Foreigners Invited to Pledge Loyalty in Thailand by Drew Noyes


Drew Noyes, perhaps Thailand’s most famous American, has launched a Facebook page in which foreigners can pledge their loyalty and love to the Thai Royal Family.

The page – ‘Thailand Foreigners Love the Royal Family.’ is perhaps marred by a remark next to one of the first pictures staying: ‘This Facebook page is full of foreign criminals. The FBI most wanted list is nothing compared with this page’. 

But it is a valiant effort by 60-year-old Noyes, to rehabilitate himself from his conviction for extortion and two year jail sentence in Pattaya last year – a conviction he is appealing.*

Most of the pictures on the page are of course provided by Drew Noyes himself from the one occasion in Pattaya in which he managed to inveigle himself into introducing some old American military vets to Princess Maha Chakri Sirandhorn.

But some foreigner couples have also provided mugshots.

Foremost of course also are Drew Noyes and his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu (who was convicted with him).  They pose for the camera under pictures of Royalty and famous people they have met.

Wanrapa and Noyes posing

Noyes is of course notorious for the claim he made in his now defunct Pattaya Times newspaper that he had been invited to Thailand by Royal Proclamation to work for the Bank of Thailand to help the country out of the late nineties economic crisis in Asia.   The Bank of Thailand has of course never heard of him.

Some have even suggested that he has created the Facebook page to combat claims that he had committed the crime of lese majeste by his Royal boasts.

Noyes and Wanrapa posing for police

The picture of Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu will definitely confuse Bob Woomer of the Lions Club Palm Harbor 11 , Florida, who met Drew Noyes and ‘wife’ at the Lions Club of Silom 310D.  Wanrapa does not look a bit like the woman photographed at the top table with Drew Noyes and who actually is known as Nam and whose real name is Warichaya Pharawech, who used to work in the Buffalo Bar in Pattaya.

Nam, second from left

Woomer’s caption under a photograph in his Palm Harbor II Lions Club report states: ‘a distinguished physician who leads a group of medical personnel to remote areas of Thailand, the secretary of the club (and the president’s wife) the president of a Thai speaking Bangkok Lions Club President Drew Noyes, Dr.Singh a homeopathic physician and me.”

This is quite appropriately followed a picture of Bob Woomer and Drew Noyes apparently conversing with a stuffed duck known as ‘His Daffyness Lord Duck’ – who ‘now proudly wears the coveted Silom Pin’.

This might also confuse the Pattaya Criminal Court. The President’s wife Nam has taken a case against the owner of this site under Thailand’s criminal libel laws for describing her as Noyes’ ‘mia noi’ or minor wife.  She claims she and Noyes were just good friends – not his major wife!


Both Wanrapa and Nam have an interest in Drew Noyes’ assets. It is not hard to predict who will win.

Today Nam (#WarichayaParawech) failed to turn up with a lawyer at Pattaya Court to face return computer crime act charges against her brought by Kanokrat Nimsamooth Booth.

She was warned about further delaying the proceedings.

* Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu were convicted last year of attempting to extort Dr, Michel Goulet of the Jomtien Clinic out of 7 million (reduced to 2.3m) baht, on pain of a raid by the now gutted and re-organised CSD – Crime Suppression Division, and of course bad publicity in his own newspaper – the Pattaya Times.

12 thoughts on “Foreigners Invited to Pledge Loyalty in Thailand by Drew Noyes

  1. When is Noyes's appeal against his extortion conviction due to be heard? Or given that we are talking about Thailand, is that a stupid question?

    1. With Andrew now out of Thailand, I too have my doubts about Drew being banged up or the other child rapist Brian Wright.
      Maybe Drew will bring in his young niece/mother of his child who is both half sibling and cousins to some of his other children, to be a character witness along with the now infamous Buffalo Bar's Nam.

  2. He just never fails to deliver! His short lived jump to the red side didn't last and now he is again a staunch royalist and military fan. So the esteemed Dr Singh is actually a homoeopathic Doctor, I've studied Ayurvedic medicine so maybe I better start calling myself Dr Weapon.

  3. I think the creepy Dek Farang has got this market of worshipping the Royal Family cornered…Real motley crew on the page including pics of guys in wifebeater tops probably taken after a night out on the beer in pattaya…Keep it classy Drew!

  4. I think the creepy Dek Farang has got this market of worshipping the Royal Family cornered…Real motley crew on the page including pics of guys in wifebeater tops probably taken after a night out on the beer in pattaya…Keep it classy Drew!

  5. Wanrapa and Drew Noyes posing in front of all the photos Drew had taken of himself with "A-List" members of Thai society is a classic. A-List celebrity stalkers in the USA have got nothing on our Drew. So transparent its actually funny.

    1. I wonder if there's a couch under the photos where Drew "impresses" his various mias or if there's just a single chair where Drew takes things in hand to compliment himself on the lies he's managed to get away with…..

  6. Drew seems oblivious to the subtilties of the Royal family including Dipangkorn in the picture of the Royal family he chose for his Facebook page. The boy is likely to be quietly removed from all discussion and photo due to the fate of his mother's family…Drew is either clueless or maybe making his own statement….

  7. It's a shame you're not in Thailand any longer. I would have loved to see Drew's face in court when you point out the pictures that he's suing you for were satire for his various fictional claims.

    To see him being asked to show a copy of his fictional "Spike" magazine or defend his "American Lawyer in Thailand" ad, his invitation to Thailand by royal proclamation in court would have been comedy gold. If you could have gotten in the court record that Drew claimed his was invited to Thailand by the King, perhaps that could be used to leverage a lese majesty lawsuit.

    You've called him a criminal, con man, swindler, fake lawyer and more but he's never sued you for that and having that fact pointed out in court would have been something to make even the judge laugh I'm guessing.

    Being called the scum of the business world is ok with Drew, but being called gay is something that damages his image.

    I wish you had stayed, it would have been a thousand laughs.

    1. Don't worry Requiem. I stayed long enough to finish my prosecutions. When I received the threats from the BR guys I move house, went to court to finish a prosecution, then left – So both Goudie and Noyes now have to face trial and Goudie has to surrender to bail on other charges this month too. My presence is no longer required and lawyers have Noyes' history

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