident that I would tell the truth, and had documents to prove my statements were true, my initial misgivings quickly evaporated. However, how must it feel if you are going forward to tell a pack of lies? And then to be cross examined on them and asked for proof by a sharp lawyer?

    Saturday 26th approaches. I wonder how many of the Gleesome Threesome, the Three Musketeers, the Three Stooges even are looking forward to their day in court?

  25. June…I spent a few hours in the box in a thai court…tiny wooden bench, no cushions, painful. Regardless of truth and amount of credible proof/documents you have…you can lose.

  26. Sam, I agree with you that the witness box is very uncomfortable. A bit better than standing, I suppose. I was being ceaselessly interrupted and badgered by the defendant's lawyer until I stood up. Up to that point, the Judge had been expressionless until I asked him to remove the lawyer from my face. Which he did, you could see the result as the lawyer's shoulders drooped away as he sulked. He changed tack entirely. Even I was astonished at the questions he started asking me in a very nice way. I thought he was MY lawyer for a while.

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