BLOWN – Pattaya Publisher Gives Up Sex Site Plans

Has Pattaya publisher gone down for the last time?
Pattaya newspaper publisher Drew Walter Noyes has given up his rights to an internet URL which could have led to a new claim to be a leading authority on oral sex.

Noyes has failed to re-new payment for the site which he has held together with some 100 plus more sites which he registered five years ago.

Similarly his editor, love interest, and mother of three of his nine children, Wanrapa Boonsu, has also relinquished her rights to It is more than possible she did not know this site was registered in her name, but her right to the name expired last month.

Noyes thankfully had not populated the ‘officialblowjobsite’ and thus the man, who describes himself as the most ‘re-assuring, credible and friendly businessman to have made Thailand his home’, had the rights to the name only.
Possible plans to be an internet expert in this field have thus fallen by the wayside, joining other plans to establish himself as a leading expert in Thai commercial and criminal law, visa issues, publishing, and parenting, and honorific titles.

Of course he may just have registered the name to sell it on at a profit to someone in the Buffalo Bar. It’s now up for grabs and is offered by Go-Daddy at only US$2.99

It is difficult to speculate why he let this gem go, but Noyes may have taken his eyes off the ball, during his recent troubles.

He is due in court in Pattaya next Thursday April 26th with Wanrapa, on charges of attempting to extort the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien out of 7 million Thai baht on pain of receiving bad publicity in the Pattaya Times.

But according to Pattaya sources Mr.Noyes, who used to run beer bars in South Pattaya and Pattaya Beach Road, Soi 2, before becoming an American lawyer, publisher, and cultural expert, has recently been consorting with Australian pimp David Hanks, owner of amongst other things ‘Masquerades’ in Melbourne, Victoria.

Masquerades lays claim to having many ‘Asian hotties’ on its books and Hanks has been in Thailand on a research trip, which he no doubt will be off-setting against his tax bills.

Strangely enough Hanks was sitting at the same table when police bust in at the aptly names ‘News’ Steaks Restaurant in Thepprasit Road last month when Noyes arrested by Pattaya police allegedly accepting a first payment of 100,000 baht from the boss of the Thonglor clinic.but it did not make the ‘News’ in either the Pattaya Times or Niels Colov’s Pattaya People.

Pattaya sources say Noyes has hit upon a dollar making ‘Gentleman’s Club’ project together with Wanrapa – nicknamed Kung.

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